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Friday, September 14, 2012

A Message of Hope for the World
*SPECIAL "MESSAGE OF HOPE" (in light of recent world events)

      Dear Friends, on Friday, September 14th, I mailed a newsletter to all my subscribers updating them about how the cosmic energies occuring right now are directly involved in & impacting recent events in the Middle East.

      Now, more than ever, it is important for those of us on the spiritual path to keep the faith, and BE THE LIGHT!

      If you would like to read my inspirational & informative message about what I think is REALLY going on with all of this, and learn how you PERSONALLY can have a positive impact on changing world events for the better, then please CLICK HERE to go to the page on this website that contains my special MESSAGE OF HOPE for you.

Love & Blessings to All the World's People,

As part of this special message of hope, I've also included a link to both an audio & a transcript of a channeling I received recently from the Atlantean Teachers, BE THE LIGHT.  To listen to the live recording of this channeling, or to read the transcript, please use the link on the second page of the above-mentioned article.  Thank you in advance for choosing to be the light of the world!

6:42 pm cdt 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Cosmic Update for September 2012...and Beyond
Welcome to Your Cosmic Update....For September 2012, and Beyond....In Honor of Charlie, the Parrolett, circa August 2006-August 18, 2012


Charlie, Rest in Peace Y

     And now….in case you missed it the first time, or just in case you want to keep an awareness of the current cosmic energies FRESH in your brain, here is a quick summary & review about what is going on now energetically speaking (both for September, and the rest of the year in general as well).


            *RE-View/NEW-View of SEPTEMBER 2012 Cosmic Energies (and beyond)….


There is a general energy of waiting, anticipation, and expectation now, and for the next several months.  Much of this “waiting” and “expectation” energy enters around the Dec. 21st Galactic Alignment event, as well as the elections in the U.S.  Some people are expecting that things will turn around radically for the better after the end of 2012.  Others are expecting that things will take an extreme turn for the worse. 

Either way, whatever you are expecting, you are adding that kind of energy to the cosmic collective creation bank.  You want to ask yourself if what you are thinking & expecting is something you would truly like to wish upon yourself and others.  If not, then it is time to turn you thoughts and consciousness around to something more positive & constructive.

September 19th is a big day, cosmically speaking.  In fact, this entire month (going into October as well) is quite energetically charged, so mark your calendars!  Uranus square Pluto continues to bring up “shadow” issues (many of which deal with control, fear, sexuality, finances, and power) in order to help us PURGE ourselves of negative tendencies and previous karmic debts.  This is not an “easy” aspect. 

Even if you have already sufficiently dealt with the “shadow” within yourself (which, I’m not sure that we are ever really done with this work), you can expect to be confronting the shadow in others, especially those who are less spiritually orientated & not doing the necessary work to consciously “deal with it”.  Admittedly, this is not the “funnest” aspect in the world, but confronting the hidden parts of ourselves (both the positive & negative ones) is a necessary component of spiritual growth.


However, this aspect does have on particularly positive dimension, in that it encourages each of us to seek for greater freedom, expansion, and self-expression. 

This aspect will also nudge us to continue to overthrow restrictive and authoritarian leaders, governments, and organizations. 

In the truly spiritually aware person, this aspect will also encourage you to think about selfless service to others, and how you can use your own personal creative genius & originality to better benefit the world.  In the lesser evolved person, it will be all about “me, me, me”, with little or no thought about how one’s actions impact the world and the greater good.

 2012 also continues to be the year of Transition.  I predicted this back in January when I wrote my “Cosmic Almanac” (for those of you who have a copy, see the back cover).  Much earlier in this year, I informed both newsletter & almanac readers that while 2012 is a good year to make changes, it is decidedly NOT the best year to get too cozy in current circumstances, as whatever changes you are making right now are only likely to lead to additional changes & adjustments in 2013.  In other words, everything is still in FLUX right now.  (And things will continue to be in flux through the end of the year.)

This is what it means to be in a year of Transition….everything changes & shifts, but most of the changes you are making right now are not permanent…their purpose is only to carry you to the next solid phase of your life, which likely will not begin until sometime in 2013 (possibly 2014 for some).


Part of being in a “Year of Transition” is also having to cope with many surprise endings, deaths, closings, and saying goodbyes.  Endings are part of life, and most of us know that and can cope with it.  However, what is particularly difficult about 2012 is that there are SOOO many endings & changes occurring all at once….just when you feel like you have started to adjust to your new life and get over whatever recent “loss” you might have experienced, a new ending or closing appears.


I know that for me personally, 2012 has been a somewhat difficult year for this very reason, as I have had several relationships and circumstances in my life “end” or radically change form from what they “used to be”. 


Most recently, my beloved pet parrot Charlie made his transition to the other side.  Even though I know that his spirit continues to exist in the non-physical dimensions, my heart still aches for him in his feathered-form some days….he was truly my “favorite”, and I loved to carry him around in my pocket, or let him ride on my hair when it was pulled back in a bun.  (He was a micro-parrot, so he really did literally fit in the pocket of my big green fuzzy hoodie!).


