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Article: Cleansing Your Aura with Herbal Purification Bath

Dear Friends, hope you are having a wonderful week and enjoying the change of seasons.  I haven’t written in awhile because I’ve been enjoying digging in my garden and putting together some magical herbal blends. 

This is the time of the year when I do my “spring cleanse”.  For many people this means undergoing some kind of temporary plant-based diet designed to clean out the physical body.  I do this too, but for me, the season always starts with a spiritual & psychic cleansing first.

Psychic cleansing is important because so many of us get heavy energies, thoughts, and emotions built up in our auras.  Our auras, like our physical bodies, have built-in, natural release systems.  However, many of us have “compromised” release systems because we are regularly exposed to LARGE doses of stress & negativity, or because we don’t give ourselves the time we need every day to rest & relax.

So what happens is that after awhile, our bodies get wore down, and so do our auras.  And negative energies come into our auric field (in the form of day-to-day annoyance, as well as traumatic events).  And instead of going back out, the negative energies stay in, because both the body & aura have become clenched up, rigid, or just not as flexible & relaxed as they used to be in their natural states.  Then accumulated energies can’t release or get back out.

Also, as the body becomes more weakened by stress, the psychic shield also becomes more weakened. This means that not only are the energies that are coming in not leaving, but also that MORE energies are being allowed in than before, and probably more of the energies that are harmful or unconstructive.  It is at this point in time that most of us began to experience a vague sense of unease, or in same cases, an extreme feeling of emotional & psychic “overwhelment”.

            You are probably aware that allowing negative energies into your field is not good or helpful for you.  You are also probably aware of the need to keep your psychic shield strong, and practice psychic protection.  But do you know that all the protection in the world will not do you a single bit of good if you have not yet psychically purified?

            You see, it does little good to “protect” yourself from energies and spirits coming in from the “outside”, if you are aura is full of gunk on the inside.  Sure, it will keep new gunk from coming in. But it won’t stop you from being weakened & poisoned by the negativity that is already there.

            And what kind of negativity am I talking about here?  The deepest kinds of negativity….on the emotional, spiritual, and mental level.  These are all the day-to-day annoyances, disappointments, hurts, pains, grievances, frustrations, and doubts that accumulate in your aura.  There are also negative thought-forms that can attach themselves to you.  These come about when you are experience a negative thought or emotion over a prolonged period of time, or when you are routinely exposed to other people in your environment who carry prolonged negative emotion (grief, anger, confusion, and so on).

Of course, if you’re on the spiritual path, you’re probably already practicing some kind of daily meditation, prayer, yoga, energy work or other kind of emotional or spiritual release work.  However, even the most consistent & regular meditator will eventually find that some things have “crept” into the aura when she wasn’t looking.  This is why there is a need periodically for a more profound kind of spiritual cleansing. 

Doing a more deeper level psychic cleansing (such as taking an herbal purification bath) will help to remove the layer of accumulated psychic “grime” from within your aura.  It’s like taking your car to the carwash after it’s been dirty for several months.  And just like the car that’s become covered in grime, when you’re done with a psychic purification, your aura will look—and feel—a thousand times better!

There are many ways to psychically cleanse, including deep breathing, energy work, yoga, and taking a “sweat lodge”.  One of the easiest & most powerful ways that I have found to clean my etheric & spiritual body is to take a magical herbal purification bath.

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