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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Nov 24-Dec 21st Cosmic Update: Test of Faith, Stay Inspired!

What a DYNAMIC Holiday Season it is & will be! 

(COSMIC UPDATE Nov.24th to around Dec. 21st)

        We have a full moon coming up here very soon on this next Wednesday (November 25th) at 5:44 pm Eastern time in the United States (that is 4:44 pm Central time, and 2:44 pm Pacific Time).  This full moon will be in the sign of flighty, changeable, and communicative Gemini.  Gemini is a sign that can bring a lovely lighted-hearted and joyful energy to the environment.  However, it is also a DUAL-NATURE sign, and so in addition to its natural energies of grace and joy, it also can sometimes have a mean, sarcastic or cutting nature. 

Although the full moon will have technically passed over by the time Thanksgiving comes around (in the US, that is this upcoming Thursday, Nov 26th), the moon will still be in Gemini on that day, and still quite powerful.  So I do recommend getting & staying very conscious of your energies and intentions in this week ahead, and especially being very conscious of YOUR TONGUE (and what you are saying, especially at family gatherings).  For with the strong full moon energies still amplifying emotions, you may find that you go for the cutting, sarcastic side of Gemini, instead of the joyful, light-hearted side.  (Luckily, the sun is now in tolerant Sagittarius, so perhaps your loved ones will forgive you if you talk to them like a cynical ass.  But then again, maybe not.  Best not to test it.)


TEST OF FAITH…Get Inspired & Take Action

(Nurture yourself too!)

        In addition to the full moon, we are about ready to approach an exact square between Saturn and Neptune (this square is precise on the morning of Thanksgiving Day, or November 26th).  Although this shift hits exact on this Thursday, the planetary bodies involved move quite slow, so we are likely to feel the effects of this shifts energies all the way through the end of December. (Yes, for real.)

Perhaps you have been feeling the energies of this shift already (as it has been pretty active already the entire month).  This is the kind of shift that tests your resolve and demands that you put in greater energy and effort to make your dreams come true.  Sometimes it can have a bit of a wet-blanket effect too.  It may seem that you have all these great dreams, projects, ideals, or relationships that you want to move towards, but the path to get there seems too demanding or difficult.

        Right now there is definitely a kind of REALITY-CHECK energy in the air with this approaching Saturn-Neptune square.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be a “negative” thing, as in order to spiritually grow and evolve, it is necessary for each of us to learn to approach our inspirations, desires, and ideals with a mature viewpoint and a willingness to do the necessary work.  For example, how many people want to be spiritually enlightened but expect it all to happen overnight in a single weekend workshop?  Or how many of us have debt that we desire to get rid of, and yet we haven’t yet sat down and made up a new budget or looked at new ways for earning extra income? 

These are the kinds of scenarios that this Saturn-Neptune will bring your attention to….basically, any area of your life where you want to have a more spiritual, creative, or idealistic experience will ask something from you this month in terms of investment of time, energy, money or effort.  You have to decide how much you really want this thing you are dreaming of, and if you are TRULY willing to invest the energy & effort it will take.  This is a great time for merging the practical with the spiritual and the creative, and taking some kind of real world ACTION to show the Universe that you mean business regarding what it is you are hoping to create.


ENERGY LEVELS May Be Lower Than Usual,

So Take Good Care of Yourself Now….

        Between now & the end of this year, and especially between now and December 21st, you may find that your energy levels are lower than usual.  This is because Saturn and Neptune are both sort of “cool” planetary energies that can have a heavy effect on the physically body when triggered.  Now, more than ever, it is important to get the extra rest that you need.  It also important to engage in practices that help boost your health (such as eating more fruits and veggies, taking your vitamins and supplements, and spending some time on the yoga mat or walking or working out).  Doing these kinds of things during this Saturn-Neptune square will help you keep your physical energies strong and vital.  However, don’t be surprised if you don’t feel like being as physically activate as usual over the course of the next month or so. This too shall pass.

