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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

NO, Nasa did NOT change your astrology sign!

September 28, 2016


NO, Nasa Did NOT Change Your Astrology Sign


Dear Friends, for the love of God, NO, Nasa did NOT change your astrology sign!


          I’m writing this blog in response to the many pleas for clarity I have received from people who are confused & overwhelmed by the latest round of misinformation & bogus media stories relating to a supposed “new” 13th constellation and supposed “new” 13th sign called Ophiuchus.


          Just so you know, this isn’t the first time I’ve had to write a blog like this clearing up this exact same bogus story.  In fact, this same misinformation about a supposed “new” sign and “new” constellation called Ophiuchus circulated in the media back in January of 2011.


Here are some astrological (and astronomical) facts that might help clear this all up for you:


          1.)  For starters, Ophiuchus is NOT a new constellation.  Nor is it even newly discovered.  The ancient Greeks & Babylonians were VERY aware of this constellations, and it appears on their star maps.  In fact, according to the Constellation Guide experts over at,


“It [Ophiuchus] was one of the constellations first catalogued by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century. “


          The experts at Constellation Guide also have this to say about Ophiuchus:  “Even though Ophiuchus is one of the constellations that cross the ecliptic and there have been attempts to include it among the signs of the zodiac, it does not belong to the Zodiac family, but to the Hercules family of constellations.”


          Furthermore, in an article by NASA itself that mentions Ophiuchus in relationship to astrology, it says that the Babylonians knew about the existence of this 13th constellation that we call Ophiuchus over 3,000 years ago, but chose not to make it a part of their astrological system.


          2.)  Furthermore, Western astrology (as it has evolved in its modern form) is seasonally-based and not only related to the actual constellations.  Any actual practitioner of Western astrology could tell you this!


          To elaborate, our current form of Western astrology is based on the TROPICAL zodiac, whose main points of reference are the EQUINOXES and the SOLISTICES, and *not* the stars. 

The “signs of the zodiac”, as referred to in Western astrology, are determined by their constant relationship to these points (especially the equinox point), and NOT the un-constant position of the constellations.  (From the perspective of earth, the constellations do appear to move slightly over very long periods of time.)


          The ancient Babylonians (who were the originators of our current system of astrology) knew about Ophiuchus.  In fact, it was recognized as one of their 13 major constellations.  However, their calendar for tracking time had 12 months (similar to ours) and they wanted their astrology signs to line up with that, so they had to leave one of the then-known 13 constellations out.

(After all, an astrological chart is a 360 degree wheel, and that divides into 12 MUCH easier than 13.)

In any case, the actual star constellations that inspired the Babylonians in their creation of astrology have shifted a great deal in their position in the actual sky since 3,000 years ago.  What hasn’t changed is the relationship between the astrological signs and the Equinoxes and Solstices.  This is why the zodiac signs (as seen from the perspective of astrology) stay more or less constant in their dates.


Why all the bogus stories & mis-information then?  I’m not sure really. 


Maybe it’s simply because some people have too much spare time on their hands and enjoy spreading lies.  Or perhaps it is a not-so-subtle attempt to undermine the knowledge of astrology.  Or maybe these stories have been allowed to leak out into the media simply because some of the mainstream media don’t take astrology serious enough to bother fact-checking any story relating to the topic.


(But they should fact check regardless!  Especially when the title of the story involves something like “NASA Has Changed Your Zodiac Sign”.  By the way, NASA deals with space exploration, not astrology.  I’m just saying.)


On a metaphysical level, I do find it fascinating that this story about the Ophiuchus constellation keeps popping up from time to time.  Even though the story about a “new” constellation or sign is false, Ophiuchus is a real constellation (although known since ancient days) and does have a powerful mythological character associated with it. 


Perhaps the energy of Ophiuchus is calling out to be activated and recognized, not necessarily as a new astrology sign, but as a force within ourselves & our lives.


Ophiuchus is connected to Asclepius, an ancient Greek healer who actually lived then later was exalted to deity status after his death.  He is often shown with a staff that has a serpent intertwined around it.  Indeed, the word Ophiuchus is translated as meaning “serpent bearer” or “serpent holder” in Greek. 

If you would like to see a beautiful artistic representation of this constellation with the Ophiuchus serpents drawn in, check out the constellation map at


In any case, Ophiuchus was recognized by the ancient Greeks as the constellation for Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine.  Asclepius was a master healer who was said to have been raised & trained by the ultimate wounded healer, Chiron.  In addition to healing, Asclepius was said to have the ability to raise the dead, which ultimately got him in a bit of trouble with the Greek God of the underworld (Pluto/Hades).


This mythology seems to suggest an emphasis on death, transformation & regeneration.  Could it be that many of us are currently seeking REGENERATION on some level or another? 


Perhaps we are going through difficult times and have recently experienced the loss of a loved one or some kind of metaphorical death (such as the ending of a relationship, job or major cycle in our lives).  Or perhaps we are hurting and are simply in need of healing. 


