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Spiritual Psychic Mentorship Reading Session
Registration for your Spiritual Psychic Mentorship Reading session is an easy Two-step process.

Step 1:  Pay & Register for your psychic mentorship reading using the secure payment method below.  ($275)

Step 2:  Complete & Submit Your Quick "Mentorship Info & Application Form".

Please Note: Unless you have discussed otherwise with Cynthia in advance,  Both steps need to be completed to set-up your Spiritual Psychic Mentorship Reading.
          Once Cynthia has received your payment & registration, along with your session "info & application Form", she will call or e-mail you within 1-2 busines days to schedule your first session (that's business days...if you apply on a holiday or weekend, add another day or so).

          Refund policy:   If for some reason Cynthia is not able to do a Spiritual Psychic Mentorship reading for you (for example, if it seems to her that you would be better served by seeing an attorney or therapist instead), then Cynthia will let you know ASAP via e-mail & immediately refund your registration payment.  This is the only time refunds are ever issued.  Otherwise, there is a no refund policy.  Therefore, you should consider carefully before registering for a reading, and ask any questions you have in ADVANCE of registering.  Once you register for a reading, all payments are non-refundable & non-transferable.

Step 1:  To reserve your Spiritual Psychic Mentorship Reading session with Cynthia, please click on the payment button to the left & complete payment. 

        Complete cost for your 1 hour & 15-1 hour 20 minute phone session is $275.  (Note:  An additional $50 fee will apply if requesting & approved for an IN-PERSON session.  If you are hoping to have an in-person session instead, make note of that preference below when filling out your reservation form below, and go ahead & pay this portion of your tuition now.  We will bill you for the extra $50 in-person reading fee later.) 

      Please note:  Upon acceptance as a client for this kind of reading, reading fee payment is non-refundable & non-transferable.  As noted above, the only time refunds are ever given for a reading reservation is if Rev. Dr. Killion is unable to work you into her schedule at this time or feels that you would be better served by another kind of professional. Therefore, please consider carefully before reserving your reading, ask any questions you need to before you register, and make sure you are really ready to be pro-active & experience the kind of positive growth & transformation that can happen for you during this kind of reading! 

       For questions, you can e-mail cynthia@cynthiakillion.com, or call 316-347-9481 (e-mail is best & usually gets faster response).  When e-mailing or calling with questions about psychic mentorship readings, please put something like "psychic mentorship reading" in the subject line, or include it in your voice mail (when calling).  Also always be sure to include your name, as well as both your phone number & e-mail.  Thank you. 


STEP 2:  Complete & Submit the following "Psychic Mentorship Info & Contact Form". Please note:  If you have any problems getting this form to go through, you can just send your info in an e-mail to:  Cynthia@cynthiakillion.com.  Thank you. 

Psychic Mentorship Info Form

First name:
Last name:
Email address:
Phone Number (area code first):
Mailing address:
(This is so we can send your your Reading Recording CD)
Background Information:

Did you complete payment & registration above?  (Select answer below.)

Rev. Dr. Cynthia would like to know a little bit more about what has brought you to seeking out a mentorship session.  What goal or area of life are you wishing to focus on and receive further insight & guidance about in your session?  (This will help Rev. Dr. Cynthia determine which kinds of additional psychic tools to use in your psychic mentorship reading.) 

Most sessions with Cynthia are conducted via TELEPHONE, as she finds that this is the most effective way for her to work & stay focused on your reading.  Before setting up your reading, we would like to make sure that you understand that it will likely be a telephone reading and that this is OK with you. Please select the appropriate choice below by clicking to let us know which one best describes you & your preferences.  PLEASE NOTE:  If for some reason it is important to you to have your session in-person, Rev. Killion does have a few openings available each month for special in-person sessions (all in the daytime between 10:30 am up until 5:30 pm at the latest on just a few days each month). There is an additional $50 fee that will be charged for all in-person sessions once they have been scheduled.

Please select the best way to contact you below.

Hit "SUBMIT" Button above when finished
(Please be sure you have completed all required fields or form will not go through)

Did you remember to pay & register for your session?  Did you complete & submit your  "Info Form"?  If so, then "That's It!"....Your registration is complete!  Upon receipt of both your payment & application form, Cynthia (or her assistant) will contact you via e-mail (or telephone) within 2 business days to set up your session.
In the meantime....if you have questions before we are able to reach you, you can e-mail cynthia@cynthiakillion.com, or call 316-347-9481.  Thank you.  

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