        This is a really good time to NURTURE yourself on as many levels as possible.  Take more warm bubble baths.  Get a couple of massages or energy treatments.  Treat yourself to a psychic or astrological reading.  Spend some time indulging in a favorite book or pursing a beloved hobby.  For some, there may be a tendency right now to sacrifice one’s happiness or health in the pursuit of a dream.  However, true success can only be achieved by maintaining balance in one’s persona life as well.  Besides, you have to take good care of YOU if you want to have the energy & stamina to keep a dream alive.


 A WORD OF ADVICE….Concerning emotion, intention, and action

Some people might find that they are more easily depressed, moody, overly-sentimental or emotionally-triggered while we are under the influence of transit (basically, until the end of the year, and especially between now 7 December 21st).  If you find yourself feeling more depressed or discouraged than usual during this time, it will help if you concentrate on what it is you CAN do, rather than focusing on all of the obstacles & limitations that seem to be before you.

It is VERY important not to just sit around moping, complaining or feeling sorry for yourself during this shift.  The Universe is conspiring at this time to show you just how POWERFUL you truly are, and how much you ARE capable of.  To a great extent, you are creating your future right now in this moment with the choices that you make and the actions that you take.  Even choosing to take NO action is a choice.  One thing is for certain:  If you want positive change in your life, then YOU must be willing to change in your habits, priorities, and actions.  It is that simple.

Perhaps you know that you desire a change but you don’t have a clue about what direction to go in.  If that is the case, then don’t just set around twiddling your thumbs….get some guidance!  Ask a very capable and competent friend, family member, or mentor for advice.  (Notice I said competent and capable.  Skip asking your loser friends for guidance, as that is not the kind of advice you need!)  Or seek an outside opinion from an excellent coach, therapist, counselor, minister, psychic reader, or other appropriate advisor.  However you do it, find someone who can help you get in better touch with what is already inside of you, someone who is quite positive and will help you to expand your point of view so that you can see a greater possibility.

On the other hand, it could be that you feel VERY clear about what you want and the path you wish to walk upon, but perhaps the challenges & obstacles that are before you seem to have gotten you down.  Again, I might suggest asking for help, especially from someone who has already done what you are trying to do, or at least from someone who is sensitive, empathic and wise.  I also would encourage you once again to take your focus off what you feel you can’t do, and instead focus on what it is you CAN do to overcome the challenges and move forward.

Most important of all, don’t forget to ask your angels, spirit guides and teachers for help, for they walk with you and are ready to assist whenever you ask and give permission.  You are never alone.  There are countless spiritual beings who walk with you, ready to assist the moment that you ask and sincerely open your heart.

5:28 pm cst 

The Year Has Blown By...What I Have Been Up To


(And What I Have Been Up to This Year)


To be honest, I can’t believe that it’s almost the end of November, nor can I believe that 2015 will soon be over.  This year has gone by in a blur for me.  Mostly, this is because I received a calling from Spirit this year to branch out in a new direction in my spiritual psychic ministry, and to create my own line of flower essence vibrational healing formulas to assist my friends, family, students, clients, FB friends, and newsletter readers with their spiritual psychic healing and growth.


          Many of you do not yet know much about this line of healing essences.  In fact, most of you probably have not heard about them at all yet, unless you have been lucky enough to come to one of my two in-person events I had earlier this year here in the Wichita area related to flower essences and the fairies and nature spirits.  Between maintaining my psychic reading practice & growing all the flowers to create around 200 (or more) different flower essences, I simply haven’t had the time this year time to put much info about these new vibrational essences up on-line or on my website.  The good news is that now that the first hard frost has finally come to this area (thus putting an end to my outdoor gardening for awhile), I have begun to put some info for you on my website about my new Flairy Essence line and how it can be of service to you in your spiritual growth, healing and evolution.


