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Friday, July 25, 2008

Dreams & Contacting Guides in the Twilight Time
I had a very powerful dream last night that encouraged me to go forward with a project that I am working on.  It was the kind of dream where you wake up feeling peaceful, relaxed, and confident with your own abilities.  I could also feel the residual presence of my guides who were still there with me. 
       If you are trying to get into contact with your own guides, one of the best ways to do this is to open your consciousness to their presence immediately upon waking from the dream state.  You can also try to communicate with them right before you go to bed, and ask them to "talk" to you through your dreams.  You'll find that it is easier to "make contact" (either with your guides or deceased loved ones) when you are in what I call "twilight consciousness".....that place between waking & sleeping.
     Even if you do not consciously sense your guides (or deceased loved ones), you can know that they are there & they are speaking to you if you have called upon them. Pay special attention to the colors & symbols in your dreams.  These may reveal important messages that your guides & spirit loved ones are trying to communicate to you.
      For example, if you call upon your deceased mother before you go to sleep, and you have a dream about shoes, it may be that she is telling you that it is time to get moving in a new direction.  (Of course, it could also be that she is telling you to treat yourself to a new pair of shoes!).  If you ask your guides for help with a project, and you have a dream where you see yourself successfully completing the project, then you can know that your guides are giving you the reassurance you need to move forward.
       Pay attention to any dreams that are in full or techni-color, as they have a special signficance. Many people dream in black & white, so if you have a particularly colorful dream, chances are strong that your guides are speaking to you through that dream.
5:28 pm cdt 

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Part I of My Trip to the ULC

A few weeks ago, I was at the Universal Lightworkers Conference in Ft. Lauderdale.  As usual, it was a lot of fun and also very emotionally moving for me.  I had a tremendous healing & personal breakthrough that I believe I would not have experienced had I stayed home instead.

            For those of you who have never attended, the Universal Lightworkers Conference (also called the “ULC” for short) is actually less of a conference and more of a “celebration” instead.  The emphasis is on love & light, and literally “light-en-ing” up your spirit & soul.  The idea is that by coming together in *joy*, we can actually heal ourselves and raise the consciousness of the planet.

            I’m often asked, “What’s a lightworker?”.......  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
11:30 pm cdt 

PART II OF My Trip to the Universal Lightworkers Conference, 2008


            Now, when you are at the ULC, sometimes a speaker says just the right words that grab you in your heart, or a verse in a song touches you in just the right way, and suddenly you are in tears, as you have some deep (and often *unexpected*) revelation about yourself and your life.  My “deep & unexpected” revelation took place with Shinto, the second presenter on Friday night.

            If you have never heard Shinto speak before, I would describe it as a kind of “open-eyed channeling”.  For although he is standing in the middle of the stage with his eyes fully open just like any other speaker, after a few minutes, you can sense a change and can literally *FEEL* that it is not just him talking anymore, but instead it is the presence of the great I AM.

            As Spirit spoke through Shinto, I often closed my eyes, and just breathed, feeling the power of what he said move over me.  When he spoke of Atlantis and how so many of us were there together back then, I cried.  When he spoke of our planet earth and how it is a very special place because it holds the entrance to the Galactic portals, I also cried.  And then we he began to speak of the power of “accepting the unacceptable”, especially in our personal lives (instead of giving energy to & focusing on what we do not want), I *really* began to cry.

            And then when the Voice said, “It’s all about your past until it’s not about your past anymore”, I cried some more, and felt myself ~melting~ inside.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


11:10 pm cdt 

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