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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Astro-Alert
Mercury Retrograde & Thanksgiving Astro-Alert

The very, very short version:  Mercury goes retrograde at 2:19 am Eastern time on November 24th.  Yes, that is this Wednesday night/Thursday morning… in, Thanksgiving.  What a fateful time for the planet of communication, transportation, technology, and travel to go retrograde!  Late Thursday night/early Friday morning (Nov 24th/25th) there is also a new moon Solar Eclipse.  Yes, really…..not only is Mercury going retrograde on Thanksgiving, but “Black Friday” is hosting an eclipse.  I am not kidding.  All of this is going to make for a very interesting holiday, I’m sure, full of LOTS of dynamic energy. 


If you know what to do with this dynamic energy, and how to properly respond, you will do fine.  Suffice it to say that *patience* will be needed this thanksgiving holiday, and all the way through to December 13th, when Mercury goes retrograde again. 


Slow down and give yourself plenty of time to get there (wherever “there” is), and don’t be surprised when you encounter the delays, setbacks, or confusion that is just part of life under the beams of Mercury retrograde.  This is a good time to, as they say, “just go with the flow”, and not try to push or shove things to move too fast, or go a certain way.

 More Detailed Info: 

The problem here is that most of the “masses” do not know a thing about what Mercury retrograde means, or how to best “flow” with it (let alone, the Solar Eclipse).  So not only do you have to worry about managing your own energy field when Mercury is in retrograde & communications/equipment/technology/transportation/plans are breaking down & constantly changing, but you may also have to help others deal with their own personal dramas & reactions.


You see, Mercury retrograde is all about change, and being responsive and adaptive to last minute changes. 


In order to do well during a Mercury retrograde period, you need to really be “in the zone” where you are trusting Spirit and just “going with the flow”, ready to change or adapt your plans at a moment’s notice.  In other words, you can’t be fixated on anything happening at a certain exact time, or insistent that things must be done “this” certain way, whatever that way is.  If you are insistent on these things, then you are going to give yourself some very big headaches, because Mercury retrograde does not play that game.


  Also, Mercury retrograde is a time to review, revisit, and renew….but not a time to make lasting decisions or charge forward.  In essence, it is a period of required period of introspection & rest built right into the astrological calendar 3 times a year.  It is as if the heavens themselves are saying, “Slow down.  Take it easy for awhile.  Pause, reconsider, and reflect on where you are headed.”  Mercury retrograde is an excellent time for meditation and contemplation, as well as self-evaluation & exploration.


The old saying is that anything that starts with the pre-fix “re” is probably a good activity during Mercury retrograde, including reflecting, re-doing, re-making, re-inventing, re-awakening, rejuvenating, renewing, removing, and releasing. 


It is generally not a good idea to start new projects at this time, make major purchases, or sign contracts unless you absolutely have to (even then, it is still not a good idea).  I have seen many people suffer very painful, long-lasting consequences because they choose to ignore this no contract/no major project starting “rule” of Mercury retrograde.  All I can say is you will probably only do it once, because experience can be a very effective (if somewhat painful) teacher.          


I would like to tell you more about what to expect during this Mercury retrograde period.  However, I am cooking thanksgiving dinner this year for me & my extended family for the first time ever, and I really need to get back to my thanksgiving preparations! 

 So what I am going to do is put a link below to an article on my website that I previously wrote about Mercury retrograde “Do’s and Don’ts”.  

This short little article will probably give you ALL the information you need to make the best out of this time, and avoiding “overloading” or getting too worked up about things.  I strongly suggest that you take a few moments to quickly scan this article, and get some more tips for surviving this holiday-retrograde period with your sanity still intact (smile).


Again, this upcoming/current Mercury Retrograde cycle begins this Thanksgiving Thursday (Nov. 24th) and continues until December 13th.  So even if you don’t get this until after thanksgiving, you can still benefit from this information.


            To read the Mercury Retrograde “Do’s & Don’ts”


If you would like to print yourself out a one page calendar of Mercury Retrograde dates for now until the end of 2013, go to this page:


P.S.  On another subject entirely different….Just so you know, I still have a few (well, maybe just a couple) of reading slots left for next week.  Then, I am taking an entire month off from doing readings.  So if you were wanting to get a private in-person or phone session with me before the end of the year, please call or e-mail me ASAP, or register through the website.  Thanks! 


             (Contact info for readings:  E-mail:, or reply to this newsletter.  You can also register or get basic info (prices, lengths, scheduling, etc.) on-line at:

8:29 pm cst 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The 11-11-11 Shift
THE 11-11-11 SHIFT

Dear Friends, hope you are having a wonderful week.  The weather here today is cold and dreary and wet….just perfect for sitting down and writing a newsletter for you.  For some time now, I’ve been wanting to share with you about the 11-11-11 phenomenon, and what it might mean for all of us currently incarnated on the planet.  I think today is the perfect day to do it (smile).


            As you have probably already realized, this next upcoming Friday is 11-11-2011 on the Gregorian calendar.  Eleven is considered a very sacred number by numerologists.  It represents the master teacher, universal love, and awakening to conscious partnership with the Divine and angelic forces.  Eleven is the higher octave of two, and thus is connected to the feminine energies of sensitivity, compassion, and intuition.

            The calendar date for this next Friday contains three elevens, giving a very strong “eleven” theme to that day, and perhaps the days beyond.  Being a “double” of one of the single numbers, eleven is considered a “master number” by numerologists.  Even though it is a double of the number 1, it actually reduces down to 2 (numerologically speaking). Therefore, this number has a lot to do with lessons of spiritual balance & cooperation.  Since eleven is the first of the master numbers, it also represents the Master teacher and inspired leadership.


So what does 11-11-11 mean for all of us living on planet of earth?  Well, generally speaking, when the number eleven occurs in a cycle, it shows the need to get centered & balanced, and to move away from extremes.  <<<<<<<< CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

10:34 pm cst 

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