E-mail Reading Confirmation & Reservation Form

Congratulations, Blessed One!  This is your confirmation that your "E-Mail Reading Reservation Form" has successfully gone through. 
Now all you need to do to finalize your E-mail Reading reservation is to complete your "E-mail Reading Reservation Form".
This will give Rev. Dr. Cynthia the info that she needs to do your reading, including the questions you wish her to focus on in your reading. 
Once she has received both your payment & reading reservation form,
she will e-mail you within 1-2 business days to let you know when you should expect to receive your completed reading.

The turn-around time on most e-mail readings is about 5-7 days, although sometimes it can be shorter, depending on how many other readings are scheduled before yours.  Once you have submitted both your payment & reading reservation form, you will usually receive your completed reading within one week of that day. 
As stated above, once you have done your part of paying for the reading & submitting your info form, Rev. Dr. Cynthia (or one of her assistants) will write you back within 1-2 business days to let you know when you should expect to receive the reading.  However, sometimes e-mails do bounce.  So if for some reason you have already done your part, and you haven't heard back from Cynthia or a member of her team within 3 business, please do write us at cynthia@cynthiakillion.com and let us know that you haven't received a response back yet to your E-mail Reading Reservation.
Please complete the short E-Mail Reading Reservation form below.
Questions or need help completing this step? 
Please e-mail cynthia@cynthiakillion.com, or FB message Cynthia.)

*E-Mail Reading Reservation Form*

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 If there is anything else that you need to share with Cynthia about your situation or reading questions, you may type it in the box below (and if not, that's OK too, just leave it blank). 

That's it!  Just hit the "SUBMIT" Button above once you have everything thing filled out....(please complete all required fields first; otherwise this form may not go through)

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What some clients are saying about their readings with Cynthia.....

 "Thank you doesn't really express what I am feeling.  This is the first time someone has given me information on this deep spiritual level.  So grateful for the guidance that led me to your awesome work....Your healing work comes thru so powerfully, what a wonderful gift and I am so blessed to know you."---Carol Anderssen, Ft.  Myers, Florida, USA

"Thank you for the reading.  That was the most joyful & intense connection that I've experienced in years.  The physical energy generated from it is still bouncing me along today".    T.C., Topeka, Kansas

"Didn't you say I was going to hear good news around 6 days?  I thought these other good things that happened were 'it", until my boss came in & handed me an unexpected bonus for $1,700. Damn...you are good."   H.H., Washington, DC

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