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The Story of How Cynthia Came Into Full Awareness of Her Gifts....

*In Her Own Words*

Hello.  My name is Cynthia Killion, and I am a spiritual psychic and medium.  I am better known to my clients and radio & TV viewers as "Psychic Cynthia".  I first became aware of my spiritual gifts around age 5, when I had a vision of the spirit of the White Buffalo while out hunting deer in the Kansas woods with my older brother.

I’ve known psychics who lived several decades of their lives before they finally discovered they were psychic.  That wasn’t the way it was for me.  I was always different. 

         My early experience with the spirit of the White Buffalo was followed by a childhood rich in visions and communication with the “Unseen World”.  Growing up, the spirit world was my best friend.....I was a "change of life" baby, meaning by the time I came along, my mother was way past the "hovering over her children" stage, and mainly left me to my own devices to entertain myself.  Also, being born so "late in the game" (in relationship to the rest of my siblings) my sibling that was closest to me in age was still 10 years older than me. 

So I spent a lot of time *alone* growing up, and I also spent a lot of time out in nature, just communing with the spirit of the trees, wind, earth, rocks, animals, fairies, and devas.  I had MANY encounters with spirits growing up.  I tried to tell the people & other kids around me, but they just thought I was making it all up (as if I could be that creative!).  I was especially connected to the nature spirits as a child, and felt loved, nurtured, and supported by them.  This special mystical connection with nature & the natural spirits culminated at age 13 when I was first initiated into the earth-based mystery school religions and began training & refining my spiritual & psychic awareness. 

         Since then, I've had decades to hone and develop my spiritual psychic gifts so that I could help guide people just like you.

A few of the things that I've been able to do over my years as a spiritual psychic are:

           *  Star in my own monthly Television Program called "Psychic Live!" with my friend John Wood (we had seven successful seasons...we even won a few awards!)

           *  Give Guidance & inspiration to everyday people via monthly radio appearances (I now appear regularly on the Power Morning Playhouse Radio Program)

            *  Write & Publish books and pamphlets that have helped THOUSANDS of people realize their dreams using spiritual & metaphysical principles.... some of the titles I've written include A Little Book of Prosperity Magic, Mediation, Yoga, Little Book of Psychic Powers, Soul Mate Signs, Contacing Your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Totems, The Cosmic Almanac, and many more.    

             *  Help & inspire others who have spiritual psychic gifts to come forward and begin sharing with the world through my Spiritual Psychic Development & Spiritual Psychic Awakening seminars (held 10 times a year, since 2009!).

And MOST IMPORTANT of all....

              *  I have done THOUSANDS of readings for people just like you.

       Yes, it's true that I've helped many, many people in my career as a spiritual psychic, and I've also accomplished a lot.  But I want you to know that life hasn't always been easy for me.  In fact, I haven't always been as comfortable with my spiritual-psychic gifts as I am today.  And I certainly didn’t always want others to know about them.

            Growing up, I knew that I was “different”, but I didn’t always know the right words to describe who & what I was.  Eventually, I heard the word “psychic”, and knew that it probably came the closest to describing my gifts.  Many years later, I also heard the word "medium", and I knew that this word also described me, for I have been in communication with the spirit world for as long as I can remember (in fact, one of my very first memories is of a ghost!).



    It has taken me many years to begin to understand my psychic gifts, how I am different from others, and what it means to live life in continual conscious communication with the spirit world.  I don't know that I ever truly will *fully* understand it all, but what I *do* know & understand deep in my heart, is that I am here to serve others with this gift.  I am grateful for my gifts, and I am grateful for my life on this planet.  Most of all, I am grateful for *you*, dear reader, and for the opportunity to serve & uplift you with these words I have written.

       If you are interested in getting info about the readings that I offer, please click on the following link:    Spiritual Psychic Reading


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Without a doubt, you are really something else...I wanted to write to you about this subject..and there you answered without me asking  : )  of course I did ask you in spirit.  I did not want to bother you and BOOM!
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"Boy are you right on the money for me and my family!  I can't wait until the 24th!  I hope this all clears up soon.  I am sending you a positive ray too.  Thanks for your messages."  Katy England, Salina, KS

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