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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Neptune Direct


Choose Psychic Inspiration

(rather than drowning in illusions)

Excerpted from 11-29-2020 Cosmic Newsletter 

By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia 




Dear Cosmic & Psychic Friends, hello there.  I hope you had a lovely weekend, and a Happy Thanksgiving time too.  Neptune just went back DIRECT on this Saturday (as in, Nov 28th 2020) after having been retrograde since June 22nd. 

     This is mostly a positive shift for those of us on the spiritual psychic path, in that Neptune is the planet of psychicism, mediumship, mysticism, and spiritual connection.  With it having just gone direct, it is likely that you may re-discover a new sense of purpose & passion for your personal spiritual psychic path.


If you are musical, creative, or artistic, this could mark the beginning of a new major cycle of creative expression for you.  Perhaps recently you felt like you had hit an artistic or creative slump, or perhaps you’ve been experiencing writer’s block.  Well, with Neptune going back direct, it is likely that your creative slump is now over, and new inspiration will soon be on its way! 


Another up-side of Neptune going direct is that you can may find yourself more easily re-connecting back with your ideals & sense of spiritual focus.  Your capacity for compassion and tolerance may even increase.  You may also find your psychic perception enhanced in the next few weeks.  Perhaps you will even find it easier than before to connect with your Ancestors, angels & guides, and even UNDERSTAND the visions & signs they are giving you.


With this turn back to direct for Neptune, you may also find it easier than before to connect with Spirit, and to rely upon the Universe for your abundance, health, joy, and well-being.


On the other hand, the effects of Neptune going back direct could be very DIFFERENT for you if you aren’t very well GROUNDED at the moment, or if you have many unresolved emotional issues that you are AVOIDING rather than actively dealing with.

     For as wonderful as the planet Neptune is, it is the MOST un-grounded planet of all.  Its energies have a shadow side that can easily lead us down into the whirlpool of addiction, self-delusion, martyrdom or fantasy thinking.  When Neptune makes a turn (especially back to direct) it can be easy to see reality through a distorted lens, and especially easy to see people & things only how we WANT to see them, instead of how they actually are.


    If you can, RESIST the tendency to blame other people or outside forces for your own karmic challenges.  Resist the tendency to see yourself as a victim, or subject only to the outside world.  These are the possible DOWN-sides of Neptune going back direct.  You may momentarily find yourself wallowing in self-pity, or see yourself as a victim. 

     You could also be momentarily tempted to give your power away to someone or something else by over-idealizing that person (or cause) and putting them on a pedestal.  Please don’t.  That other person probably doesn’t want to be the star of your fantasy, and you won’t like how it ends for you anyway.  So keep your wits about you, and let your intuition & higher mind together lead you into greater clarity. 

     If you can, avoid the temptation to turn yourself into a martyr or sacrifice yourself for a relationship or cause.  No matter how hard you try, you can’t live other people’s karma for them, and you certainly can’t save them from being themselves.  If someone or something is draining your energy or taking from you without giving back somehow, it may be time to bless that person or thing, and move on.

    By the way, even if you personally ARE quite grounded & connected with your higher mind, you will need to be on the lookout in the next week or so for people trying to get you entangled in THEIR webs of self-illusion or victimization.  Again, be sure to keep your inner eye open, and be guided by your Higher Self.

   If you want to know more, you can check out the video forecast I did relating to this last week at:

       (The part about Neptune going direct starts around the 15 minute mark. However, you may want to watch it from the beginning, because the first half of the video is all about this weekend’s Gemini Lunar Eclipse.)  Hope you enjoyed this Cosmic update! 

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9:10 pm cst 

Friday, November 13, 2020

Mercury Direct (but still in shadow)

Mercury is DIRECT & Out of Storm

(But Still in Shadow Until Nov 19th)

By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion

Friday, November 13th 2020

 Dear Cosmic & Psychic Friends, hello there, and Happy Friday the 13th.  I hope your weekend is off to a magical start!  I know it’s been a beat or two since I’ve written you, a month, to be exact.  (What can I say?  I’ve been extremely immersed in teaching the new Rune Reader level 1 course during the last month or so.) 


Many cosmic shifts have happened in that time, but even more importantly, we’ve been in a time of MAJOR cosmic & astrological shifts for the last WEEK or two.  Here are a few thoughts on the shifts that I am feeling led to focus on & share about with you today….


Mercury is Now DIRECT & out-of-storm
(but remains in the Shadow)


Wow-what a DYNAMIC last week or two we have had!  (Energetically speaking)  Mercury went DIRECT on Nov 3rd, and then it left its post-retrograde storm on last Sunday (Nov 8th), basically marking the official end of the retrograde.  Although we’re not completely out from under the effects of this Mercury retrograde yet, for we are still in the post-retrograde SHADOW of Mercury retrograde until November 19th. 


The UP-side of having been in this recent Mercury Retrograde from Oct 13th to Nov 3rd (Nov 8th, if you count the after-storm) is that this has been an excellent time for facing our unfinished business on all levels, and going back and taking care of whatever that really needs to be faced & dealt with.  It’s also been a good time for revisiting our creative & spiritual passions, and diving back into what it is that really feeds us. 


That’s all the UP-side of Mercury retrograde.  And hopefully you took advantage of some of these positives during the last few weeks to regenerate, rebalance & rejuvenate yourself. 


Of course, there are many possible DRAWBACKS & CHALLENGES during the Mercury retrograde period, such as increased confusion, chaos, drama, delays, and miscommunication—not to mention, tech, transportation & appliance break-downs.  Sometimes there are more accidents too during Mercury retrograde.  (However, this can be easily avoided if we just slow down and are careful in what we are doing.)


In any case, the retrograde of Mercury is now officially OVER, and it is even out of its post-retrograde storm (as of Nov 8th), so we can all breathe a sigh of relief.  We do however still have a bit of an energetic jet-lag in operation for a little while longer yet, with Mercury being in its post-retrograde SHADOW until Nov 19th.


There may still be some MAJOR chaos, confusion, or miscommunications yet during this time.  However, with each passing day, clarity and reason are returning in greater amounts. 


After November 19th (when Mercury finally leaves its post-retrograde shadow), many more things will become CRYSTAL CLEAR to you that were previously murky or uncertain.  This will be a good time for moving forward with dreams and goals, even if outer world obstacles still exist for you. 


Within every problem there exists an equal or greater opportunity, and when you have access to logic and a clear mind (as well as clear intuition), you can more easily find the opportunities, benefits, and gifts that are before you. 


Regardless of what outer world circumstances may be at the moment, regardless of the overall state of the world, you can move forward more easily when you have a clear mind and clear & open access to the wisdom of your higher self.  Such will be more the case after we leave the post-retrograde shadow of Mercury on November 19th.

1:48 pm cst 

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