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BLOG: Brushes with Death....Part 1

Brushes with Death.....PART 1.....July 22, 2010

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Dear Friends, hope you are having a wonderful week, and that you are staying cool and taking care of yourself.  Doesn’t it seem like time is *racing* by right now?  I’ve only been back from teaching my “Spiritual Psychic Development” class for 4 or 5 days now, and yet, it already feels like another month or two has passed in just the last few days.

            The class this last weekend was very emotionally intense for me.  I certainly had a good time, but I also expounded a TREMENDOUS amount of energy.  I can’t explain it really, except to say that when you are working with about 50 students to train them in communication with the dead and the spirit guides on the astral plane….well, it takes a little bit out of you.  

A large part of the energy I released was simply in getting prepared for the class, especially in the writing of the new 34-page “Class Curriculum Notebook”.  In order to complete this notebook, I spent the larger portion of 5 days holed up in the backroom of my house with just me & my laptop and my pile of reference books (many of them over one hundred years old).

I occasionally came out to take a walk with my husband or eat a meal, but mainly I just stayed back there and wrote. I even slept in my writing room (when I did sleep, which wasn’t much).  It was necessary for me to sequester myself off like this for a little while, so that the angels & spirit guides who wrote the notebook with me would have a pure & undisturbed vibrational environment to work through. (The spirits on the “other side” don’t like to be disturbed when they are “making contact” with their mediums here.)

Luckily, I had a few days to recover from writing the notebook before it was time to teach the live class.  And of course, after having previously “lived & breathed” mediumship through working on the notebook for the last month (and especially for those last 5 days when I was holed up in my writing room), I was more than ready to teach the live class.  In fact, I don’t think there was a *single* moment where I felt like I didn’t know where we were supposed to go next.  It all flowed seamlessly & easily, and the spirits were very strong in directing me as to what we were to cover.

But I wasn’t the only one the spirits were flowing through that day.  It seemed to me that many people present were touched by the loving guidance of the spirit world….especially when we undertook a meditative journey to meet our main “control” guides at the Borderland between the physical & the astral. 

This was a very spontaneous meditation, and certainly not exactly what I had planned.  I knew that we were going to enter the “Meadow of Replenishment”, but I did not know that the personification of Mother Earth herself was going to come and take us into the place in the Meadow that is the borderland between this world & the next.  Suffice it to say that I was probably equally as enthralled by the meditation that “came through” as the students were.

Speaking of “students”, this was also the first time in class that some of our student-leaders led their own groups.  These are advanced spiritual-psychic students who are either already in the process of beginning to teach themselves, or almost to that point.  We broke down into several groups of about 7 or 8, and each student-teacher worked with their group to help them expand & strengthen their auras so that everyone would be sufficiently energized for the mediumship work we would do in the séances later. (I call the technique we used the “Aura Tune-Up”.)

The student-leaders did a *fabulous* job.  Not only did they teach the material that I gave them to teach, but I saw many of them also incorporating in some of their own ideas, which is just wonderful.  I want to thank each and everyone of them…..Jamie, Micki, Erik, Pattie, Julie, and Debbie.

I like the idea that the people in these classes are learning from each other, and not just me.  One of my main goals in teaching these classes is to help empower others to use & share the knowledge that they have within themselves.  For as more and more of us access our spiritual-psychic gifts, our vision will open up and expand, and we will create a more positive, compassionate, and loving society.

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When I came home from class on Sunday, I felt very satisfied, but also, a little drained.  It is similar to the way that one feels after one gives birth.  There is the ecstasy of seeing the life of the newborn child, but also the emptiness that you feel inside now that the child has left the womb. Now that the first class in the unit was over, and the notebook was done, I was relieved, but could also feel an energetic hole inside of me where the class & the notebook once were, before I gave life to them.  It was as if my creative “womb” had not yet closed back over again. 

As I was pulling up into my drive way and returning home, the first thing that I noticed was that my beloved marigolds in the planter on the side of the porch were nearly dead.  Needless to say, this was very jarring to my aura.

It was at least a hundred degrees outside, and I was pretty certain that it had actually gotten over a hundred the day before.  Apparently, the plants had not been watered in the days that I had been gone.  Now, my husband Brian is VERY good about watering our plants when I am gone, and the rest of the garden was fine.  But these marigolds are in a sort of “off the beaten path” location, and it’s easy to forget about them. 

I wanted to *kick* myself when I saw those wilted marigolds, because I almost called on Saturday to remind him to water them.  But then I said to myself, “Oh, they’ll be OK.  After all, they’re hardy marigolds”.  How foolish of me.

When I pulled into the driveway, my beloved marigolds were parched and wilted almost to the point of resembling hay.  Therefore, the first thing I did upon getting out of my car was to immediately carry them inside, and begin a “plant rescue healing” upon them.  I put them in a cool place and got them some water.  Then I laid my hands upon them and begin transmitting energy.  I called upon the fairies & the plant angels to assist in the healing & resurrection of their life.  I prayed to God and to the Spirit-of-Life-Itself to work its magic.

  I did all that I could think to do, and then left them alone to let the healing energy do its work.  A few minutes later, my husband Brian also intervened to help.  He is a very loving & nurturing man, and always seems to have a knack for bringing people or animals back from the point of sickness and death.  (Apparently, his gift also extends to plants.)  He doesn’t do this in any kind of way that is visibly “metaphysical”, but instead he works from the more practical, mundane perspective.  However, what he is able to accomplish is often nothing short of miraculous.  (I always attribute it to both his north node & pre-natal solar eclipse being in Cancer.)

In any case, he rigged up some kind of “device” using aluminum foil to help the decorative planter that the marigolds sit in to hold more water.  Then he took the marigolds back outside and put them back in the planter in the sunlight.  Since it was at least a hundred degrees outside (literally), I was more than a bit worried that these poor little fragile plants would not be able to sustain any more glaring sunlight.  However, I’ve seen Brian pull-off too many “healing miracles” with baby birds & other sick animals to totally doubt his ability.  Besides, I figured that we didn’t have much to lose with the plants already being on the brink of death.

Wouldn’t you know that within 20 minutes those marigolds greened up and came back to life?  And I swear that they look better than they ever have now.  Probably the water & the healing energy and that little bit of “cool off” time helped tremendously, but it really was the “device” that Brian rigged-up that is now helping them to retain water & thrive better than ever.

 It certainly was *jarring* returning back from teaching mediumship to immediately confront the near-death of my beloved marigolds (I grew those precious plants myself from seed).  However, it seemed somehow appropriate to have a “brush with death”, when I had been dealing with the subject of “communication with the dead” all weekend long.

I’d like to say that this was my only encounter with death (or near-death) that I had to confront after returning home that day, but it was not.  Nor would my next encounter end so “rosily”.

To be continued…….. 

I’ll talk with you in the next “installment”!

 Many Blessings,Cynthia Killion, Spiritual Guide


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