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BLOG: 2010 Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse....Part 1

The Dec. 21st, 2010 Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse
PART 1..... What does it mean for you personally?
(for Part 2, please CLICK HERE)

Dear Friends, as I am writing this for you, we are just mere hours away from a total Lunar Eclipse at 29 degrees Gemini.  The eclipse takes place Monday night/Tuesday morning at 3:17 am Eastern time (2:17 am Central, 1:17 am Mountain, 12:17 am Pacific). 

Actually, this is when the eclipse reaches its deepest shadows….the moon actually begins to “disappear” into the eclipse at around 1:33 am Eastern time (12:33 Central, 11:33 Mountain, 10:33 Pacific). “Totality” (as in, the moon appearing to be totally “swallowed” by the earth’s shadow) begins at 2:41 am Eastern time (1:41 am Central, 12:41 am Mountain, 11:41 am Pacific).  Totality lasts about 72 minutes this time.

If you live in the U.S., and you want to get the best view of the moon in its lunar eclipse totality, you probably should try going outside to see at the first time I gave you, 3:17 am Eastern time, or as early as a half-hour before.  According to NASA’s website, this is when the eclipse moon will be displaying “the most fantastic shades of coppery red”.

The interesting thing about this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is that it occurs on the Winter Solstice, the day that marks the celebration of light in cultures and faiths throughout the world.  How ironic that just before the longest night of the year (when many are preparing to celebrate the return of light) the moon will be temporarily “swallowed” into darkness by the earth’s shadow.

The alignment of a Lunar Eclipse on the day of the Winter Solstice is quite rare.  In fact, as far as I can tell, the last time it happened, was in 1638, just a little over 370 years ago.




            The other interesting thing about tonight’s Lunar eclipse is that it is occurring within just a few degrees of aspect to the Galactic Center.  Anything aligning that closely with the Galactic Center is bound to set off intense emotional & psychic energy. 

Since an eclipse is technically an “opposition” between the sun & the moon, you might find yourself bouncing back and forth between the different extremes & polarities of emotions. For example, one moment you might find yourself feeling elated and full of joy, hope, and optimism.  The next moment, you may be overcome with feelings of sadness, sorrow, self-pity, or anger or fear.  It is as if the shadow and the light are “vying” for power within the world’s consciousness, within your consciousness.  Very often, during the days leading up to and immediately after a Lunar eclipse, the shadow wins. 

What I mean is that it is very easy to feel overwhelmed by emotion in the days surrounding a Lunar Eclipse. It is also not at all uncommon to find feelings & “issues” relating to past wounds and hurts resurfacing.  When such feelings arise, it is important to remember that they need unconditional love & acceptance from you, *not* repression or futile attempts at “stuffing”.

It is also important to remember that the Universe is on your side.  Whatever hurt, disappointment, or frustration it is that you are carrying, the Universe can find a way to *bless* you through this circumstance, no matter how awful or challenging it may seem.  Whatever the hurt, pain, or insecurity that is activated by this eclipse, love will prevail.  Healing is occurring, even as the discomfort seems to be increasing.  You can experience a greater awareness of this healing process by taking time out to meditate and attune with the love of Mother-Father God.  It also helps if you consciously commit to being willing and ready to receive a healing.  Simply affirm, “I am willing”, “I allow” or “I let go”.

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The Mystical Eclipse Images & Their Meanings

The channeled image or Sabian symbol for 29 degrees Gemini is “bathing beauties before large beach crowds”.  This symbol represents the position of the moon at the time of the eclipse.  The image for the position of the eclipse sun at 29 degrees Sagittarius is “the pope blessing the faithful”. 

The first image of the “bathing beauties before large crowds” seems to speak of the need for emotional transparency & vulnerability right now.  Even if you wanted to, it is very hard to hide your feelings, or keep your deepest truths secret right now.  That which is needed to be seen for healing is coming out into the open.  This symbol also indicates that this eclipse is a call for you to let all of your beauty, talent, and natural charm & grace *shine* forth.  In other words, stop playing “small”!

The reference to “bathing” means that a purification or “letting go” of some kind is necessary.  The creation of a vacuum through elimination of no longer needed relationships or circumstances always precedes the next step forward into spiritual expansion and success.

Might I suggest “eliminating” those circumstances, projects, or commitments in your life which no longer allow you to best reflect your light?  In particular, I would be so bold as to suggest to you to eliminate any unhealthy attachments to people who cannot see or stand in your light.  Why dim your light or pretend to be less than you are simply because another cannot stand to be in your radiance?  Better to bless them and let them go, to release the light-fearers with love and with grace, and to open to be loved & understood by those who truly ARE eager to be in your beautiful light.

The Sun’s Sabian image of “the pope blessing the faithful” is also relevant here.  There are many ways to interpret any Sabian symbol.  My intuition tells me that what this means here is that the faithful will be rewarded with a blessing.  For you, this means that in whatever area of life where you have faithfully served, sacrificed and given yourself over to loyal devotion, you will be blessed.  The blessing does not actually come from an external religious figure, but from your Inner Self (although it can certainly manifest externally in many different ways).


CLICK HERE to read just a few more thoughts about how this eclipse might personally & specifically affect you.

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