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With Rev. Dr. Cynthia/Psychic Cynthia 
          "Try and penetrate ....the secrets of nature...and you will find something...inexplicable. Veneration for this force beyond anything we can comprehend is my religion" (Albert Einstein)


Sunday, October 7th 
from 2:30 pm to around 5 pm  
(If it rains this time, we'll just move inside!)

(Fall fairy garden gifts will be presented to all who attend) 

  Use Buy Now button below to Pre-register
at Early Bird rate ($50--$20 off regular price)

TO PRE-REGISTER at the special early bird rate, please click on the Buy Now button above to pre-pay your tuition.  ($50 when pre-paid one week or more in advance of class--regular rate of $70 when paid after that.)

  Please note that there are NO REFUNDS on tuition payments made for gardenshops (including in the event of re-scheduling for rain day).  However, if for some reason you are not able to make it to class after pre-paying tuition, then you can use the amount of your tuition paid to purchase flower essences or credit towards a private reading with Cynthia. 

CLICK HERE to watch a video of Cynthia talking about one of her magical gardenshop projects


Sunday, October 7th from 2:30 to 5 pm 

In Cynthia's magical fairy garden in the Wichita, KS area (address & directions will be provided after you are pre-registered)  

(We will learn more about harvesting according to magical traditional and actually harvest one or more plants from the garden for using to make a magical herbal creation.) 


A co-creative, magical gardenshop is similiar to other kinds of spiritual psychic workshops.  Except for when you are at a co-creative, garden-shop, you actually CREATE & work in the garden!  (smile)  This is a hands-on, out-door co-creative gathering. 
     Although it is a time to come together in community with other like-minded spiritual folks, it is not just about socializing.  Instead you will actually get to work on a magical garden project while you socialize and connect with others.  (smile again)  Cynthia's goal with all of the gardenshops is for you to leave the garden with something tangible that you can take home to help empower you on your journey of spiritual psychic health and well-being.  Although each gardenshop is different, here is the general outline of what you can expect....
        All gardenshops in the summer & warmer months are held OUTSIDE, in the actual garden itself.  The official start time of this next upcoming gardenshop is 2:30 pm.  However, for those who would like to come a little earlier, we will have a "soft-start" beginning at 2 pm, where you can come early if you would like and quietly stretch and meditate in the garden at your own leisure.  (This part is un-supervised and independent--the organized, group activities do not begin until 2:30 pm.) 
    Once we formally begin (at 2:30), we will start with introductions and a quick overview of the day.  After that, Cynthia will provide you with some guidance relating to connecting with spiritual plant energies and/or the fairy realm (or both). 
     This short teaching period in the first half of our garden-shop may touch upon a number of different spiritual psychic and co-creative gardening & magical herbalism related subjects.  (To a great extent, what is covered depends on the needs & questions of those who are participating that day.)  However, we will often start with a bit of learning & practice relating to how to open to the energy of the garden (or any other outdoor space you want to connect with) and also offer suggestions for connecting with the soul energies of a specific plant in the environment. 
       As part of this, we will most likely go through some kind of meditative process of formally opening & attuning ourselves to the energies of the garden. 
     This opening part is VERY important, as we need to connect with the spiritual psychic energies of the garden to help prepare our consciousness for the magical gardening project we will be doing in the second part of the morning. 
     The co-creative gardening and magical herbalism projects that are done during these garden-shops vary from time to time.  However, some examples of possible projects include putting together a pot of magical herbs, creating a magical wand, or making a magical protection jar. 
     Whatever the project is, unless otherwise specified, there is no additional cost for your project supplies, as the cost of materials is usually included in your tuition fee for the day.  (Including the costs of soil, compost, pots, live plants and live plant materials, jars, etc.)

 TUITION/COST TO ATTEND:  Complete cost for the next upcoming gardenshop is $70, when paying on the day of the class (or any time after July 21st).  For those who pre-register ahead of time and pay by July 21st, the early bird tuition rate is just $50.  As mentioned above, your tuition fee does include the costs of materials for your garden-shop project.
TO PRE-REGISTER:  Simply remit your tuition to Cynthia in advance of class.   If you want to get the early bird discount rate, be sure to pre-register by or before Saturday, July 21st.   You can mail or drop payments off to Cynthia at her house in Wichita.  (E-mail her if you need the address.)   Or you can pre-pay your tuition with credit or debit card using your the payment button above, near the top of this page.  
    Once Psychic Cynthia receives your pre-registration tuition payment, she will e-mail or (FB message) you with a confirmation within 1 to 2 business days.  In order to ensure that you get your confirmation & the info that you need to attend, please make sure you that Cynthia's primary e-mail address is added into your address book or list of approved senders:  cynthia@cynthiakillion.com.
           Please note that there are NO REFUNDS on tuition payments made for gardenshops (including in the event of re-scheduling for rain day).  However, if for some reason you are not able to make it to class after pre-paying tuition, then you can use the amount of your tuition paid to purchase flower essences or credit towards a private reading with Cynthia. 

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