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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fairy Ring Vision Quest
FAIRY RING VISION QUEST...written Mother's Day, May 8, 2011

       Dear Friends, I’m writing this while I’m at the cabin on the lake, the one that my husband and I like to sometimes “get away” to.   It is on the outskirts of a small town in southern Kansas, far away from the hustle and bustle of noisy city living.  This cabin is a peaceful haven where I sometimes go to get re-charged.  I enjoy it greatly because there is so much nature here on this quiet lake, and yet, we also have access to many modern conveniences such as running water and air conditioning.  It is a lot like going camping, only without all the hassle and discomfort (smile).

             I just got back from taking a walk down to what I call the magical “fairy ring park”.  It is a wooded campground area on the remote end of the lake that is very quiet and off the beaten path.   This “fairy park” sets off of the road and goes all the way back to the edge of the water, where the lake is very narrow here and more like a “river” or a “channel” than a lake.              

       Tall, wild grass leads down to flat, low lying ground near the river that is populated by willows, cottonwoods, and occasional cattails.  Across this narrow strip of lake, there are small cliffs and ledges of striking red rock.  In addition to the willows and the cottonwoods, the fairy park is also populated by elms, maples, catalpas, and mighty oaks.   Most impressive of all are the two mighty Oaks that are set off towards the north end of the area....

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