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Scheduling & Reserving Your 
Four Pillars Chinese Astrology Reading
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Getting your Chinese astrology reading with Rev. Dr. Cynthia set-up is easy! 
Just complete & submit the Reading Reservation form below.  Once you have done that, you should automatically be taken to a place where you can pay for your reading on-line (or get more info about mailing a check or money order if you prefer that method of payment instead). 
After you have submitted both your reading request & energy exchange payment, Rev. Dr. Cynthia (or a member of her team) will get back to you within 1-3 business days to set up your reading.  (Please do make sure that you add the e-mail address of cynthia@cynthiakillion.com to your address book, so that you can be sure to get your Reading Scheduling e-mail!) 
          Also, please note that this is the reading registration page for the regular, telephone reading with Rev. Dr. Cynthia (or MP3 download).  If you were hoping to have a special in-person session instead, please CLICK HERE for more info about that. 

*Reading Request for Chinese Astrology Telephone Session *
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 In the box below, please type your birth info that we will be using to do the astrology charts with.  Usually, this will be your OWN birth info. However, if you are wanting to have a relationship reading, you can include your partner's or loved one's info as well.  Or, if you are a parent requesting a Chinese Astrology reading for your child, then please put your child's name & birth info below.


Type of Reading...Please click on the option below that best describes the type of Chinese astrology reading you would like to have.

Telephone or MP3 Reading...You have the option of having a regular, interactive phone reading with Cynthia.  Or if you are too busy to call in at a certain time (or just shy) you also have the option of just having an MP3 download reading.  (With this option, Cynthia does the reading on her own independently from you, posts the audio for you on a private place on-line, and then sends you the link afterwards).  Please indicate below whether you would like the regular telephone reading or the MP3 download reading instead.

If this will be your FIRST reading with Cynthia, how did you hear about Cynthia & her readings? Please type your answer in the box below.  (Example:  Cynthia's newsletter, facebook, radio or a friend...if a friend referred you, please let us know who, as Cynthia would like to personally thank her.)

 SHARING OR YOUR HOPES/EXPECTATIONS FOR THE READING:  Is there anything that you would like to share about yourself or what you are hoping to get out of the reading?  If so, feel free to type it here in this box below. (You can also leave blank if you would like.)


 To help speed up the scheduling of your reading, it would be useful if you could share with us the days in the week & times of the day that you can generally be available for your reading.  Please let us know the days of the week and times (morning, afternoon, or evening) that you could most likely be available for your reading by typing this information in the box below. 
Please Note:  Monday through Saturday only please. (Cynthia does not do readings on Sundays, no exceptions.)  If you would like to inquire about availability for a specific date or time, please mention this below too.  Keep in mind that your reading will last about 1 hour & fifteen minutes for a first time reading, or an hour for a follow-up session.

Once we receive your Reading Request form & payment, we will be contacting you soon to set up your reading.  What is the best way to contact you to schedule your reading? 

That's it!  Just hit the "SUBMIT" Button above once you have everything thing filled out....(please complete all required fields first; otherwise this form may not go through)
       Once you hit "submit", and your reservation form goes through, you should automatically be taken to the payment page to finalize your reading.

You should automatically be taken to the payment page where you can finalize your reading once you submit your Reading Reservation form.  However, if for some reason that does not happen for you, or if you are coming back later to pay, please CLICK HERE to be taken to the Chinese astrology reading payment page.

Questions or need help registering?  You can e-mail Cynthia & her team at cynthia@cynthiakillion.com, or call 316-347-9481 with your questions. (You're welcome to call, but e-mail is likely to get you a MUCH speedier response.) 


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