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Wednesday, December 29, 2010



Dear Friends, hope you are having a wonderful week, and enjoying this time of “pause” between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  As you probably already know, New Year’s Day is a wonderful time for setting intentions and making commitments about how you would like to grow in the year ahead.  However, many people frequently find it difficult to *keep* their new year’s resolutions, as it is easier for most people to fall back into the old, familiar patterns of the past, rather than moving forward into new habits that are more empowering but also much more UN-familiar. 

Many times, it is only when we suffer loss or find aspects of the old, familiar life suddenly *yanked” away from us that we finally make the changes we know we need to make....the number #1 reason why people do not go forward with the intentions, resolutions, and promises that they make to themselves is because they are energetically caught in the past, and still replaying the emotional “charge” around unpleasant events of the previous year (or years). 
                  <<<<<<<<<<<CLICK HERE to read this full blog, and learn about how you can clear your energy, so that you can REALLY move forward in the New Year. 

4:11 pm cst 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dec. 21 2010 Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse, Winter Solstice:  Shine Your Light More Brightly!

             Dear Friends, as I am writing this for you, we are just mere hours away from a total Lunar Eclipse at 29 degrees Gemini..... 

The interesting thing about this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is that it occurs on the Winter Solstice, the day that marks the celebration of light in cultures and faiths throughout the world.  How ironic that just before the longest night of the year (when many are preparing to celebrate the return of light) the moon will be temporarily “swallowed” into darkness by the earth’s shadow.

The alignment of a Lunar Eclipse on the day of the Winter Solstice is quite rare.  In fact, as far as I can tell, the last time it happened, was in 1638, just a little over 370 years ago.....
CLICK HERE TO READ MORE and learn about how this special eclipse might affect you & your life.

12:30 am cst 

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