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Why do many people NOT keep their New Year's Resolutions?
How can you help ensure that you DO keep yours?
How can you help ensure that you create something *truly* "new" in the New Year?
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Dear Friends, hope you are having a wonderful week, and enjoying this time of “pause” between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  As you probably already know, New Year’s Day is a wonderful time for setting intentions and making commitments about how you would like to grow in the year ahead.  However, many people frequently find it difficult to *keep* their new year’s resolutions, as it is easier for most people to fall back into the old, familiar patterns of the past, rather than moving forward into new habits that are more empowering but also much more UN-familiar. 

           Many times, it is only when we suffer loss or find aspects of the old, familiar life suddenly *yanked” away from us that we finally make the changes we know we need to make.

For example, ever since my early twenties, I wanted to study dance.  I kept telling myself that when I had “enough” time or money, I would take classes and learn to dance.  But even after I finished college and my son left home (giving me more time), and I also began to make more money, I still wasn’t taking any dance classes.  It wasn’t until the devastating lost of a personal friendship in 2009 that I began to take dance classes.  The grief was so overwhelming that I knew that I had to try something *different* if I was going to ever put myself back together again, so I did.

Anger, grief, disappointment, heartache, and challenges of all kinds can have a way of really *pushing* us to keep the intentions and promises we make to ourselves.  However, heartache and frustration can also *prevent* you from moving forward with your dreams. 

In my experience as a spiritual psychic reader, the number #1 reason why people do not go forward with the intentions, resolutions, and promises that they make to themselves is because they are energetically caught in the past, and still replaying the emotional “charge” around unpleasant events of the previous year (or years). 

In other words, they are stuck in the past and can’t get past their hurt or their anger.  Consciously or unconsciously, they are in an energetic and emotional “loop” that just keeps circling back upon itself.  In order to go forward on a new path, they MUST dissolve this self-perpetuating loop.  Otherwise, this loop will simply “hook” them back in, no matter how great their intentions or New Year’s Resolutions.

This is why it is important to clear any negative “charge” around the previous year’s events before attempting to move forward with your New Year’s resolutions. You can set the most wonderful resolutions and intentions in the world, but if you are still stuck in the emotional-energetic “loop” of the previous year, you are probably NOT going to move forward into the new life that you want to create.  Or if you do, it will be at a VERY slow pace, as the “loop” will keep hooking you back in every time you make the teeniest bit of progress.

           How can you clear any emotional-energetic “loops” of the previous year so that you can move forward with a clean slate?

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The easiest way to do this is to remove the emotional “charge” around any unpleasant or hurtful events that occurred during the previous year.  There are several different “techniques” for doing this, including hypnosis, therapy, massage, muscle testing, EFT, energy healing, emotional release work, and getting a reading to help you understand the “bigger” picture occurring in the situation.  Any and all of these methods by themselves or combined can help you to “move on”, energetically speaking.

I have personally used all of the above-mentioned techniques at one time or another in my life, and have benefitted *greatly* as a result.  However, if you want to TRULY break up the energetic “loops” that are holding you back, then the most important action that you can take is to release the emotional-charge around any past situations within *yourself*.  What this means is basically changing your perspective to where you are no longer “triggered” by what happened in the past, and can move forward with ease.


This usually involves moving to a “big picture” perspective that involves being in a state of true acceptance & forgiveness.  It doesn’t mean that you *like* what happened, or that you wish to repeat the painful or negative circumstances of the past.  It also doesn’t mean that you must make excuses for other people’s poor behavior, or allow yourself to continue to be a victim.  This new perspective simply means that you accept that what is, IS, and that what happened, happened.  You let yourself embrace the situation for what it is, and then move on.


It also helps if you will allow yourself to see the *good* that has come out of the situation.  So many times, where there is an emotional “charge” around a situation, we only see the negative.  But if you can start to see just one little tiny aspect of a situation that you feel is good, helpful, or ultimately positive, then you can begin to *MOVE*, and probably in a more positive direction.


Of course, this process of changing perspectives that I am describing usually does not happen for most people overnight.  Depending on the strength and intensity of your energy loop, you may have to consciously shift your perspective several times before the new, more peaceful perspective really “sticks”.

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