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Eight Steps to Creating Holistic Prosperity


Cynthia defines true prosperity as having all that you need at any given moment to fulfill your soul’s purpose.  True prosperity is a total picture, and includes love, health, joy, service and material abundance.  Holistic prosperity involves feeling fulfilled and living a life of meaning, not just having a certain dollar amount. 

The main key to creating this kind of *holistic prosperity* is to become more conscious of your connection with the Universal Source.  For when your heart is aligned with the truly abundant nature of the Universal Source, you will easily attract all that you need to fulfill your purpose & experience bliss. 

          In the following paragraphs, Cynthia shares her suggestions for helping you to create a truly prosperous life.




Step One:  Get Specific about What You Want.
Step Two:  Make Your Spiritual Growth a Priority.

Step Three:  Tithe.

Step Four:  Develop Your Gifts.

Step Five:  Live a Life of Emotional Integrity.

Step Six:  Connect with other Creative, Spiritual, & Prosperous-minded People.

Step Seven:  Take Personal Accountability for Creating Your Prosperity.

Step Eight:  Practice Gratitude

Although these steps are listed in a linear sequence for organization's sake, there is no specific order that you must practice them in.  Practicing them all at once will be most effective.  However, when you are first beginning to consciously create prosperity in your life, you may want to work with just one or two "steps" at a time, mastering these before you move on to the other steps.

Step One:  Get Specific about What You Want.

You are the Chooser & the Designer in your life.  It is up to YOU to define what prosperity means to you.  The more clear that you can get on what "prosperity" looks like to you, the faster & easier you will be able to manifest your desired goals & wealth.

Take some time to write down your goals & aspirations.  Get very specific & very detailed about what it is you actually want.  Your prayers & requests are actually providing a "blueprint" for the Universe to give to you.  The more specific & concrete you can be in your requests, the more likely it is that you will get what you actually want.  On the other hand, the more vague you are, the less likely it is that you will receive what you truly desire to create.

For example, It is fine to say, "I would like more money", but what does that REALLY mean?  And more specifically, HOW MUCH more money?  If you only say that you would like more money, then the Universe might deliver you fifty cents and call it good.  On the other hand, if you say, "I would like twenty thousand dollars so that I can pay up my bills for awhile & take a trip", then the Universe is a lot more likely to give you what you actually asked for.  Certainly, you will probably get more than fifty cents if you ask this way :)

The same principle is true when you are talking about "non-money" kinds of prosperity.  Whether your goals are related to money, health, love, joy, or self-expression, it ALWAYS helps to be as specific as possible, and to get very clear with yourself (and the Universe) about what it is you REALLY want. 

Step Two:  Make Your Spiritual Growth a Priority.

          Nothing is more important than your spiritual growth. To the extent that you begin to realize & act upon this, you will be prosperous. 

          If you would be truly abundant, then put your spiritual growth FIRST.   Make your relationship with Divinity a priority.  Recognize that consciously connecting with your soul is the most important thing that you can do while you are on this planet.  For from this connection to the Soul comes love, happiness, and abundance.

          Reserve a certain portion of your income each month for spiritual development.  This should be over & above the tithe (see step #2).  Use this “spiritual reserve” money to purchase spiritual books or CDs, attend workshops, travel to spiritually inspiring places, or get sessions with the spiritual teachers or healers who really speak to you.

          Also reserve a certain portion of your time each week for spiritual development.  Spend regular time cultivating your relationship with the True Source of your abundance:  God… Goddess…Divinity.  Give yourself a couple of hours of uninterrupted time each week to be spiritually “fed”—whether that is by attending a church, synagogue, or temple, meeting with a spiritual teacher, or by reading or listening to spiritually inspiring material.

Step Three:  Tithe

          To “tithe” means to give back 10% or more of your gross income to the source of your spiritual inspiration.  Some people say that they can’t afford to tithe.  Cynthia says that you can’t afford to NOT tithe.

