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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween...Veil is Thinning...Making Contact with Ouija Board, etc.
Oct. 5, 2009
The Veil Is Thinning...Tips for Making Contact
with The Other Side using the Ouija Board or Other Methods

Dear Friends, hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend.  I spent the weekend getting my house all “halloweened” up and putting together my “Faery Empress” costume that I’m planning to wear to the “Kundalini Awakening” event at Sunset Camp on Halloween (more on that later.)

            I love this time of year, I truly do.  There is just something magical about the bold & dramatic transformation of the trees first changing, then losing, their leaves. There is also a sadness about it all too, as shades of vibrant green give way to browns and yellows and reds, and then finally, to withering, death, and loss.  Yet even in the death and loss, there is beauty, and the promise of rebirth.

            Halloween is my favorite holiday of all (with thanksgiving being my second favorite holiday).  I love it because it is the one night of the year where we are free to put on whatever “masks” we want and be whoever we want to be. 

The irony is that for some of us, Halloween is the only day of the year where we feel we can show our true selves.  Many years ago, when I studied with a white witch, I was always grateful for this day, as I could wear my ritual robes out in public without anyone accusing me of being a “Satanist” or drawing unsavory (and untrue) conclusions about who I really was.

            I also love Halloween because according to Celtic tradition, this is the time of the year spirits are most active, and when the “veil” between our world and the spirit world is the thinnest.  It’s easier to make contact than ever before, not just on Halloween night, but for several weeks leading up to it, and even a few days afterwards.  Halloween night itself (also called “Samhain”, pronounced like “sou-in”), is considered the most powerful night of the year for divination and contacting the “other side”.

            Between now and October 31st is an excellent time to reach out to your “passed on” loved ones for guidance and inspiration.  It is also a good time to discover your totem or main spirit guide, or to deepen your relationship with them further.  How do you do this?  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE>>>>>>>>>>>>>

11:30 pm cdt 

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kundalini-Shakti Rising...Melting Into the Arms of God

            Oct. 10, 2009

Dear Friends,
I just wanted to take a minute to share with you about an extraordinary meditation I experienced last night.  This was a “shaktipat”, or Kundalini activation, meditation.  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be doing anything like this until October 31st, when Susan Carlson & Santiago Dobles come to Sunset Camp here in Kansas to teach their “Kundalini Activation” workshop (more on that later).

But I was on the computer late last night, sending e-mails to friends and “facebooking”, when Susan saw that I was on-line and invited me to attend a virtual-shaktipat meditation on-line via Skype.  It was interesting timing, because I was just about ready to get off the computer when she flagged me and invited me to the meditation.  I took it as a sign from the Universe that I was supposed to “attend”.

It was interesting that I found out about the meditation at all, because it is my understanding that this was an “impromptu” meditation organized by Susan & Santiago to help send healing energy to the moon (this was on the same day that NASA blasted the moon with a couple of unmanned craft).  In fact, I wouldn’t have known about it at all had I not been on-line at just the right and perfect time, a time when I am normally NOT on the computer.

The meditation was conducted by Susan & Santiago via “chat” in skype.  There were about 30 or so of us who “gathered” together virtually.  It’s somewhat difficult to explain how the process works, but basically we all just sat back and relaxed, breathing deeply, and letting the Kundalini energy rise up from within and around us, while Susan & Santiago led us in a virtual meditation.

During the meditation, I felt the fiery shakti-kundalini energy rise up within me and transmute all negativity and emotional toxins.  It was a very deep transformative experience. I could literally feel the energy moving in my physical body.  Afterwards, I was hungry, which was quite good, since I haven’t had much of an appetite for the last 3 weeks or so. 

I also dreamt extremely vivid dreams last night.  I can’t remember much of the details, but I know that they were very soothing dreams, and that my angel-teacher-guides were speaking to me in them.  Then, this morning I woke up feeling very peaceful and energetic.  Even though I went to bed late, I was ready to get up about 2 hours earlier than normal.  Today I noticed too that I felt much more light-hearted and optimistic than I have for the last few weeks. 

All of this is a side-effect of the virtual “Shaktipat” or Kundalini activation I underwent last night with Susan & Santiago and the rest of the group. 

If you’re not familiar with “Kundalini”, this is the primal life force that is within all of creation.  It is linked with the Shakti, or Divine Feminine energies of the Universe.

It most people, Kundalini lies dormant at the base of the spine, but through various practices (including yoga), the Kundalini energy can be “awakened” and will rise up throughout the body, clearing out physical & emotional toxins, and activating the spiritual awareness. 

