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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mercury Retrograde Update & Reminder

Dear Friends, I recently sent out a Cosmic Newsletter about major energy shifts occuring in January/February 2016.  I wanted to give all my Cosmic Newsletter readers a reminder & update about Mercury retrograde (and what to do and NOT to do during that time for best results).  However, after talking about the magical Jupiter North Node conjunction that is exact on January 23rd & 28th (but in effect at least until mid-February), I ran out of room!  So I am including the extra Mercury retrograde info here on this blog.  Enjoy!


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MERCURY RX until Jan 25th,

and not out of storm until Feb 1st


        With Mercury retrograde in Capricorn since January 5th, it has not been the easiest start to the year for some.  No doubt, by now most of you have heard about the standard Mercury retrograde advisory that is in effect during times like this.  In this case, that Mercury retrograde advisory is in effect at least until January 25th, which is when Mercury goes back direct.  However, there is also a post-retrograde storm that continues until February 1st.  In my own personal experience, the effects of Mercury retrograde do often continue into the time of the post retrograde storm, and in some cases, intensify.

In case you haven’t already heard, or if you just need a review, the Mercury retrograde period is a good time to make repairs and amends, to re-do and to review.  Also a useful time for continuing forward with projects and plans that were ALREADY started previous to January 1st (which is when Mercury entered its PRE retrograde storm this time).  But not such a good time for beginning new projects, as new seeds and ideas that are planted now will likely have to be redone or reworked in a major way later.  However, progress can still be made on ideas and seeds that were planted BEFORE this recent retrograde cycle began.

Other tips that relate to Mercury retrograde include the idea that it is best to avoid signing contracts or making major commitments that you can’t easily get out of later right now.  Contracts, business deals and major commitments made during Mercury retrograde often have a way of fizzing out later or generating many unforeseen consequences.  Even little business dealings and contracts that you don’t usually think much about are best postponed right now until after Mercury goes direct.  For example, this isn’t the best time to sign on a 2 or 3 year cell phone contract right now.  If you can, wait until AFTER Mercury goes back direct to make any long term commitments like that.

The other thing about Mercury retrograde is that it is easy to get the communication wires crossed right now.  So make sure that you are as clear as possible when communicating with others during this time, and do not take anything for granted or assume that another knows what you mean.  Check and double check and maybe even triple check all important written correspondence, especially e-mails and texts.  This may sound like overkill, but trust me, it is so easy to make significant mistakes right now! 

Be especially thorough and careful if you are trying to set up meetings or phone calls with people who live in different time zones (as I often am).  Make sure you specify exactly WHICH time zone you are speaking of when you list a time to meet or call in. This same attention to detail should be applied to all important communications right now, including your intimate and emotional communications with your significant other or other loved ones in your life.  As with Mercury in retrograde, it is so easy to be misunderstood and to misunderstand! 

So if you do feel that someone has offended you, you might want to take a step back and ask some questions of that person before jumping to conclusions, as it is entirely possible that they did not mean to offend at all.  Also, try to be patient and forgiving of yourself and others if you can during this time, as we are all more likely slip up & make mistakes during this time, and let's face it, we are all just doing the best we can. 

In general, the more patient, loving, and kind you can be during Mercury retrograde, and the less of a hurry you are in, the more happier you will be!  

Thanks for reading and hope this guidance helps.  For more info on what to do & not do when Mercury is in retrograde or to download or look at the printable 2016 Mercury retrograde chart, please CLICK HERE.  

10:39 pm cst 

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