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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Continued Effects of Feb 15 Solar Eclipse





Wed Feb 28th 2018


by Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia)


Dear Friends, hello there!  I hope your week is going well.  I am mainly writing today because I want to share with you that with the solar eclipse in Aquarius having occurred back on February 15th, the energies have been pretty rough lately. 

Pretty rough, meaning, I’ve noticed that there has been a flair up in health problems and relationship difficulties for many, as well as emotional insecurities and old issues being retriggered (especially around the areas of feeling loved or like you belong, or feeling the need to break free and be more of an individual for some).


Issues around body, health, money and feeling safe, secure, or worthy are being activated right now BIG TIME for many.  It’s a bit TENSE right now for some for sure.  Even though this eclipse was about two weeks ago, we are STILL feeling its effect.  And I must say, even though I wrote an entire Cosmic Newsletter about it back on Feb 14th (hope you received that!), I think that I entirely underestimated just how POWERFUL these eclipse was going to be in terms of its effects upon humanity and its ability to bring up old stuff from the shadows.


  Hopefully, the last few weeks have just been peachy and rosy for all of you, and hopefully, NONE of this applies to any of you.   It is my sincere desire for each of you to have peace in your heart and love, joy, health and abundance in your life.  But darn it!  I also know that conflict and struggle happen in this 3-D reality we are living in.  So if things have been pretty tough for you lately, well, hang in there.  It will get better soon (at least, the part that is being triggered by this last eclipse). 


Even though eclipses often have effect for at least 6 months after they hit exact, the hardest time is usually in the first month or so afterwards, especially the first 2-3 weeks after.  That means that for most of us at least, we will be out of the worst of it by or around March 15th. 

(Even if outer situations don’t improve by then, our INNER state will have improved.  In other words, we will have calmed the heck down and will be better equipped to deal with whatever is before us!)


I know that I personally am looking forward to the intensity of the energies letting up just a bit.  Even though many things are going well for me, it has been rough for me since the eclipse, since I tend to experience & feel the energies of cosmic shifts in my body, and this most recent shift has left me with a rather uncomfortable case of appendicitis.  I don’t know if you have ever had appendicitis before, but if you haven’t, suffice it to say that it is one of the most painful conditions one can experience.  Usually, it ends with having the appendix cut out, but I am hoping to avoid that! 


Believe it or not, I cured myself once of appendicitis before using a combination of fasting with positive affirmations, healing visualizations, and herbal teas and home remedies.  I am hoping that I will be successful again.   We’ll see.  It’s been about a week now and I haven’t died or collapsed, so I am taking that as a good sign.


  (By the way, I’m not necessarily saying that you should try to cure yourself of appendicitis using these things, but only that this is what I myself am doing.  You do have to really know what you are doing to self-treat something like this.  It helps if you have had lots of experience & practice with these kinds of alternative healing systems BEFORE you are faced with something serious like appendicitis.  Also, most people don’t have the kind of discipline it takes to fast for a week or more and follow the regiment necessary to get the appendix back to full health using natural methods.  So if you happen to have this particular problem too, or anything else serious, you would probably be better off going to a medical doctor and letting them help you take care of it.  Unless of course you are like me and are a die-hard naturalist!  Lol.)


In any case, my point here is that we ALL have our stuff to deal with when intense energies like this are activated.  For me, I am experiencing these energies as a temporary blockage in the digestive system and a healing crisis of the physical sort.   For you, the energies may activate or express in different ways. 


In fact, you might even find some kind of tension & breakthrough happening in MULTIPLE areas of life during the next few weeks.  (For example, come to think of it, there have been some rather interesting family issues come up lately for my husband and I.)


Wherever the energies are being activated, there will most likely be tension, struggle or challenge.  But this isn’t without its silver lining, for in many cases, it is by going through our struggles and facing our challenges that we grow the most effectively.  Every challenge has a blessing, every struggle has a potential benefit. 


I know for me that the blessing of being down and out with a sore appendix is having to take time to rest and take care of myself, and having to momentarily say no to any demands except the most necessary.  And when I say “having”, I do mean really HAVING to do something—as in, now I MUST do these things or else. 


That’s the way powerful energies like these operate—they come in and stir things up and put you in a situation that gives you the opportunity and strong impetus to do what needs to be done.  Basically, it looks and feels like there is a force outside of yourself that is pressuring you to do or see things differently, a power that is nudging you along towards a course-correction and saying, “no, not that way—THIS way.” 

I’m not so sure that this intervening force or power is really outside of us, but maybe it is more like It is part of us and we are part of It. 


In any case, whatever It is, thank the Universe for this force of nature that is activated during major energy shifts.  And thank goodness for Its ability to always find the weak link within our lives and to bring up all the old stuff that needs to be dealt with and cleared out so that we can move on to higher levels of growth and joy. 


Is it always fun?  Absolutely not.  But then again, won’t it be just WONDERFUL when you come out the other side of whatever it is you are struggling with or challenged by today?  Trust me, it will be!  And yes, you WILL come out the other side, one way or the other.  Thanks for reading this update--may you find comfort, peace and joy in the days ahead!   


P.S.  Happy (almost) full moon in Virgo!  For more updates on that one, follow me on Facebook, and subscribe to my Cosmic Newsletter/Psychic Newsletter here on this site for the most in-depth updates.  Bright Blessings!

6:13 pm cst 

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