If someone you love has also made their transition in this year, remember that it is OK to let yourself feel grief around this, even if you do know in your heart that their spirit continues on.  Just because you are a person on a spiritual path does not mean that you are not supposed to feel grief….in fact, I believe that the more “spiritual” one becomes, the deeper her capacity for both joy & grief becomes.  In the West we try to white-wash grief away, but to the wisdom keepers of the Aborigines, grief when someone we love dies is viewed as a kind of sacred love bond.  In other words, if you hadn’t first loved deeply, you wouldn’t be able to experience grief.


So as we continue to go through this time as transition, and as there continues to be more deaths, endings and closings (whether these are actual or metaphorical), remember that is OK to let yourself feel grief about what has been “lost” or changed.  And when the time comes to be excited about something or someone new entering your life, it is also OK to let yourself feel JOY around this new beginning.


The Chinese having a saying that goes something like, “In every fortunate thing, misfortune hides; and in every misfortune, good fortune hides.”  We have the same sentiment in the West, when we say things like, “Every cloud has a silver lining” or “When one door closes, another door opens”.


Of course, sometimes, we really don’t like it when one door closes, and sometimes we truly DO wish that darn door would have just stayed opened (lol)….just as sometimes we wish that the people we love could have been here for just one more moment, or that we could have had more appreciation for the people or opportunities that were in our lives before they ended. 


Resistance to letting go of the people & things that we have come to love (or at least, feel comfortable with) is a natural part of the human experience…..and yet, whether we want to “let go” or not, at some point in time, we truly do have to accept the changes and MOVE ON….otherwise we risk becoming spiritually stagnant, ill, or imbalanced ourselves.


CHANGE truly is the way of the Universe….it isn’t always the change you wish it was, and it doesn’t always come in the form you had hoped for, but nonetheless, it does always come.  This is the everlasting dance between the Yin and the Yang, the light and dark, death and life, each one progressing and regressing towards center, and then merging into the other….underneath it all is the changeless Source of All Life, Prime Creator….what the Chinese call the Tao….what we in the West call simply “God” or “Spirit”.


And underneath all the changes in YOUR life is YOU….your true essence, your immortal self…that part of you that remains no matter what else comes in or goes out of your life.  This is the part that you must tune into at this time, if you are to experience this year of changes & transition with greater grace, dignity, and ease.


I love you, and the Universe loves you.  Love yourself!

  Many Blessings,Cynthia Killion, Spiritual Guide (or just “reply” to this newsletter)

1:36 pm cdt 

Spiritual Psychic Awakening Class....September 15th, 2012

Dear Friends, happy marvelous Monday!  Hope your week is off to a great, strong start!  And if not....we'll, it's only Monday, so you still have time to hit your cosmic "re-set" button and ask your angels & guides for help with getting things moving in a more positive direction.

            About a week or so ago, I sent you an in-depth "Cosmic Update" about the energies to expect in September.  I hope that you enjoyed this update, and that it is helping you to better navigate your way through life this month.

            In case you missed this most recent Cosmic update (or just in case you wanted a review), I thought I'd take a moment to give you a very quick & condensed summary of what I recently wrote about the energies for this current period we are in.  You'll find this summary below.

            I also wanted to let all of you who are interested in developing your spiritual psychic abilities that I am holding my monthly "SPIRITUAL PSYCHIC AWAKENING" Seminar in Wichita again coming up on this next Saturday, September 15th. 

This Saturday's class will be the 3rd class in our current "Awakening Your Inner Seer" unit.  We will be working with using images and special vision skills to enhance our psychic perception and increase our ability to see auras, sense energies, commune with spirits (including Spirit Guides), and do "readings". 

Even though it is the 3rd class of the unit, it is still OK to join us as a new student....even if you have never been to any of my previous spiritual psychic classes at all before.  The reason for this is that the activities and discussions that I have planned for Saturday can be experienced by students at any level....the beginner will experience the activities from the perspective of the beginner, and the advanced student will experience the activities from the perspective of one with more experience.   In this way, each person gets exactly what she needs & is ready for at the time.

If you would like more information about my "Spiritual Psychic Awakening" class (including information about cost, location, times, etc), or you would like to get registered, please go to:

            By the way, if you're a new student planning on coming to this next upcoming SPA class (on Saturday, September 15th), I'd like to hear from you no later than Wednesday of this week if at all possible....this will allow me to ensure that I do have class materials reserved for you.  (You can still come if you're not "pre-registered"....however, if you don't pre-register on the website by Tuesday or Wednesday, then I can't necessarily guarantee class materials for you, as I usually get them produced no later than Wednesday before class, although I do usually run at least 1 or 2 extras.)

            Also, for those of you who are more independent learners, and don't like to do the "group" thing, or just don't have time to get out of the house for a Saturday workshop, I do now have an ON-LINE option for studying Spiritual Psychic Awakening with me.   

I'm actually planning on writing you with more detail about this new on-line "Spiritual Psychic Awakening" program a little bit later in the week.  However, if you are someone who is very eager to get started studying & developing in this way, and you just don't want to wait until I send out more info, there's already quite a bit of information on my website for you.....just go to, and click on "On-line Classes" on the navigation bar.

            And case you missed it the first time, or just in case you want to keep an awareness of the current cosmic energies FRESH in your brain, here is a quick summary & review about what is going on now energetically speaking (both for September, and the rest of the year in general as well)......(Please refer to the other blog entry for this date to read this "Cosmic Update".)

1:16 pm cdt 

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