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Monday, October 24, 2011

Via Combusta Until Nov 22
WATCH OUT & BE AWARE:  October 8th through Nov. 22nd 2011

     This period of time also roughly corresponds to the time when the sun makes its way through the portion of the band of the zodiac that the ancients knew as “via combusta”.  The “via combusta” is a time period based on the tensions between the signs of Libra & Scorpio, which lay next to each other in the seasonal based zodiac.  

Depending on who you ask, the “via combusta” can begin at different degrees within the sign of Libra, and extend to different degrees within the sign of Scorpio.  My personal experience is that the energies of the “via combusta” are the strongest from 15 degrees Libra, all the way until the end of Scorpio.  That means that this year, you should watch out & be especially aware between the dates of October 8th through November 22nd. 

         In particular, be especially alert & on “your guard” for a few days before and after when the Sun moves from Libra into Scorpio on October 23rd (this is not an easy transition, energetically speaking).  Also, make a special effort to stay spiritually aware & centered in love (even when others aren’t) around November 9th, when the energies of the “via combusta” will probably reach a peak (this includes a few days before & after as well).

         The ancients called the “via combusta” a “sinister” time.  They usually observed this period in relationship to the moon & its monthly movements.  However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if things are disharmonious each month when the moon moves through these degrees, then they will probably be even MORE disharmonious when the Sun passes through this band of the zodiac each year.

        I’ve written about the “via combusta” at length in here before, and don’t have time to go into every little detail about it again right now.  Just understand that this is generally a period that is both stressful & powerful, energetically speaking.  It tends to bring out the moody, mean, or insensitive side of people, and there is also an element of physical danger associated with the “via combusta”, especially around the two “peak” dates I mentioned above.

        Perhaps I will have time to write about this later again this fall.  However, for now, my advice to you is that when the “via combusta” comes, remember that tempers get  short, patience wears thin, and generally speaking, most people experience an inner “war” between their lower selves (ego) and their higher selves (spirit).   And given the state of our current world, you can guess which one of this “wins” (at least temporarily) in most people during the “via combusta”.

         So it might be a good time to “lay low” so to speak, and to do your best to avoid openly courting conflict.  However, be warned, that even if you do not intentionally court conflict, it will probably be there in some form or another, as so many in our world are dealing with inner conflict, and projecting it out onto others, especially onto those “safe” people like ourselves who are walking the path of Higher Love.


Again, the solar “via combusta” period begins this year by October 8th, peaks at October 23rd, and again on November 9th, and then ends around or slightly before November 22nd.  However, those of you who are extremely sensitive to energies may start to feel the effects of the “via combusta” as early as September 23rd.

          Do your best to stay loving & centered, and keep your cool.  Remember that when others unexpectedly (or perhaps, expectedly) act like asses, they may be suffering the unconscious effects of the “via combusta”.  Forgive them, for they know not what they do!

             Hope you found this helpful!

               Many Blessings
               Cynthia Killion

9:55 pm cdt 

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