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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Storms Abrewing, Your Inner Scorpio Emerges

STORMS ABREWING, And Your Own Inner Scorpio Emerges 

(Oct 22nd-Nov 23rd) 


Dear Friends, as I am writing this for you, it is a blustery, windswept sunset and storms are rolling in from the West.  It looks like we are about to get pelted with a moody and somewhat intense rain.  Even if the rains don’t come at all, it’s clear that Mother Nature is brooding and feeling intense tonight.  Somehow, this all seems appropriate, with the Sun about ready to leave the sign of harmonious Libra and move into mysterious and intense Scorpio tomorrow afternoon.

This change of energy technically happens this Friday (October 23rd) at 12:47 pm Central time or 1:47 pm Eastern time.  However, as I have explained before in this newsletter, energy shifts never happen all at once in a single moment, but instead occur more gradually like one color shifting to the next along a greater continuum.  For this reason, the final days of sun in Libra (which we have been in for the last week or so) are a lot like the first few days of sun in Scorpio (which we will be in from Friday onward). 

The only difference (between the last days of Libra and the first days of sun in Scorpio) is that as the sun officially moves deeper into Scorpio, many people lose some of their diplomacy and social graces and begin to take on a sharper edge.  (That’s why I went ahead and did my grocery shopping today, before the weekend hits and the masses start reflecting the edginess of Scorpio.)

Not that Scorpio is all bad.  In fact, it is one of my favorite signs.  People born underneath the sign of Scorpio (or those who have their rising or moon in this position, or even a strong Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio) tend to be more metaphysical, spiritual, or psychically inclined.  But they also often have an edge, and are usually quite suspicious and mistrustful of others.  For good reason too, as many with strong Scorpio or Pluto in their charts had very difficult childhoods and/or have had to face personal devastation, betrayal, and abandonment at many points in their lives.

They may seem pessimistic, but if so, it is only because life has taught these Scorpio folks that unpleasant things do indeed sometimes happen.  A saying that I once heard comes to mind.  I don’t know who said it but surely it was a person who had strong Scorpio or strong Pluto in their chart.  The saying is, “A pessimist is just an optimist with experience.”  Thus, Scorpios (or those who have Scorpio strong) always have a Plan B and a Plan C in any situation, and they also usually have an “exit strategy” in mind for any job or relationship they are in.  (Important to keep in mind if you are in a relationship with a Scorpio.) 

And did I mention that you don’t EVER want to make them mad?  (As they don’t forgive too easily, if ever, and will usually enjoy punishing you for your “transgressions”.)  Of course, there are EVOLVED Scorpios that have learned to put all that anger, venom and desire for revenge behind.  These folks are some of the most wise and beautiful souls once they have transcended their tendency to be easily offended or mistrustful, and can indeed be very powerful healers and catalysts for positive change in society.


All of what I have just described and shared with you applies to anyone who was born under the sun sign of Scorpio, as well as to anyone who has Scorpio strong in other areas of their charts, or who has a very strong Pluto in their birth chart.  Regardless of your own unique signs, we ALL take on some of the qualities of Scorpio while the sun is moving through that sign (this year, it is October 23rd through November 22nd).  So you should expect to see some of the qualities and attributes of Scorpio that I mentioned above operating in your life and yourself over the next several weeks. 

You may also find that you are more INTENSE about life in general, but especially intense and focused on your goals & desires.  During this time that the Sun is moving through Scorpio, you will likely be more emotional and have a tendency to FEEL everything more deeply.  Of course, how deep you are able to go in your feelings will depend to some extent on emotional you are naturally.  But even if you aren’t usually that emotional, you will be able to go deeper than you usually can with your feelings. 

However, you may find that even though you are experience deep emotion or feelings over the next few weeks, it isn’t necessarily easier to share them with others.  In fact, there might be a tendency to bottle things up or try to keep your feelings a secret.   Which, for the record, is not usually a good idea.  (But then again, when it comes to sharing, timing is everything.)

Speaking of keeping things a secret, Scorpio is ALL about secrets and hidden mysteries.  On the plus side, this is a good time to delve into study esoteric or occultic arts such as mediumship, channeling, or other spirit communication.  It is also good time for delving into your own inner self and personal psychology.  Since Scorpio is the sign of HEALING & TRANSFORMATION, it can be a good time to take a cleanse or attend a seminar on healing on any level.


However, do watch the tendency to want to get involved in secretive or clandestine relationships or situations.  Scorpio does have an association with criminals and the underworld for a reason.  Not saying that all Scorpios are criminals.  (In fact, many are powerful healers!)  But the energies of this sign do have a way of tempting us with secrets, dishonesty and trying to keep things hidden from those we love.  You might be tempted to think that you can get away with some kind of unethical behavior while the Sun is moving through Scorpio.  Who knows?  Maybe you can.  But do you really want to?  Even if the person whom you are keeping the secret from doesn’t find out, the Universe still knows.  You can be certain that any unethical or dishonest behavior will have painful or hurtful ramifications, if not now, then later.  So keep an eye out for the temptations of that darker shadow side, and try to stay on the path of light and honesty.

