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Sample Psychic Mentorship Materials

As part of your private Psychic Mentorship with Psychic Cynthia, you will be provided with downloadable materials each month to help you stay inspired & support you in your growth.  These materials can include written, audio or video components, depending on what Cynthia deems is most appropriate for mentorship students for the month ahead.   Each month, usually around the 5th of the month, you will receive an e-mail from Cynthia with info about the new materials that are available for you.  Since this is a personalized mentorship program (and not an academic program) you are in no way required to work with the materials each month, and they are provided for you with your mentorship purely for your own personal spiritual-psychic growth & enrichment.   However, it is most likely that you will ENJOY & want to work with the materials you receive!  
        Many of the materials provided in the Psychic Mentorship program will come from Cynthia's "Best Of" collection, which spans her teachings & writings for the last twenty five years.  (In some cases, the program, class or book that they are from is noted.  In other cases, they are previously unpublished, so nothing will be mentioned about any previous writings or class in those cases.)  On the other hand, there likely will be other times when the materials provided to you for the month are entirely new and were created just for this program.  (This is especially true of the VIDEOS, since Cynthia has just created a brand-new Awakening Your Inner Psychic Video course for new students in 2019.)
      To give you a better idea of what to expect, we have posted some samples of actual past materials for you below. 

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SAMPLE MATERIALS:  If you would like a taste of what your monthly Psychic Mentorship materials might look like, use the links below to sample a few from 2017. 

Example of Written Materials:  Root Chakra Cleansing & Activation Guide   (11 pages) 

Example of Audio Materials #1 (class portion):   Your Aura's Natural Defense System & How to Feed It  6:30 min.  

Example of Audio Materials #2 (meditation):   Valley Meditation (mediumship & spirit-guided related meditation)  14:02 min. 

Example of Video Materials #1:   Creating an Opening to Receive Psychic Guidance   

Example of Video Materials #2:  Nature Psychic Aptitude (Shaman-Witch-Druid)  

      These should give you a pretty good idea of the kinds of materials to expect as part of your Psychic Mentorship with Rev. Dr. Cynthia! 


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