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Friday, April 17, 2009

Prom & Venus Direct

Dear Friends, I hope that this letter finds you well. I am “vacationing” out in the tiny town where my husband is living for one more month, until his work contract is done and he gets to return home. I came out here this time so that we could go to prom together….really. You see, he is a high school art teacher here, and we were invited by the seniors to attend. Apparently, the prom is a very BIG deal in Lakin, with a pre-dance banquet and senior “promenade” held before the event, and then a couple of school sponsored “after parties”.

The funny thing is that just a few months ago, I was cleaning out my closet, and noticed all my “formal” dresses, and I said to myself (I even spoke the words out-loud), “I wish I had somewhere to actually wear one of these dresses to!” Well, now I do.

So on Saturday night, I’m going to get all dressed up in my long & elegant, almost-strapless red dress with sheer black over-netting and rose appliqués. I also have a pale pink scarf from Florence, Italy to wear that is covered in coordinating rose appliqués, and I am going to “sweep” my hair up on top of my head in some sexy curls.

OK…I’ll be honest…here is what I am really going to do: I am going to pull my hair back in an extremely tight bun, and place on top of it, this beautifully-curled “wiglet” that I bought at the the “Nu-Du” store around the corner from my house. It matches my hair perfectly. You honestly cannot tell it is fake, and it looks like I spent ALL DAY getting my hair done, except it only takes about 5 minutes to do. (I’ve got better things to do then spend all day curling my hair, like writing this letter for you!)

I’ll let you know how the prom turns out. In fact, if all goes well, I’ll probably have some photos and/or video to share with you (I brought my camera and my new camcorder…although remembering to actually use them is another matter.)


On another note, I just wanted to let you know that Venus is going back direct today, Friday, April 17th, at 3:24 PM eastern time. This is going to help ease tensions in relationships & finances for many. It will also be an opportunity to restore cooperation, trust, and harmony in situations where there has recently been an emphasis on conflict or distrust. Everyone experiences the movements of the planets differently according to their own unique birth chart, so I cannot say exactly for sure how this will personally affect you, although I do know that you will probably notice in the next week or two that people start to get a little less crabbier & more friendly and cooperative (including yourself).

On the other hand, sometimes when a planet moves from retrograde to direct (or vice versa…it’s called a “station”), the energies of that planet can temporarily “flare-up” & “act out” for just a day or two right around the “station”. So if you notice a lot of people that are particularly cranky, uncooperative, distrustful, or lazy this weekend, don’t worry, it will soon pass….at least for those who aren’t “chronically” that way.

Personally, I’m thinking this is going to be a GREAT weekend. But then, maybe that’s because I’m here with somebody I love, and don’t have to clean up bird or cat poop for 3 ½ days (yay!). I sure hope that YOU get to spend some time with someone you love this weekend, or at the very least, choose to do something fun & uplifting that brings you MAJOR pleasure & enjoyment.

Sending you lots of love,

Cynthia Killion, Spiritual Guide

P.S. Would you like just a hint about how this Venus retrograde-turning direct might personally affect you? Well, without looking at your unique birth chart, I can give you some “clues” just based on your Sun sign, or Ascendant/Rising Sign (if you know that too). Read the descriptions below. If you know BOTH your sun & rising sign, then read both.


ARIES….You feel like yourself again. EVERYTHING, and I mean, everything, just starts to get better again. It’s a good time to reinvent your image, set new goals, and experience a personal rebirth. You’re off to a great new start! It’s time for you!

TAURUS….The confusion begins to lift. Subconscious messages (both from your dreams & in meditations) start to become more clear again. You have been conflicted on the inside about someone or something that you need to let go of or learn to accept. Now, this inner conflict & confusion is starting to ease up, and peace will come in it’s place. This is a time of endings & letting go for you, although you may also attract “new” relationships or discover “new” skills that hearken back to past life connections. You don’t have to self-sacrifice or be a martyr anymore. Let yourself have some fun!