Some of the Vibrational Formulas I have Created for You


          I’ll let you know when I have the new info actually finished & up on line and available for you.  In the meantime, I would like to share with you some of the names of some of the formulas I created for all of you in 2015, including:  Yarrow Help for Empaths, Psychic Shielding & Protection, Help for Psychically Sensitive Children, Tension Ease & Relaxation, Feminine Balance & Support, Pet Rescue & Immune Support (with colloidal silver), Fairy Sight, Recover Ancient Wisdom, Sinus & Congestion Clearing, Heart Mender (help for the Bereaved & Broken-hearted), Recovery Ease, Communication Ease-Power Communicator, Work and Vocation Magic, and so on.


          In case you don’t know what I mean when I say “flower essences” or “vibrational formulas”, these are all liquid formulas that are made in a similar fashion as homeopathic medicines, only using flowers (and occasionally mushrooms or other non-flowering plants such as ferns, sometimes gemstones too).  To make a single flower essence “mother tincture”, the energy of a flower is imprinted upon pure water and activated by sunlight.  This mixture is then stored in a jar with alcohol as a preservative.  From this single mother tincture, many bottles of the essence for this flower can be poured, always being diluted many times over, for in the physical dilution process, the energetic, vibrational power of the flower essence actually INCREASES.


          Flower essences do not contain much physical substance of the original plant at all, since it is the ENERGY and the VIBRATION that we want to work with when we use the essences.  These essences aren’t scented (since they aren’t essential oils) nor do they work the same way as pharmaceutical medicine.  Instead, they are very gentle, but powerful tools for healing, growth, awakening and transformation. 


Flower essences work in subtle (and sometimes not so subtle!) ways to balance and energize your chakras, meridians, and other aspects of your psychic energetic system, promoting peace, harmony and well-being on the deepest of levels.  I sometimes refer to them as “Soul Healers” or “Soul Aligners” for that is truly what they do…by bringing your soul back into alignment with your human self (or vice versa, depending on how you want to look at it), they promote true healing, change, and transformation.


          In any case, this is what I have been up for most of this year…..growing an awesome magical fairy garden and utilizing its flowers to create hundreds of different spiritual vibrational healing remedies to help support ALL of us in our spiritual psychic growth, evolution and awakening.  I hope to be sharing more about this with all of you soon, and have been working fervently to get some new info up on the website for you about the formulas that I have available and what they do, as well as the individual essences.  (Formulas are made from a combination of individual essences, and a person can benefit from taking both formulas and/or individual essences.)  Again, I will let you know as soon as I have the first round of info completed and on-line for you, which hopefully will be quite soon!


Flower Essence/Lemurian/Atlantean Classes Coming in 2016


Also, if you are interested in learning more about the essences (not just my line of essences, but the entire world of flower essences & how you can use them for YOUR OWN healing & transformation), you will probably want to check the multi-week flower essence tele-course I will be offering in early 2016.  These classes will be conducted via telephone so that you will be able to attend no matter where you live.  In these classes, I hope to teach more about the true origins of flower essences going back to the ancient Lemurians (who were likely the world’s first fairy people) and then also trace the evolution of the essences from Atlantis forward into our own times.


I’ll let you know more about these classes later, once I have my dates firmed up.  By the way, in case you are wondering, the Lemurian & Atlantis connection is a very strong part of my own practice with the essences, as well as with my psychic readings that I do for clients, for my main spirit guides are known as the Atlantean Teachers.  They are an advanced group of spirit beings who seeded the civilization of Atlantis and also participated in the evolution of Lemuria before then.  They are called “The Teachers” for short.  They have guided me to begin making & offering the flower essences as part of my spiritual psychic practice, and where they lead, I follow. 


The Teachers have also shown me that they flower essences are CRUCIAL to spiritual psychic awakening and realization in our times.  For modern humans have become so weighed down by the heavy energies of negativity, industrialism and materialism that it is almost impossible to fully awaken without the vibrational assistance of some kind of remedy that works to restore balance and harmony to the soul and the etheric body.  This is where the flower essences come in, for they repair the energies in the various layers of your aura and energy bodies, and they stimulate and raise consciousness gently and easily.  Again, I’ll be sharing with you more about this later in future newsletters/blogs, so stay posted.

5:26 pm cst 

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