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Friday, March 4, 2016

Magical March Eclipse Effect


Dear Friends, In addition to being the month of St. Patrick’s Day (one of my own very favorite holidays), this is also a month of seasonal change & intense energetic shifts. 


Did you know that there are TWO eclipses this month?  (One of them is a total SUPERMOON eclipse too.) The first one is a total supermoon SOLAR eclipse happening on Tuesday, March 8th.  The next one is a LUNAR eclipse happening on March 23rd.  Together these two eclipses set the stage for the psychic energies of this entire month, along with the SPRING EQUINOX on March 19th/20th (depending on your time zone).  All in all March is a MAGICAL, FANTASTICAL MONTH.   

Sure, there will be some STRESS too.  There always is when the energies are intense like this.  You need to be careful about letting yourself get overwhelmed and trying to take on too much.  If there was any one piece of advice I could give you, it would be to FOCUS and allow yourself PLENTY of time & space to get things done, for you may find that you are more easily triggered emotionally or spiritually or physically drained during this month of energy shift.  For these eclipses do tend to activate our EMOTIONAL sides, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but can lead to you being overly-reactive or taking things too personally that aren’t intended that way.


  The OTHER important piece of advice that I would give you is to avoid making major decisions if you can right around the time of this month’s eclipses, especially without first seeking EXPERT or OBJECTIVE advice (as in, advice from someone who is not personally involved & really knows their stuff), as your emotions can really cloud the picture right now. 

These eclipses that are happening this month create an energy in the atmosphere that is in effect for the ENTIRE month, and this energy is similar to a Mercury retrograde effect.  Not that it is exactly the same, but what is similar here about the Eclipse Effect this month is that it’s not a good idea to make major decisions between March 5th and March 26th (when the eclipse effect is the strongest) because you will likely change your mind about that decision, OR someone else who involved who is a key player might change their minds. 

In either case, that means that likelihood that you will have to go back and re-do in regards to the situation is quite high.  Best to chill for a little while instead and concentrate on gaining the information that you need to make a decision first.

That is going to mean doing your HOMEWORK & RESEARCH about whatever it is you are facing.  As I mentioned above, seeking out the advice of an independent, objective expert or counselor is also key to making positive decisions & taking strong action right now.  (Perhaps it is time for your spring reading.)  This current eclipse cycle is also a call to deal with whatever important things you have been procrastinating on doing or trying to avoid. 


This is NOT the time to be lazy or try to take short-cuts or make rash decisions.  Instead, be prepared to go in deep, do your homework, and take all the necessary steps before moving to the next level, for surely there is no other way that will be successful at this time under the rays of these energies.

By the way, this guidance that I have just given applies to ALL levels of your life & being, from the most worldly, mundane levels to the highest and loftiest goals and dreams you have.  Whatever is going on with you right now, there is need to stay focused on the BIG PICTURE while tending to the smaller details. 

In other words, this is about living in the world successfully & doing what needs to be done, without allowing a worldly perspective to over-ride your consciousness.  It is VERY important to stay connected to your spiritual consciousness this month, partly so you don’t become overwhelmed and emotionally reactive, but also so you don’t drown in the waters of muddy materialism and worldliness.  If some relationship or material-related project or connection passes from your life right now, know that in all likelihood this passing is happening to help you get more connected with your SPIRITUAL self, the eternal you.

Also, if you find yourself getting very discouraged or pessimistic at any point during this month, know that this is likely a sign that you have become too embroiled in the earthly drama and need to step back for a moment and make a CONSCIOUS effort to get re-connected back with your spiritual side.  There are several ways that you can do this (including having a short spiritual retreat, getting a psychic reading, or even treating yourself to an energy treatment or massage, or just getting outside and doing a long nature walk).   Mostly, it just takes setting aside a couple days (or even an afternoon or a few hours) to have a PAUSE and contemplate and consider what REALLY is important in life to you, the timeless, the eternal, the spiritual stuff.

Along these same lines, it is also important this month to seek out the guidance of your guides, angels, and fairy helpers.  Whatever it is you are trying to achieve or to draw to yourself, don’t be so arrogant as to think you can do it all on your own, for that kind attitude has been the downfall of many a human.  Contrary to what some would have us believe, humans are NOT the center of the Universe, nor are we even necessarily the highest creation.  Sure, we have access to wonderful free will that we can use to CO-create.  But there are MANY spiritual forces at work in the earthly dimension, and we are only Co-creators in this realm, and NOT the only ones involved in what is being created and generated in the matrix of earthly reality. 


Hope you enjoyed your March forecast!  For more info about what is going on with me & my soon to be released Fairy Communion e-book series, please CLICK HERE.

3:53 pm cst 

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