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Friday, September 22, 2017

New Cycle New Moon in Virgo

Cosmic Update 09/20/2017 A NEW CYCLE BEGINS

(In effect Sept 20-Oct 18 2017)

      New Moon in Virgo, the sign of spiritual discipleship & the quest for spiritual perfection through SERVICE to others....adapted & excerpted from Cynthia's 09/20/2017 FB post.


         --Dear Friends, Hello there dear ones! It's time for your monthly rebirth, and especially time to get re-centered and re-organized in the areas of WORK, HOUSEHOLD MATTERS, DIET, NUTRITION & HEALTH.


         The new moon took place last night at 27 degrees Virgo--that's pretty LATE in the range of zodiac degrees (since it only goes up to 29 then flips over to the next sign). This tells me that this next month or so ahead will be a wonderful time for TYING UP LOOSE ENDS & FINISHING WHAT YOU ALREADY STARTED. (Again, it is best to concentrate in the realms of health, healing, service, work & employment, and getting organized in your household & garden.)


         Did I mention that this is an excellent time to focus on DE-CLUTTERING, CLEARING OUT & LETTING GO too? (smile) I don't know about you, but I have been taking a long look at some of the drawers and cabinets in my kitchen lately, and I am just itching to get them re-organized & de-cluttered!  (Update on this:  As of 09/22, I have completed re-organizing a signficant portion of my kitchen cabinets and also tackled one of the most difficult drawers to organize in there--I call that one the Giant Drawer of Chaos, lol.  More re-organization to come in the near future I am sure!) 


        Another way that this new moon in Virgo cycles helps us to de-clutter is by pointing us in the direction of DETOXIFICATION & PHYSICAL CLEANSING, for Virgo is the sign of a pure and healthy body, as well as ruling nutrition and health foods.  So if you haven't already started on some kind of fall cleanse, now might be a good time to do so!  (With your medical doctor's permission of course, assuming you have one.)  In fact, it might also just be a good time for taking a long hard look at your diet and exercise patterns, and seeing what needs to GO and what needs to be added in--permanently (and not just while you are cleansing or fasting).  For there is no better time to start a new & healthier way of living than in the fall & the spring!


     (By the way, that's why most diet & exercise programs started at the beginning of the new year don't stick, for the cosmic energies are actually more supportive of initiating long term dietary & health changes in the fall and the spring.)


      On another note, are you the kind of person that PROCRASTINATES much or is good at putting off things that you don't want to do??? If so, you're not alone! (lol) In any case, this month cycle ahead is just GREAT for facing whatever it is you have been procrastinating on or putting off doing (the good, the bad, the ugly & the beautiful--and all things in-between!).  The reason I say this is because the influence of the Virgo New Moon cycle is great at supporting us in ORGANIZATION & PRIORIZATION.  Let's face it, it's just easer to get things done sometime when you can be more mentally organized and identify what your TOP priorities are.


     On that note, I recommend making a list of unresolved problems & issue in your life TODAY (or within the next 48-72 hours) and then next to each one writing at least one ACTION STEP that you will take this month to help clear that up. (And yes, SMALL ACTION STEPS do count and do matter!)


      Finally, in closing, remember that Virgo in its highest vibration is the sign of the SPIRITUAL WORLD-SERVER. How is it that you feel called to help SERVE & UPLIFT others with? How is it that you feel led to share your heart in the spirit of goodness & love? This is not time at all to sit around moping and feeling sorry for yourself, as that will only make issue worse, not better.  Instead, listen to that beautiful heart within you that is telling you EXACTLY where to go or what to do in order to serve or make your own life better.  Listen, and follow your inner guidance!


Many Blessings to You & Yours,

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion

(aka Psychic Cynthia)


4:43 pm cdt 

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