If so, we might call upon the healing & regenerating energy of the Universe within ourselves, knowing that there is a compassionate, loving Divine healing force available to us all, regardless of what our zodiac sign might be! 


Love & Blessings, 

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion, Spiritual Psychic & Cosmic Astrologer Extraordinaire

6:02 pm cdt 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Just for Fun: Dieting & Oven Roasted Peppers




Recently, I dieted & lost 23 pounds.  People noticed too, and they wanted to know what I was doing differently.  The answer is: 


      Basically eating lighter, less processed food (which I never ate much of to start with, but apparently I need nearly none!), almost NO processed carbs (including just about no potato chips or white bread or pasta, except on special, rare occasions), and much less carbs in general….although I still eat potatoes with skins on once or twice a week, and of course healthy whole grain carbs such as quinoa and brown rice.

           I axed most of the sweets too, although I still have a very small amount of raw sugar in my coffee & honey in my tea each day.   Other than that, I don’t eat much sugar, and usually only have dessert once or twice a month now, unless it’s a “healthy” dessert such as this peanut butter-coconut log thing that I make (I’ll have to share that recipe another time).


        My new general eating plan is lots of vegetables and lean meats or legumes, eggs a few times a week, plenty of non-fat, non-sweetened Greek yogurt, with a bit of whole grains, nuts & seeds, and nutrient rich fruits thrown in.  And did I mention LOTS of vegetables smile?  (Worth saying twice.)  As I sometimes like to say, “Greens are the new carb around here”.  (Smile) 


         Of course, it’s important to give yourself a break every once in awhile, so I do allow myself one splurge meal a week.  (That is just a splurge meal, not an entire day of splurging.)  Usually for me that means eating breakfast out and eating a piece of raisin toast with my lean proteins or maybe having some extra cheese (something I do eat, but must eat sparingly to keep the weight off).


        In any case, one of the staples that I like to keep around the house for keeping meals interesting is Oven Roasted Peppers.  These add a LOT of flavor without adding a lot of salt or fat (things that you don’t necessarily need lots of when you are trying to lose weight or maintain a lower weight).  Plus they smell great when they are cooking!  I’m sharing the easy recipe with you below, in case you are interested in adding a bit of flavor into your own meals.  This tastes great, plus, it’s on the program!




Prep-Time:  20-25 minutes (mostly seeding & chopping peppers)


Cook Time:  about 30 minutes at 450 degrees (can cook slightly longer if needed)


Amount Made:  about 3 ¾ cup, or one 8 x 8 pan


(If needed, recipe can be doubled & cooked about 10 minutes or so longer)


    Delicious as a side dish or stir-in with just about ANY savory dish (including dishes with chicken, rice, quinoa, fish, or even salad).  Once cooked, you can store these in the fridge for about 5-7 days.  Use them at meal time as is, no need to re-heat….although you may want to sit the amount you are going to use out at room temperature for a few minutes before eating.  Or not, as these are also excellent cold!




—1 (1 pound) age of sweet mini-peppers, multi-colored (where I live at, they sell these in the produce section of almost all Dillon’s grocery stores).


      OR you can use about 4-5 larger, multi-colored peppers.  If doing it this way, be sure to include at least 2 red, yellow, or orange peppers if you can, as these add a nice sweet flavor to the mix.


        The benefit of buying the mini-peppers in the bag is that it is exactly the right amount, plus they are cute!  The benefit of using larger peppers instead is that they are much easier to get the seeds out of usually.  Either way, the amount you should have once your peppers are chopped is about 3 ¾ cup chopped. 


—about 1 tablespoon of olive oil


—Spices & herbs for seasoning, such as sea salt, freshly ground pepper, cayenne (if you like a little spice) and maybe a little Italian seasoning, basil, or thyme.  If you like the garlic flavoring, you could also use a bit of garlic powder or even fresh garlic, although I recommend going easy on the garlic & using it only sparingly (if you use it at all).




1.)  Rinse peppers well.  Then chop tops off and rinse out seeds.  (This part can take quite awhile, so be patient.) Be sure to turn oven on to 450 too so that it will be ready when it is time to bake the peppers.


2.)  Chop peppers into ½-1 inch strips.  Place in large bowl as you chop.


3.)  Once the peppers are all chopped & placed in the bowl, stir in one tablespoon of olive oil.  Stir well to coat.


4.)  Sprinkle with a little sea salt or other kind of salt (just a little!), plenty of fresh cracked black pepper, a dash or two of cayenne if you like a little heat (go easy!), and any other Italian style spice you would like to use (usually 1 teaspoon is plenty, although you can use more or truth these are good with just a bit of salt & pepper too).


5.)  Stir in the seasonings well.  Then place oiled, seasoned peppers into 8 x 8 (or similar size) pan in a single layer.


6.)  Put the pan of peppers into pre-heated oven (450) and bake for about 30 minutes (or longer if you want them a bit crisp).

7.)  Remove from oven, let cool, and put into container for storing in fridge.  Use liberally for the next few days!

3:55 pm cdt 

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