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Monday, October 29, 2007

A Guide Named "Love"

Recently, I attended a workshop led by my friend & colleague Rev. Charles Cox (a spiritualist medium) called "Opening to Spirit".  To be honest, I only attended to show support for my friend Charles, and to have a nice, relaxing time at Sunset Spiritualist Camp. 

I didn’t have any expectations about what was going to happen, and I certainly didn’t think I needed help going deeper in my connection with Spirit.  Boy, was I surprised when by the end of the workshop, I had received an extremely powerful new guide and also cleared a lingering hurt that originated many years ago with my first spiritual teacher.....Read More

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Hawaii...Unraveling the Messages that Come

Part of being a spiritual psychic is learning how to notice & discern the messages that life gives to you in the form of "patterns".  Communications from the Spiritual realm do not always arrive in a concise, coherent vision.  Sometimes it is more like unraveling a thread of connected (but seemingly unrelated) signs, incidents, or experiences. 

For example, after I wrote the previous post (Spirit of the Conch Shell), I got to thinking about the last few days and realized that there had been a couple of different references to Hawaii that had come up.  I begin wondering if Spirit (and the Spirit World) wasn't trying to tell me something about Hawaii.

For example, I remembered that just two days before Jim worked on me, I was in that same room getting a regular massage, and the woman that was working on me (Jana, owner of Body & Soul) was telling me all about her deep connection to Hawaii, how she felt like she had lived there in previous lives, and how she had the privilege of swimming with a sea turtle when she was there once.

Although I already knew that Jana had been to Hawaii (and trained in the Hawaiian temple massage), I had never heard her talk about it so much before.  In fact, she was sharing with me what she thought were the deepest spiritual experiences of her life.  I had not asked her to share these nor was I even talking about Hawaii with her. It just seemed to naturally "come up", so I knew it was somehow significant.

I also recalled how just last weekend, we did a Hawaiian emotional-release ceremony/meditation in the "Opening to Spirit" workshop I attended (with Charles Cox at Sunset Spiritualist Camp).  I was surprised when Charles announced that we were going to do a meditation based on a Hawaiian Spiritual tradition, since he is a Spiritualist minister that attends a Science of Mind church.  I remember thinking at the time that perhaps this Hawaiian connection was significant.

I was thinking about all of this on Saturday night, after I had the encouter earlier in the day with hearing the sound of someone blowing through a conch shell while I was getting energy work done (that "someone" presumbably, was a spirit).  Within 24 hours, two very interesting things happened.

First of all, later that night, I experienced another Spirit communication phenomenon, which was witnessed by both my son & my husband.  We were watching a movie in the "futon room" (named so because that is the biggest piece of furniture in this particular room) when the closet door slowly came open.  It made an eerie, high pitched creak.  The hair on the back of my neck stood up.  My husband (who by the way, is just a "normal" guy and certainly not what you would call a psychic) looked at me with his eyebrows raised.  Later, when we talked about it, he described this incident as something "straight out of a horror movie" (meaning there was definitely something spirit-related happening).

I knew Spirit (or a particular Spirit) was talking to me.  I just couldn't yet figure out what it was saying.  So I began looking for a "pattern".   The only possible "pattern" I noticed was Hawaii.  I decided that I couldn't know for sure that Hawaii was connected unless I got another sign that clearly & concretely pointed to Hawaii.  The next day I got my sign when I went to church.

I sat down behind a young man I had not seen there before and noticed that the back of his shirt said, "Year of the Dragon....Hawaii".  (Really!)

This confirmed the Hawaii connection in my mind, but it also led to another "clue", which was the "year of the dragon".  I kept wondering in my mind when the next year of the dragon was, and knowing that this was somehow signficant.  In fact, I didn't want to forget this "sign", so I went and got a piece of paper and wrote on it:  "Year of the dragon....Hawaii.  When is the next year of the dragon?"

Now, here is the most interesting part (at least, to me):  If my calculations are right, the next year of the dragon is 2012.  This is highly significant in that it is the year that the Mayan calendar ends, and the beginning of a new cycle for humanity.  (2012 reduces to "5" in numerology, the number of new experiences, change, and exploration.)

I had more spirit phenomon today.  I'm not going to write about it because I think I've already made my point, which is this:  That Spirit is always talking to us, and there are messages that we can get, if only we will open our ears & listen, and open our eyes and see. 

Sometimes the messages from Spirit are not always straightforward (or shall I say, sometimes Spirit has to gently nudge us several times before we finally see the obvious).  But if you make it a habit to *notice* the recurring messages and events in your life, you will find a pattern underneath that speaks to you.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Spirit of the Conch Shell

Today I went to see my friend Jim Haynes to receive a special kind of bodywork that he calls "kiemotion therapy".  It's a combination of massage, energy work, emotional release, and deep breathing.  This is one of the many ways that I keep myself fresh & re-charged as a Spiritual Psychic.  I actually had a regular massage earlier in the week but figured I could use some "kiemotion" energy work too after all the emotional release I did last weekend at the Charles Cox "Opening to Spirit" workshop at camp.

