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BLOG: A MESSAGE OF HOPE...Keep the Faith, Be the Light!

~What is going on with the recent events in the Middle East, and other world happenings....and how you PERSONALLY can best help bring PEACE to the world~

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              Dear Friends,   I hope that you are doing well, and that this newsletter finds you in "fine spirits" (no pun intended....well, maybe just a little...giggle).

         I am teaching my Spiritual Psychic Awakening seminar this weekend.  This is a BIG and IMPORTANT event for me (and for the students who will be there too), as it enables me to work with a large group of enlightened spiritual psychics, seekers, teachers, students, and creatives all at once. 

          Although I very much enjoy working one-on-one with people doing readings (in fact, this is my favorite!) I also see the value in doing things to work in groups and leveraging my time to help MANY people all at once, instead of just one person at a time.  This is especially important when it comes to helping people awaken their own natural intuition and God-given spiritual and psychic awareness, as we need more people to move into this higher consciousness as quickly as possible.

         This desire to help more people at once is why I write this newsletter, and share my thoughts & inspirations with you free-of-charge through the written word.  It is my hope that in doing so, I will inspire YOU to become a greater beacon of light in your own PERSONAL life, and that you in turn will inspire OTHERS with your thoughts, actions, and words.

             In this spirit of shared inspiration, I would like to share a channeling with you that was recently "brought though" for my Telechat Club members.  This particular channeling was brought through on September 5th.  The reason I am choosing to share this channeling with you now is because I feel that it speaks to the recent events that have been occurring during this past week in the Middle East, and in the world at large.

             If you have been following the news at all, then you probably know that a recent controversial film denigrating the prophet Muhammad has set off a torrent of outrage and anti-American sentiment in the Middle East.  Some of the people who feel hurt & offended by this film have taken to violence as a way of expressing the anger in their heart.  I do want to say that although I do not agree with these actions in any way, what is happening is perfectly predictable, in light of the recent cosmic energies that are being triggered.

            On TWO occasions in the last couple of weeks, I have written my newsletter readers about the Uranus/Pluto square that is in effect this entire month, and cautioned readers that this particular aspect would have bring up the SHADOW side of things, both within ourselves, and within others.  In fact, this very subject was mentioned in the newsletter that I just sent you on Monday, September 10th, just one day before the attacks on the embassy in Libya happened.

        And the violence that has been happening in the Middle East over the course of the last few days is DEFINITELY the shadow side of humanity....for these energies that I write about in this newsletter are truly COSMIC, and affect not only the individual, but humanity as a whole.  After all, the collective is made up of all the individual souls!   

         So what we are seeing is the shadow side of humanity being activated here through sudden violence, uprising, and outrage.....which incidentally, are all textbook shadow-side energies of "Uranus square Pluto" aspect.  We are seeing this shadow side being activated NOW, even though the aspect itself that is triggering this all is not technically "exact" until September 19th

          This just goes to show that in the realm of cosmic energies, things do NOT have to be "exact" to trigger a significant chain of events....this is true whether it is on the collective level or more personal level.

          For those of us on the spiritual psychic path, it is important to remember that the events we notice in the world often reflect energies and issues within ourselves.  For example, with the recent "Shadow Side" of world consciousness being activated, this is a call to look at and address the "shadow behaviors" within your own self....whatever these may be.

          For all of us right now, there is a tendency to become "triggered" or "offended" by what we see in the world around us, including in our personal relationships.  You may feel that another in your life has intentionally offended you, or is trying to "repress", "control", or deny you your right to self-expression.  It may seem like someone-or something-is trying to "control" you, or is preventing you from being your true self.  Indeed, this may even actually be the case, for with this Uranus square Pluto energy that is in effect, it does tend to activate the EGO, and bring out people's tendencies to bully, boss, intimidate, and try to control one another...this too is part of the shadow side we are talking about here.

           And yet, reacting to the shadow with even more of your own shadow and inner darkness will not bring about peace or happiness for any one on any level....this is true on the personal level, just as it is true on the collective level.  The only remedy for the shadow is the light.  By becoming more conscious of your OWN shadow behaviors & tendencies (such as judgment, criticism, mean sarcasm, anger, hastiness, belligerence, cynicism, pessimism, or fear), you can bring them into the LIGHT, and you can start transforming these into more positive, loving behaviors.

     What you do, and what you think and feel, DOES matter.....and it DOES make a difference.....

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