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Discovering Your life "Program" with Astrology:

A Psychic Astrology reading is based on your date, place, location and time of birth.  When Cynthia does your reading for you, she uses this information to set up what is called a “birth chart”. 

Your birth chart is the map of your soul.  It is uniquely yours.  It reveals the journey of your soul through this lifetime (and also the other lifetimes before this one).  Your birth chart also shows your innate tendencies and characteristics, your gifts and talents, your passions, and your “program” for this lifetime.

Everybody has a purpose and a “program”, including you.  This is the agenda that you chose for your life before you were born.  Yes, before you were even born, you chose to have certain experiences and to learn certain lessons in this lifetime. 

You also chose to act & be a certain way…to demonstrate certain tendencies, to feel passionate about certain things (but not so passionate about others).  You chose which gifts you would express in this lifetime, and also which areas of weakness you would have the opportunity to confront and grow beyond.


This “program” for your life is subject to your free will.  This means that you can choose to change the program if you’d like.  (After all, you were the one who created it in the first place!)  However, in order to change your current life agenda, you must first have a sense of what it actually is.  You need to have an understanding of Who You Are and what you are trying to learn on this planet before you can make effective change.


              In addition to your basic characteristics and tendencies, your “program” or life agenda shows the highest thing that you came here to do…in other words, the way you can best be of service to humanity and express your highest self. 

           Your birth chart also reveals the obstacles, limitations, and subconscious patterns that you are up against.  It is good to know about these too, for being aware of how you tend to sabotage yourself or resist change is one of the first steps to overcoming these negative tendencies.

         Through the power of psychic astrology, you can become more aware of the highest expression of yourself, and begin to move into being Who You Really Are.  This is what the "Guiding Star Life Program" reading will assist you with.

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In your initial Psychic Astrology reading, you & Cynthia will spend time exploring your life agenda together.  You will get a chance to know more about who you really are, why you came to this planet in the first place, and what it is you are here to do and be.   Cynthia will also help you to understand some of your challenges & the spiritual patterns you need to overcome in order to reach your highest prosperity, success, and bliss.   All of this is the focus for the "Basic Guiding Star Life Program Reading". 

If you have scheduled a PREMIUM Guiding Star Life Program reading, then Cynthia & you will also spend some time looking at what is going on NOW (and in the near future) in your life, and how this fits in with your life agenda.   For the Premium Life Program reading, Cynthia will also let you know what to expect in terms of major trends for the next few months. 

Since Cynthia is a psychic astrologer (as opposed to just a technical astrologer), she will probably also bring through a few clairvoyant & channeled messages from your angels and spirit guides during the course of your time together.  Cynthia likes to begin all of her astrology readings by simply putting her hand upon your chart, closing her eyes, and revealing to you what images, colors, and messages the chart is communicating to her clairvoyantly.  (This will be done whether you have booked for the Basic or the Premium reading.)

She also usually asks your spirit guides/angels if there are any quick messages they want to relay to you before you & her get into the more “technical” chart interpretation.  Therefore, your Psychic Astrology reading with Cynthia is likely to have a few minutes of direct messages from the spirit world intertwined into the session....just a *few* minutes, as most of the session after this will focus on reading your chart, and revealing your life "program" to you through the lens of astrology.  Also, even if Rev. Dr. Cynthia does not "formally" bring through spirit messages for you, she ALWAYS invites the Spirits at the beginning of your reading to psychically guide & direct her in the reading.

                 After just a few minutes of bringing through clairvoyant or channeled messages for you from the spirits (or just inviting them to speak through the astrological process later), Cynthia then moves into the more “technical” aspect of the reading, where she will actually read your chart using the ancient cosmic art of astrology.  This is where Cynthia talks about the position of each planet (or important point) in your chart and explain how it impacts your life and what it means for you in terms of your “program”.  During this period, your spirit guides and angels are still there with you & Cynthia, and will occasionally intervene to provide clarification about a certain aspect of your chart. 

In addition to the "Guiding Star Life Program" reading, Cynthia also offers the "Heart Map" reading.  The "Heart Map" reading is for clients who are wanting help understanding relationships & a specific relationship in particular. The "Heart Map" reading does not include the life program reading, but is just perfect for people wanting relationship guidance. 

            Rev. Dr. Cynthia does have "follow-up" Guiding Star forecast readings that can be done in any of these areas.  Should you choose to have follow-up Psychic Astrology sessions with Rev. Dr. Cynthia (recommended at least twice a year), then you & her will continue to explore your “program” for this life (or your relationship, if that is what your work with Cynthia is focusing on), and will delve even *deeper* into the events & circumstances that are happening in the present moment.   If Rev. Dr Cynthia & You choose to work together in this way over a period of time, then together you will more thoroughly explore your life "program”, and how that affects what is happening to you NOW.   

              Your initial psychic astrology reading usually lasts around 60-70 minutes for a basic reading (premium readings are usually around 75-90 minutes).   Follow-up sessions last about 55-65 minutes.  The reading is usually done telephone.  (Occasionally, and by pre-approval only, in-person sessions are available for an additional charge.)  When meeting by telephone, Rev. Dr. Cynthia records the session for you so that you can revisit the information about your “life agenda” (or relationship) as often as you’d like.  Also, if you are shy (or just extremely busy) and prefer a more "low key" approach, you do not actually have to "meet" with Cynthia at all....Cynthia can do a reading for you on her own, and create a downloadable MP3 recording for you.

Understanding your “life agenda” is extremely important.  Knowing who you really are inside is essential to creating positive change and making the most out of life.  Of course, it’s also useful to know what energies are affecting you now, and the career, relationship, emotional, and financial cycles you can expect to find yourself in during the next few months.

All of this—and more—is written in your astrology chart.

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Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion's Confidentiality Policy....Everything shared in any kind of reading with Cynthia is completely confidential.   

Rev. Dr. Cynthia does not discuss or share the the identities of her clients (no matter how prominent or well known some of them be).  Nor does she share the intimate details of her conversations with clients.  

Rev. Dr. Cynthia honors you and your trust by keeping what goes on in your sessions between you and her alone. 

Rev. Dr. Cynthia has a background in social work and is an ordained minister, therefore she very much understands the importance of holding a safe & trusting space for her clients. 

If confidentiality is an important concern for you, then you are invited to review Cynthia's "Official Confidentiality Policy".  

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