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BLOG: The 11:11:11 Shift

~The Great Shift Initiated on 11-11-11~

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Dear Friends, hope you are having a wonderful week.  The weather here today is cold and dreary and wet….just perfect for sitting down and writing a newsletter for you.  For some time now, I’ve been wanting to share with you about the 11-11-11 phenomenon, and what it might mean for all of us currently incarnated on the planet.  I think today is the perfect day to do it (smile).


            As you have probably already realized, this next upcoming Friday is 11-11-2011 on the Gregorian calendar.  Eleven is considered a very sacred number by numerologists.  It represents the master teacher, universal love, and awakening to conscious partnership with the Divine and angelic forces.  Eleven is the higher octave of two, and thus is connected to the feminine energies of sensitivity, compassion, and intuition.

            The calendar date for this next Friday contains three elevens, giving a very strong “eleven” theme to that day, and perhaps the days beyond.  Being a “double” of one of the single numbers, eleven is considered a “master number” by numerologists.  Even though it is a double of the number 1, it actually reduces down to 2 (numerologically speaking). Therefore, this number has a lot to do with lessons of spiritual balance & cooperation.  Since eleven is the first of the master numbers, it also represents the Master teacher and inspired leadership.


So what does 11-11-11 mean for all of us living on planet of earth?  Well, generally speaking, when the number eleven occurs in a cycle, it shows the need to get centered & balanced, and to move away from extremes. 

I would say that this is very much true for the times we are living in, as I have noticed that the energy seems to be “swinging” a lot lately from one extreme to the next.  Especially in people that are extremely emotionally or psychically sensitive, I have observed many more mood swings, and feelings of alternating extreme highs and lows. 

Partly, I think this can be attributed to the astrological solar “via combusta” phase that we have been in since around the second week in October.  However, this annual solar “via combusta” energy usually just causes people to be generally crabby, frustrated or aggressive.  I’m not sure that the via combusta can completely explain the current mood swings that I have observed, both in myself & others.  Regardless of the current astrological energies, I do think that the energies of the upcoming 11:11:11 are contributing to the tendency towards extreme mood-swing that I have observed lately.

           I have also noticed that many people right now keep changing their minds on things, and switching back and forth from one thing or one position to the next.  Especially among those who haven’t recently taken time to get calm & centered within themselves, there seems to be strong feelings of indecisiveness, confusion and lack of commitment right now.  This confusion can cause enormous *pressure* at this time, since the Universal energies of eleven are calling us to tune into our intuition and to make a decision, to focus, and to commit one way or the other.


This tendency to change your mind or switch positions can manifest in the most mundane details of life as well as in the most significant areas of life.  For instance, you are just as likely during this time to experience inner conflict and confusion about simple things (like whether or not to take a class or drive a certain way to work) as you are about the more “major” things in life (such as whether to stay with your partner, start a business, leave a job, move to a new city, or so on).


Even in the best of times, sitting on the fence can be a very uncomfortable place to be.  I mean, have you ever actually sat on a fence?  I have, and let me tell you, it is no fun.  This is even MORE true right now, since 11:11:11 carries a very urgent, intense energy, that is nudging all of us to make needed change and move forward. 


Because of this strong eleven energy, right now is a very painful time to be indecisive or “sitting on the fence”, as this tendency goes against Universal energy, which is calling you to take action to seek balance & integrate within yourself.  So if you’re “on the fence” about something, especially something important, it is probably time to tune into your intuition and make a decision.  Commitment is the order of the day, not wishy-washiness.  


How will you know that you are making the “right” decision for you?  Really, I think that this is a personal consideration, as each one of us is unique and receives signals from our inner guidance system in different ways. 

I will share that for me personally, when I make a decision that turns out to be “right” for me, it is usually immediately followed by an inner feeling of relief, peace, or contentment.  I also receive very clear signals from my body, in that any muscular tension I had around the issue seems to dissolve & melt away at the moment I make the “right” decision.  Sometimes (though not always) I will also get some very STRONG signs in the outer environment that I have made the right decision. 

For example, tonight, I was “wavering” about whether I should go to dance class or stay home and write this newsletter for you, as I have a very busy schedule this week, and this seemed about the only time I had open & available to write (not to mention, it is cold, dreary, windy, & wet here tonight, so I wasn’t particularly excited about going out). 

On the other hand, I really do truly enjoy being in my various dance classes, and hate to miss a single one.  A few minutes before I had to make my final decision, I logged on to check my e-mail.  The first thing that came up on the screen was “111 unread messages”.  I took that as a definite sign that I was to stay home and work on this 11:11:11 article for you tonight.


So sometimes if you are not sure about which way to go, you can look for or ask for a sign in the outer environment to give you “confirmation”.  However, as you deepen your relationship with your spirit guides & your own internal guidance system, these kinds of “signs” do become less important to you, as mainly you will be guided by what you feel to be “right” inside, and not so much by what happens in the exterior world…but it is great when the two seem to come together!

This 11-11-11 shift also has quite a bit to do with discovery of your purpose & path of service, as well as your relationships.....CLICK HERE to keep reading & learn how the "11-11-11 Shift" affects these areas of life

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