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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Price of Ignoring Your Intuition

Dear Friends, what an interesting morning it’s been. Come to think of it, what an interesting last two weeks it’s been.

            It all started when I trashed my car out on the ice a week ago Tuesday.  Actually, it all started a few hours before that, when I kept ignoring my intuition’s guidance to go lay down and take a nap.  It’s not like me at all to ignore my intuition.  In fact, I have done some pretty outrageous things in the name of listening to my intuition (like bringing home a wild Amazon parrot who was so untamed that no one in the bird store, and I mean NO ONE, could get him out of the cage without getting their fingers bloodied.)  So it’s not like I don’t listen to my intuition normally, and of course, I understand that the consequences of NOT listening are usually quite unpleasant, which is why ordinarily, I do listen.

            But this time it was different.

            Perhaps it was because I was sleep deprived in the first place.  Or perhaps it was because I was under the pressure of a deadline and had to get stuff done.  In any case, there was no reason at all that I couldn’t have stopped and taken a fifteen minute nap, which would have helped me to be a lot more alert when I went driving out on the ice later that day.  But I was defiant, and instead of just doing what the inner Voice told me to do, I put it off, and said that I would nap “later” instead.

            So when I went to leave to go get my son from school, I was a little bit less than bright & alert, and instead of slowing way down to take that icy turn at the end of the block, I just took it at my normal speed.  Which isn’t too fast at all, but apparently was way too fast for driving on ice, because I immediately began sliding.......<<<<<<<CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.... 

9:52 am cst 

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