          When you tithe, you are recognizing and honoring God as the source of your abundance.  You are also showing that you put your faith in Divinity—not money.  Tithing is a way to show your gratitude for all that you have been given, and out of gratitude, abundance springs.

          Please keep in mind that there is a difference between tithing & giving to charity.  Giving to charity is fine, but in order for a donation to technically be a “tithe”, it must go to the person or place where you are spiritually inspired & fed.  This could be a church, a retreat center, an author, a spiritual teacher or organization, or any other person or entity that inspires you & helps you connect with an awareness of the Divinity within.

          When you tithe, you show that you are trusting in Spirit to provide for you, and Spirit responds by lavishing gifts of abundance & prosperity upon you. 

Step Four:  Develop your talents & gifts

          Your talents & gifts are your direct connection to manifesting abundance.  The Universe has given you these skills so that you will use them to serve others.  To the extent that you offer your gifts in service, you will be blessed.

       No matter who you are, you have something to give to your fellow humans.  It may be a talent for cooking, sewing, painting, singing, building, dancing, gardening, soothing, or solving equations.  Or perhaps you are skilled in driving a truck, making home repairs, teaching, writing, weaving, playing an instrument, telling jokes & stories, or any other myriad of talents that are alive under the sun. 

Every gift is sacred, no matter how humble or mundane it may seem.  Whatever your talent or skill, your gift is precious.  Only *you* can do it the way that you do.  To the extent that you develop this gift, you will be prospered.

Step Five:  Live a Life of Emotional Integrity.

          Your emotions are a conduit for Universal Energy.  Emotions are also a barometer for measuring how closely your consciousness is aligned with Source. When your emotions are calm & clear, you are centered in Divine Consciousness, and it is easy to create prosperity on ALL levels.  But when your emotions are scattered or “out of whack”, it is difficult to contact or manifest the Abundance energy within.

          Spend some time each day getting in touch with your emotions.  Breathe deeply and just listen…listen, feel, and experience what is going on inside.  When necessary, practice forgiveness of self & others.  Release the past.  Dissolve any harsh or unpleasant emotions through prayer, meditation, deep breathing, exercise, or taking appropriate action. 

Step Six:  Connect with other Creative, Spiritual, and Prosperous-minded People.

          You will become the people who you surround yourself with.  Therefore, it is very important to fill your life with other creative, spiritual, and prosperous-minded individuals.  Your environment has a powerful influence on your ability to manifest prosperity.  Community can serve to heal & uplift or it can dredge one down further into the depths of scarcity consciousness.  Choose your friendships & communities carefully.

Step Seven:  Take Personal Accountability for Creating Your Prosperity.

          The Source of your prosperity is *within you*, therefore *you* are always in control of how much prosperity you are manifesting for yourself (even if you are not conscious of this).  Accept this and begin to take personal accountability & responsibility for creating what it is you want in your life.

          Recognize that you always have something to give.  See yourself as prosperous.  Refuse to indulge in negative or limiting thoughts.  Realize that abundance is a choice and that *you* are responsible for how much you allow into your life and how well you appreciate what you already have. It is up to *you* to create your abundance…No one else can do it for you.

Step Eight:  Practice Gratitude.

     This is perhaps the most important step of all.  Even if you neglect the other steps, and only practice this step by itself, it will probably significantly increase the abundance in your life.

     Gratitude is seeing the good in all things, and choosing to see *blessings* rather than focusing on the limitations or shortcomings in your life.  Whatever energy you send out is what you will get back in the form of experiences in  your life.  This means that the more grateful you are, the more positive experiences & things you will attract to be grateful for.  Gratitude is the Universal magnet for abundance, and you can increase your experience of prosperity today by being more grateful!

SPECIAL NOTE:  If you have worked all of these steps, but something you desire still isn’t coming into your life, you may wish to ask yourself, “Would having this experience or thing interfere with fulfilling my soul’s purpose?”  If so, it may be best that you not have that certain thing, at least not at this time.

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