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ARTICLE: Sharing My Personal Psychic Writing Process with You


Writing Can Be an EXCELLENT way
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Sharing My Own Personal

Psychic Writing Process with You


By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion  August 16, 2016


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Dear Spiritual Psychic Friends, it’s just about a week until our Living the Spiritual Psychic Life teleclasses start, and I thought I would drop you a line to just touch base with you.  I would also like to share with you just a bit about the process that I use for getting psychic guidance to help me prepare for teaching these kinds of classes, as I think this might be interesting to you as someone who is on the path of spiritual psychic awakening.


                I spent most of today in quiet contemplation tuning into my own inner guidance system and asking what needs to be covered in these classes.  One of the best ways for me personally to get answers (spiritually or psychically) is through WRITING. 


How this works for me is I first think gently about the topic at hand and what I would like help with (in this case, my class planning) and then I invite my guides to come forth & offer any inspiration or insight they have.  Of course, in addition to asking my guides for help, I also put a call out to Spirit-Divine and my own higher self.

After that, I may sit quietly in meditation for a few minutes, OR I may do something else for a little while that is relaxing and meditative, such as read a favorite spiritual book or go out into the garden and work for a little while.  Or I might go into the kitchen and work with herbs or flower essences (one of my favorite pastimes!).  Whatever I’m doing, if I have asked my guides/higher self for inspiration for a particular issue at hand, I usually keep a notebook nearby so that I can write down any intuitive flashes as they come.


Once I have asked for specific guidance in this way, it usually comes within a few minutes, although sometimes it can take a few hours or even a few days to emerge.  (Occasionally, it might take even longer for the guidance to break through the crust of my sub-conscious & reach me!)  But in most cases, when I have asked my guides/higher self for help with a specific issue & they know that I am planning on writing down the answers, the response is quite rapid.   


Once I begin to feel that intuitive guidance is unfolding, I grab my pen and then begin writing down any ideas that come through.  Usually, these ideas take the form of my own inner voice and thoughts, and they are worded in language that is typical to what I usually use.  This doesn’t mean that the guidance isn’t coming from my guides or my higher self.  It just means that whenever possible, they like to communicate in a way that is similar to how I usually think & communicate, so that I can better understand what they are trying to tell me. 


However, even though the guidance may express itself in a written voice that is similar to mine, the ideas that come through are often far more brilliant & original than anything I could have ever came up with on my own.  This is how I know it is inspired guidance!  Truly inspired guidance from Spirit, guides or angels, or higher self usually offers me something more than I had to start with, and it has a much more wise or cosmic and intelligent viewpoint than what my normal, day-to-day mind possesses. 


Sometimes this guidance confirms feelings and thoughts that I already had inside.  But even then, the confirmation is offered in such a way that it adds a great depth and certainty to what I am feeling.  Other times (most times, I might add) what comes through in this psychic writing process is surprising and refreshing, and much more illuminating than what I previously was thinking on the subject.  Again, this is one of the ways that I know I am receiving inspired guidance. 


I do want to add here that sometimes the guidance I receive using this psychic writing technique does come through in a written voice that is different than my own.  Sometimes it is clearly obvious that it is a guide speaking directly to me using the language that she or he prefers, and not necessarily the language of my own inner dialogue.  But even then, most guides do try to keep the wording of the communication close to how one usually communicates, as they understand the importance of you grasping & understanding the message.


When receiving the guidance in this way (via psychic writing), once I start writing, I will usually write for several minutes, as there is usually quite a bit of guidance coming through (especially in cases like this, where I have asked for guidance in planning a longer class series).  However, sometimes the guidance is much more succinct and short.  (This would likely be the case if I had just asked a simple question about one focused area of life.) 

Also, sometimes the guidance comes in bits & pieces on the same day, so that I get a little bit at one time, and then I stop writing and go back to doing something else until a little bit more comes again later.


Whether it takes me an hour or just a few minutes to write down what I am receiving, I do try to get as much of it as possible in writing.  Then I go back later and review it, looking for things I might have missed when I was first receiving the guidance.  In the review process, I may also look at one or two pieces of guidance I received and attempt to explore them further, either by asking for more guidance via channeled writing, or simply exploring these areas further in meditation or dreamwork.


This is the simple psychic writing process that I often use for getting guidance regarding the spiritual psychic classes & projects I am working on.  It can also be used to get guidance regarding the more personal or emotional aspects of life, provided that you are able to temporarily set aside any attachments to specific outcomes or perspectives and just let the guidance flow through while you write.  I have used this technique on more than one occasion to help me clear up a confusing personal situation.


I do want make a distinction here about my use of this psychic writing technique, and that is that I don’t start writing until I actually feel a clear idea or intuitive flash come through.  This is a bit different than some other forms of channeled or inspired writing techniques where you usually just ask a question of your guides and then start writing immediately, even if it is meaningless words or thoughts.


 Although those kinds of techniques work for some people, I find that psychic writing works best for me if I don’t start writing until I hear or feel at least one coherent thought or idea come through, and especially if I go off and do something meditative for a little while to help make my mind more receptive to guidance.  This is the way it works best for me personally.  However, if you find that it works better for you just to ask the question and start writing whatever comes into your head immediately (even if it is gibberish), then by all means, do so.


Hope you found this description of the psychic writing process helpful (or at least interesting, smile)!  I’m looking forward to when our Living Your Psychic teleclasses start next week (on Wednesday, August 24th) and to connecting with all of you more deeply then.  Until then, please feel free to write me with any questions or thoughts you have that you would like to see addressed in our spiritual psychic classes, and I will see what I can do to work those in.  Hope you have a great rest of the week!


Many Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion, Spiritual Psychic (Or just reply to this note)


P.S.  Just so we are clear here, even though I own multiple computers and several other electronic tech devices that I could take notes on, I almost always do this process of getting guidance through writing by hand with a notebook or piece of paper. 

It is my sense that somehow the guidance and psychic energy is able to flow more rapidly and easily through the electrical system of the body when we are writing with a pen versus writing by typing.   That being said, I have also had the experience of being in front of a computer typing and having my guides spontaneously come through, so I know that they definitely can come through using the more techie mediums (no pun intended).   If you would like to see if this psychic writing process can work well for you using a tech device, by all means, feel free to try it that way.

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