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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Psychic Class Summary
~Held July 18th, 2009 at Sunset Spiritualist Camp at Wells, Kansas~

We covered soooo MUCH that it would be difficult to relay it all here, but here is a short little synopsis of the class:

            We opened with a LIVE channeling from my main Spirit Guides, the Atlantean Teachers.  From there we went into a discussion about being on a “spiritual team” with our angels, guides, spirit-teachers, transformed loved ones, as well as each other.

            We discussed making contact with those who we have known on the other side and how these souls go through a process of purification.  I also briefly covered how one can set parameters when dealing with spirit communication.

            After that, we began to explore concepts such as the inner senses, the sixth sense, and what it means to be a psychic.  I emphasized the importance of noticing, becoming more aware, and paying attention.  We did several exercises to stimulate our clairvoyance, or the gift of psychic seeing.

            Next, we shifted into one of our main focuses for the day, Psychic Protection.  I approached this subject from a different angle than I have previously taught before.  Instead of just discussing how to psychically “shield” oneself, I shared with students the idea that monitoring your own energy—and keeping it in a high vibration—is the single best way to psychically “protect” yourself.

            During this segment of the class, we also had some very interesting discussion about dealing with “unpleasant” psychic messages or premonitions that one receives.  I tried to convey that whether something is “pleasant” or “unpleasant’ is all a matter of interpretation and varies greatly from person to person. 

To illustrate my point, I shared a case study with the group about a time when I received a message that a client was likely to get cancer, and how I dealt with delivering this message.  Hint:  Part of my guidance to those present was that you do NOT make a medical diagnosis unless you are in fact a medical doctor.

In the next portion of the class, we discussed how to establish an “emotional baseline” and the importance of keeping your own “stuff” separate from the person you are reading for.  I emphasized the power of being aware of your own thoughts & feelings, not only so you can become a more proficient psychic, but also so that you can tell when you are being influenced by the energies of another person or object.

Next, we covered trance, the psychic signal, alpha & theta brainwave states, and how to move easily back and forth between the worlds.  I discussed the importance of deep breathing, relaxation, and visualization.  I also offered suggestions to the group as to how they could stimulate their psychic senses by “combing” their crown chakra and tapping their third eye & throat chakras.

As usual, I saved the best for last…..after our last break, we came back and did nearly 30 minutes of guided meditation.  There were 3 meditations in all.  The first one was a “Chakra Activation” meditation, followed by the “Psychic Shield Meditation”, then conclude with a “Psychic Signal Programming” meditation.  The purpose of these meditations was to prepare students to achieve their basic psychic state, so that from here on out, they could do all of the psychic readings & exercises easily, effortlessly, and safely.

The last portion of our class was spent covering how to do a basic reading.  I gave very specific suggestions about how to proceed & what to look for while doing a reading, then set the students loose to do readings for each other.  Everyone seemed to have a real good time.  Some of the students told me afterwards that they received very good readings from their partners.

            Our next class is Aug. 15th.  The next two after that are Sept. 12 & Oct. 17th.  If you are interested in attending, you can register on this site by clicking on "Psychic Classes" from the navigation bar. (Pre-registration is NOT required but is strongly recommended.)  You can also purchase on this site a CD recording of this 1st class, along with the 35-page "Curriculum Notebook" for the class.  Click on "Psychic CDs" from the navigation bar, or use the link at the top of the class registration page.

3:26 pm cdt 

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