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BLOG: Why I Got Ordained

Blog by Cynthia:  Why I Chose to Get Ordained

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Dear Friends, Happy Monday!  I am early up today and thought I’d write you a little note about what is going on with me before I get busy doing my morning yoga and meditative dance or caring for my parrots. 

I have some BIG news I want to share with you.  This next Sunday (as in January 24th, 2010), I am being ordained as a Spiritualist Minister at Sunset Spiritualist Church & Camp. This is in culmination of my many years service to the church, and to the path of spiritual service in general. 

The ordination will take place during a special church service that is being held from 11 am to about Noon at Sunset Spiritualist Church & Camp in Wells, Kansas (on Sunday, January 24th). There will be a reception following immediately afterwards, with lots of good food and fabulous company.  This ordination service will happen in conjunction with the same weekend as my first “Spiritual Psychic Development” Class of 2010 for the new unit.  (The class is a separate event at the same place and is being held on Saturday from 2:00-5:30 pm.) 

Since you are one of my newsletter readers, and therefore a co-partner on my spiritual journey, I’d like to invite you out to join me for this very special occasion.  This ordination service marks a special day for me, as it is basically a formal declaration of my commitment to the path of spiritual service in general, and to the path of Spiritualist and psychic teachings in particular. Think of it as my wedding to God!

Of course, I am fully aware that “titles” or “labels” do not truly “ordain” a person or make them any more spiritual.  I have been “ordained” from the moment I was born on this planet with the great destiny to serve as a spiritual teacher as part of the Divine Plan of Light.  And yet, somehow I feel that this ordination is bringing me back around full circle to the fulfillment of my destiny.

When I was 5 years old, I had a vision of the spirit of the White Buffalo that changed my life forever.  From that point on, I just knew that I was called to serve as a spiritual teacher and worker, but I didn’t yet know “how”.  At 5, I didn’t yet know words like “psychic” or “mystic” or “clairvoyant”, and certainly didn’t yet understand the full extent of my psychic gifts or how they were to be used to serve humanity.  Within my limited understanding at the time, and also in accordance with the religious & spiritual “culture” around me, I thought that perhaps I would grow up to become a minister.

  I spent my entire childhood “searching” for the meaning of my vision and how I was to serve.  I know it might sound weird, but while other kids were most worried about their next toy or who they might kiss at school, I was obsessed with finding the meaning of life, understanding my own destiny, and finding a spiritual philosophy or religion were I could “fit” and serve.

By the age of 10, I had already read the entire Bible (front to back) four times.  I was particularly fascinated with the Book of Revelation and the prophet Elijah.  These parts of the Bible intrigued me because they seemed to be written by/about people who possessed some of the same natural clairvoyant abilities as myself.  I also desperately attended every kind of church I could, hoping to find the one place where I would someday become a minister and begin my path of spiritual service.

Unfortunately, what I discovered at the time was that most churches didn’t ordain women.  And even among those that did, most of them considered the natural gifts that I (and many others like me) possess to be a “curse” or “from the devil”.  There were one or two denominations of churches that I knew of who were more open & accepting of psychic gifts.  But none of the churches I visited had any true understanding of psychic perception or spirit communication, and therefore could not help me develop my gifts.

This is what caused me to temporarily “defect” from Christianity at age 13 (well, this, and a pretty bad experience at a Baptist Church camp). 

In the fall of 1987, I met a young man who was a white witch.  He was kind, loving, and although not naturally “psychic” himself, he was very tuned in to the natural world and had an understanding of how to develop the soul through metaphysical practices.  Thinking I was much older than I really was, he agreed to take me on as his student.  The rest is history.

Through my various studies in numerous spiritual paths (including Christianity, Wicca, paganism, Course in Miracles, Astrology, Shamanism, Yoga, Zen, New Thought, Channeling, Spiritualism), I have come to understand that all paths truly are the way to God.  Religions and systems of spiritual understanding are languages that we speak to help us communicate about and understand Divine phenomenon.  But they are all basically describing the same idea.

Like all languages, no one religion or system of spiritual thinking is “complete”.  Each one holds it own richness and expresses concepts that some of the other languages can’t express.  At the same time, each religion or spiritual system has its limitations, and is lacking in words to describe certain universal phenomenon.  This is why the answers to the meaning of life can’t be found in any one single religion or system of understanding.  Ultimately, the experience of the Numinous is beyond words and cannot be fully described or experienced in ANY human language.

After many years of “searching”, I finally made peace with the fact that part of my destiny in this life was to study many different spiritual systems and extract from them what I could use to help myself and others on the spiritual path.  I came to understand that I didn’t need a “church” or official “organization” to recognize me as a “minister” (or a “priestess”) in order to serve.  Spiritual service isn’t about a “title” that you wear but about the way you love & assist in your daily life.

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Part 1 of 2...CLICK HERE to read Part 2 

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