Things happen when I go to see Jim.  Sometimes these "things" involve me having a deep insight about my life, releasing buried emotional trauma, or "discovering" past lifetimes that need to be healed (like the one in Gaulic France where my entire village (except for me) was subsequently massacred. Turns out that the man who led the massacre back then is my father in this lifetime.)

Occasionally I also receive messages from the Spirit world while Jim is working on me. Sometimes  I know immediately what these messages mean, other times I can only note them at the time and hope that they make sense to me later.  Today was an experience with the latter.

I was laying on the table relaxing when suddenly I heard an eeerie, high-pitched wail go through the room.  At first I thought it was an alarm or siren going off, but then I realized that it didn't sound like anything that could be produced by an electronic device.  I jolted upright on the massage table with the sheet clinging to my chest and said, "What the Hell was that sound?"

Jim, relaxed as always, just chuckled a little and said, "Well, I don't really know." 

He also said, "You know...I noticed it came from the North East, and whenever a Spirit who has passed over wants to come through while I am doing a treatment, it usually comes from the North East."

I didn't get any further "messages" (yet) but I am pretty sure that it was someone in Spirit trying to make themselves known.  (My friend Doni Campbell just passed over a couple of weeks ago...perhaps it was her.)  The only other thing we could come up with is that maybe the wind hit the window in just the right way so as to produce this eerie, high pitched sound.  It is possible.  However, I have been in that same room on at least a dozen occasions and NEVER heard any sound remotely resembling that.

In fact, I had never heard a sound like that ANYWHERE before.  Jim said that to him, it sounded like someone blowing through a big conch shell, like they do in the Hawaiian rituals.  Which is interesting, because the room we were in DOES in fact contain a couple of very large conch shells (as well as other Hawaiian sacred objects). 

But the question I am asking is this:  Who was blowing the conch shell? And what were they trying to tell me?  Perhaps I will never know, but at least I did make the effort to pay attention, which is all the Spirit World ever really asks of us.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Edward the Ghost & The Spirit Rose...Part 1 (of 3)
Reprinted from June 18th, 2007

Dear friends, this story is absolutely true, although many of you reading it probably won’t believe it.  All I can say is that it really happened to me, and that if anything like this ever happens to you, you will be a believer too.

I can also tell you that this story happened at Sunset Spiritualist Camp in Wells, Kansas.  I just returned back from working the first week at camp on Saturday.  The camp is still going on until June 24th, so if you want to go check it out for yourself you can.  Or you can attend one of the classes or church services that they hold every Sunday (for more info, please go to

        Camp was a very spiritually & emotionally moving experience for me this year. I reconnected back with many old friends (including Laura, Rebecca, Vicki, Charles, Phyllis, Polly, Bear, and many more).  I also met many new friends at camp, some of them in the flesh and some of them (one in particular) in the spirit  <<<<<<<<Read More
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Part 2: The Spirit Took My Rosary!
"Reprinted" from June 20, 2007

The Spirit Took My Rosary!

The morning after my initial encounter with the spirit, I go back down to the basement to get my breakfast.  (The basement is also the main eating place.)  There is a bit of chaos going on in the kitchen.  A fuse has blown out so not all the electrical outlets are working, and the cook is having problems keeping everything on the breakfast buffet warm.  I secretly wonder if the circle we did here last night is the source of the problem.  Later, I voice my concern to a friend but she assures me that the wiring is old & that problems like this aren't that unusual here at camp.  Still, I can't help but feel that there might be a connection.  <<<<<<<<Read More

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Edward the Ghost & The Spirit Rose: The Spirit Left Me a Gift! (Part 3 of 3)

Please Note:  This story is a "reprint" from June 22nd, 2007.  (I posted it here again after a MAJOR re-do on my website.)


…I decide that I am ready to figure out who this spirit really is.  I wait until most everyone has left the basement except the kitchen staff, then open the door and step into the storage room.  I try to make contact but it seems as if he is slumbering.  I can sense that he is weakest in the morning.  I honestly don’t mind since I don’t want him to get any bright ideas about antagonizing me.  

As I stand there a few minutes longer, I feel him starting to "wake up".  I ask who he is, and I hear the name "Edward", and then just a few seconds later, "Rose".   The name Edward comes across very strong but "Rose" is a little weaker.  I wonder if it is because I am not hearing it right, or because he used all his energy communicating the name "Edward" to me.  >>>>>>Read More


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