Kundalini rising often leads to states of great *ecstasy* or *bliss*, as well as the feeling that you are at One with the Creator-Creatress.  Perhaps this is why Kundalini-rising is sometimes referred to in the West as the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit”.  My friend Susan (who will be delivering the Shaktipat activation at Sunset on Halloween) says that Shaktipat is one of the fastest ways for attaining spiritual evolution on this planet. 

Although I’m certainly no Kundalini Master, I have had several experiences with spontaneous Kundalini awakening since I first began practicing yoga about 15 years ago.  Usually I feel a great heat or warmth penetrating and emanating from my entire body, accompanied with a deep, overwhelming sense of unconditional love.  Sometimes I cry, but the tears are soft and cleansing tears of joy and release.  For me, Shakti-kundalini rising is like melting into the arms of the Creator.

Yoga is a more gradual way to awaken the Kundalini over a period of long time.  However, I’m looking forward to meeting with Susan and Santiago at Sunset Camp on Halloween and experiencing the more accelerated Shaktipat-activation. 

If you would like to join me in this experience, you’re more than welcome to come out for the Halloween “Kundalini Awakening” workshop, as I think there are still a few spaces left. 

The cool thing about it is that Susan & Santiago are doing this workshop as a fundraiser for the “Build the Bathhouse” Campaign at Sunset Camp.  They are coming all the way from Denver & Miami respectively on their own dime, plus donating their time & expertise, all so that we can receive the Shaktipat initiation, and so that Sunset Spiritualist Camp can raise money for the much-needed new bathhouse.  Isn’t that incredibly generous?

Did I mention too that even though this same workshop usually costs hundreds of dollars to attend, Susan & Santiago & Sunset are offering this to all of us on a donation or love offering basis?  Can you believe that?  Well, trust me, it’s true.

In case you want to join me for this truly Divine experience, I’ve posted the details about the weekend at the end of this newsletter.  I’ve also listed a link to a very informative & truly wonderful on-line radio interview that Susan & Santiago just did on the topic of “Kundalini Rising”.  If you don’t know much about this phenomenon, or you just want to learn more, I think you will find listening to this recording EXTREMELY helpful…I have listened to it 2 times already. 

(The radio-interview is also somewhat entertaining near the end where Santiago gets in a friendly debate with a nutritionist about the effects of diet on the Kundalini.  Since I’m certainly no dietary saint, I was glad to hear Santiago say, “Your Kundalini is NOT dependent on your food intake, or your lack of food intake.”  Also interesting is near the beginning of the interview where Susan & Santiago explore the parallels between Reiki & Shaktipat.)

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  If you’re interested in learning more about Shaktipat or Kundalini rising, or in attending the “Kundalini Awakening” workshop, then please scroll down for the links I have included for you at the end of this newsletter.

 Many Blessings,Cynthia Killion, Spiritual Guide (or just “reply” to this newsletter)

  “Kundalini Awakening” WORKSHOP DETAILS…Oct. 31st 10 am to 5 pm

Taught by:  Susan Carlson & Santiago Dobles

Date:  Halloween, Saturday, Oct. 31st, 10 am to 5pm

Place:  Sunset Camp, Wells, Kansas  2 hours north of Wichita (airport in Wichita)

Cost:  Love offering…your generous donation goes to the “Build the Bathhouse” fund

Lodging & Accommodations:  Simple, rustic cabins are available on the grounds, or you can stay in hotel/motel in either Minneapolis (about 20 min. away) or nearby Salina (about 30-40 min away). If staying on the grounds, you will need to bring warm bedding and a space heater, as the cabins do not have heat.  Meals are provided on the grounds for the weekend, starting with dinner Friday night (see below).

Other Details:  Even though the workshop doesn’t start until Saturday morning, many of us will be arriving Friday night (Oct. 30th).  Weather providing, there might be a bonfire & hot dog roast this night.  On Saturday night, after the workshop, there will be a “come as you were” (as in, a past-life) Halloween party at about 7 pm.  Later that night (probably around 9 pm or so), I am also leading a special “Halloween Message Circle”.

To Make Reservations to Attend: E-mail or call Linda Anderson  or (620) 727-4329

Website Link for More Info: 

To learn more about Shaktipat and Kundalini awakening, listen to this VERY informative & entertaining radio interview with Susan & Santiago:


You can also check out Susan’s website, the Kundalini Support Network.  Susan said during the interview that the website hasn’t been updated in awhile.  However, I was still able to find some good information on there about exactly what Shaktipat actually is.  Here’s the link….


Bright Blessings to You!

8:17 pm cdt 

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