GEMINI….What a lovely time to begin entertaining your fondest hopes, dreams, and wishes again! You may have felt a little “strain” lately in your relationships with your friends & group associations. It is time for that to begin to turn around and for unity to prevail. You may have also felt lately that some of your dreams got “squashed” by financial downsizing or lack of community support. Whatever happened, you can begin to re-build again, and the support you need will be there.

CANCER…Wow…are you ready for a new sense of direction, or what? It’s time for things to get flowing in your career and life purpose again. It’s also time to start thinking about your public image and how you can improve this. Whatever it is you “do”, think of yourself as a “professional”, and try to deliver your product or service with the highest level of integrity and excellency. It will be easier for you to get credit & appreciation now, although if you are doing something you aren’t supposed to, it will also be easier to get caught.

LEO….Your back on track with your higher aspirations & inspirations now. You may have more pleasant dealings with people at a distance, teachers, professors, philosophers, or even your own spirit guides. Your sense of idealism is being re-stimulated. Lately, it may have felt like your life’s adventure had taken a detour, but now you are back “on track” to begin earning & learning from a truly, adventurous & expansive “Grand journey of the soul”.

VIRGO…With Venus retrograde in your solar eighth house, it’s possible that your sex life & emotional intimacy hasn’t been all that you wanted it to be lately. Hopefully, today’s Venus direct can help begin to improve that. I say just “help” to begin to improve it, because a lot of it is up to you, and how willing you are to open yourself to those whom you love. You should probably also see some improvement in your finances, and moving on past any disagreements or disharmony around taxes, inheritances, or joint finances & property. This is a time of deep, but gentle, transformation for you.

LIBRA…Your partnerships are being stimulated now. You should begin to see a little bit more “smooth sailing” in most of your closest relationships, although you still need to look at what it is you really want, and how you can begin giving that to yourself, instead of relying on others to give you emotional satisfaction. This is a very public time for you. Whether you seek it or not, the limelight is upon you.

SCORPIO….You’ve probably been a little bit confused when it comes to work or your health in the last few weeks, not to mention, there’s likely to have been a little disruption in your day-to-day routine. But now you are getting more clear about what it is you do and do NOT want out of a job, and you’re also starting to get a better idea about how you can balance your spiritual, emotional, and physical health with making a living. You’re enjoying being on a path of spiritual discipleship right now, and that is more important to you than any paycheck.

SAGITTARIUS… It’s time to “cut loose” a little again, and get romantic, fun, and creative! If you’re in business for yourself, things should be picking up a little, or at least problems that you’ve had in this arena are likely to start smoothing themselves over. Venus going direct might also help you experience more harmony in your relationship with your kids, pets, or even your “pet projects”. Basically, it’s a time to have more fun, express yourself, and get in touch with your true desires.

CAPRICORN… Home and family concerns are going to be smooth sailing again. A wave of calm & order is blowing in and soothing over any chaos or hurt feelings in your family relations or in the home itself. Might be a good time to clear out some old clutter, clean up a family room, or put family pictures in frames or collages. You’ll also notice your overall emotional state becoming much more content & happier.

AQUARIUS…All your communications & conversations can take a turn for the better right now. It might be easier to take care of paperwork or get cooperation from those whom you have to deal with concerning contracts or small, mundane practical or business matters. Probably, it will be easier to work with computers, phones, and any electronical or mechanical equipment now. And if you’ve been thinking about getting a new car, you might find that things can move forward easier in that area now. On an emotional note, your relationships with your siblings will probably improve a little. It might also be a good time to take a class, read a self-help book, or seek out the helpful guidance that you need.

PISCES…. Not that you care too particularly much about money, but probably your finances will see a BIG improvement with this Venus direct. At the very least, you’ll begin to feel better about your relationship with money, and come to a deeper appreciation of your self-worth. Even if you do not earn a lot of money, you are still a worthy & valuable person. Take the time to get clear on what it is you REALLY value in life, and what it is you can live without or consider less of a priority.

That’s it…all 12 signs! Don’t forget to read your rising sign if you know that too! (Heck, you might even want to read your moon sign if you are really fluent with your chart.) If you would like to get a free copy of your birth chart, go to either, or
3:49 pm cdt 

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