As the sun enters Scorpio this weekend and moves deeper into this sign in the next few weeks ahead (it will remain there until around November 22nd), pay attention and notice what you notice.  Scorpio can be a very PSYCHIC AND INTUITIVE SIGN, and for those who are paying attention, you may find that your intuitive flashes are sharper and keener now.  However, in its lower energies, Scorpio is also a sign of great ego, especially as it relates to fear of others, mistrust, and paranoida.  Therefore, do keep an eye on your ego (especially in your relationships or even casual social or work dealings) and before you go off on someone or accuse them of wrong-doing, it might be a good idea to just take a step back and chill for awhile.  I’m just saying (smile).

WHICH KIND OF SCORPIO TOTEM WILL YOU BE IN THE WEEKS AHEAD? (Read the next entry for more info.)

9:56 pm cdt 

What Kind of Scorpio Totem Will You Be?


Scorpio is a very unique sign in that it is the only sign of the Western zodiac that is represented by not just one but THREE animals.  Its three animal totems are the SCORPION, THE EAGLE, AND THE PHOENIX.  During the period of Oct 23rd-Nov 22nd when the sun is in Scorpio, it is likely that YOU yourself will also embody the traits and qualities of one of these three animals.  (Perhaps at one time or another, you will experience the energy and attributes of each of these separately.) 

This is true regardless of what your sun sign is or of what other placements you have in your chart.  For we ALL have Scorpio in our charts somewhere, and when the sun is passing through Scorpio (as it is from Oct. 23rd-Nov. 22nd this year) we ALL take on the energy and "tone" of Scorpio.  So the question becomes...which kind of Scorpio will you be in the weeks ahead?


Some Scorpios are best represented by the animal totem of the SCORPION.  They are paranoid and mistrustful of others and are easily offended.  They are also vengeful and they do STING with their words and their actions.  (These are the people that are masters of mean & hurtful sarcasm.  Usually, their jokes are only funny to themselves or to others like them who enjoy hurting others with their words.)  These are the least evolved of all the Scorpios, and the ones with the largest amount of ego.  They usually like to keep secrets and frequently engage in risky, secretive or clandestine activities. 

These types of Scorpios are a law until themselves who mainly only look out for themselves.  When they feel “wronged”, they seek to strike back and harm others.  But you can’t fault them for the way they are, for they have not yet awakened to the knowledge of higher spiritual truth.  They will eventually wake up and become Eagles.  First, however, they usually must go through a LOT of suffering and pain and then finally realize that THEIR way is not working.

Other kinds of Scorpios are more mature and evolved and so they are better represented by the animal totem of the EAGLE.  The Eagles SOAR.  They aren’t so easily offended or caught up in emotional storms, since they have learned to fly up above the storms and see the BIG PICTURE.  They are much more emotionally detached and can even help others navigate their way through the storm.  The Eagles have learned that their way (as in, the way of the ego) is not a constructive or helpful way to go.  Instead, they have begun to surrender their lower human will to the higher Divine will, and they seek Spirit’s guidance in life matters.  These kinds of Scorpios may still find that they have many dramas and tragedies to deal with in life, but they do so more gracefully and with a deep sense of love.  They can still be highly sensitive creatures and may still be at times easily hurt by others, but unlike the Scorpion type, they FORGIVE.  And forgiveness heals karma, thus opening the doorway for the possibilty of transformation into THE PHOENIX.

The most evolved kind of Scorpio of all is the PHOENIX.  The Phoenix has gone through the cycle of being both the Scorpion and the Eagle and in fact has gone even FURTHER.  The Phoenix has gone WITHIN to itself and been transformed by the inner fires of revelation.  The Phoenix no longer concerns itself with revenge or even forgiveness, for it is beyond the need for forgiveness.  Instead, the Phoenix represents complete and total ACCEPTANCE of What Is.  In the Phoenix form, one is transformed from being a human being on a spiritual journey to becoming a spiritual being on a human journey. 

The Phoenix has died unto itself (metaphorically speaking). Meaning it (or he or she) has experienced some kind of ego death or crisis, a complete loss of the illusion of control.  This Phoenix sees clearly into the depths of life, for it has literally been to hell and back and survived and regenerated itself.  The Phoenix person is reborn again and again in a more wise, loving, and powerful form.  The Phoenix has experienced the deepest recesses of despair and the most profound heights of ecstasy.  Now she (or he) sees the value in the Middle Way.  Those who resonate with this Scorpio totem of the Phoenix are truly remarkable and unique individuals indeed, for they are the ones who soar the highest and are able to inspire others to the path of light.  Often they are healers who are able to point the way towards the healing path for others.

Which kind of Scorpio totem will you be in the month ahead?


9:31 pm cdt 

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