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What does it mean when a planet is “retrograde”?

A planet is said to be “retrograde” when it appears to be moving “backwards” from the earth’s perspective.   It’s not really moving backwards…it just seems that way because of the size & rate of the planet’s orbit in relationship to Earth’s orbit & also sometimes the orbit of the fixed stars.

       Think of it this way:  If you are in a car that is driving 60 miles an hour, and there is a car right next to you driving at exactly the same speed, you will both be appearing to move in the same direction at the same rate.  But let’s say that your car suddenly accelerated to 95 miles an hour (while the other car maintained its original speed of 60).  In that moment of sudden acceleration, the car that is next to you would probably appear to be moving backwards, even though it is actually not.  That’s retrograde motion.

       Only the planets, not the sun & moon, can be retrograde.

What effect does a “retrograde” planet have?

In A Birth Chart

In a birth chart, a retrograde planet shows that the Archetypal energies of that particular planet will be weakened or delayed in that person’s life.  It also shows that these energies operate on a more subconscious level.

         For instance, a person with Venus retrograde in her natal chart will probably experience difficulties & delays in marriage and partnerships (typical Venus issues).  It may not be until later in life that she is able to create a partnership that she enjoys.  Also, it is possible that she may have subconscious issues with thinking of herself as un-attractive & unworthy (both Venus issues).  By working more consciously within the Venus energy in her self, she can bring these issues up to the surface and create healing.


         Not all birth charts have retrogrades.  Any retrograde planets in your chart will probably be noted with an “Rx” sign.  A preponderance of retrograde planets shows an opportunity to heal & many subconscious issues in this lifetime.

As a Transit

Regardless of your birth chart, retrograde planets affect us all by transit.  When a planet goes “retrograde”, its Archetypal energies often seem to be working “backwards”.  Usually, it’s best to refrain from any activities associated with a particular planet while it’s retrograde.  At the very least, you want to be extremely thorough & cautious if you must  go forward with a certain activity when the planet that is associated with this activity is retrograde.

          Actions that are ruled by a particular planet will usually need to be repeated or done over when that planet is retrograde.  If you’re planning to do something associated with a particular planet while it is retrograde, then make sure it is something you won’t mind re-doing again later.

            Esoteric Note:  One thing that I have personally noticed about retrograde periods is that when a planet goes retrograde, it’s actually best to focus on the activities that are OPPOSITE of what that planet symbolizes. 

             For example:  When Mercury, the planet of communication goes retrograde, its best to stay focused on being centered within yourself instead of reaching out to communicate with others.  When Mars, the planet of initiative & aggression goes retrograde, it’s best to work on establishing harmony and cooperation rather than relying on your own ability to get things done.

What if I was born with a specific planet retrograde? 

Does that change its effect on me when that planet retrogrades?


Yes.  More than likely, if you were born with a planet in retrograde, you will feel more at ease than usual when that planet experiences a retrograde transit.  For instance, people with Mercury retrograde in their natal chart may actually experience *improved* communications during times of Mercury retrograde…times when the rest of us are more likely to have communication break-downs. 


It seems that if you’re born with a certain planet retrograde, then it just feels more comfortable & natural to you when that planet returns back to a retrograde position.

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