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Article....Part 2, "Cleansing Your Aura with Herbal Purification Bath"

There are many different herbs & substances that have a reputation for being psychic purifiers, including basil, rosemary, and salt.  Combing different purification herbs together creates a magical “synergy” that is usually more powerful than using only one plant or substance alone.  This is why whenever I make up any kind of purification concoction I usually like to use at between 3-5 different herbs or substances.  For my “deluxe” purification bath (which I shared with my spiritual psychic development students recently), I used eleven herbs & substances.

Different purification herbs cleanse & purify in different ways.  For example, mullein is said to repel & exorcise any dark spirits or negativity attached to the aura.  On the other hand, thyme and marjoram help to remove the sorrows & ills of the past. Other herbs like mint & rosemary are good “all purpose” cleansers.  When choosing herbs to help you psychically purify, you must keep in mind your intent and what is most important for you (in terms of cleansing) at the time. 

Herbs can be used either dried or fresh, depending on how you plan to work with them to accomplish the purification. Since I like to make an “infusion” that I can pour into my bath, I usually use mostly dried herbs, and then “supplement” with a few fresh flowers or leaves in the bathtub when I am actually taking the bath.

The herbs purify not on a physical level but on a spiritual, energetic, and psychic level.  This is why they do not have to be ingested in order to help you purify.  In fact, in my opinion, ingesting is probably the least effective way of working with many of the psychically purifying herbs, because unless you have been fasting for several days prior, the energies of the herbs will be mixed in with the other contents of your stomach & diluted down.


I begin the creation of my purification mixtures by asking for God’s blessings upon what I am about to do.  I also ask for the help of my spirit guides, angels, teachers, and passed-on loved ones.  Then I begin to gather up my materials & herbs.


After I gather up my purifying herbs, I drop them one-by-one into a mixing bowl, preferably a bowl that is ceramic, glass, or china.   This is a magical act, and as I drop each herb into the bowl, I say its name out-loud, to help awaken its dormant psychic energies. 

Once I have deposited all of the herbs into the bowl, I first stir them clockwise to further activate their energies, and then I stir them counterclockwise to awaken their purification abilities.  As I stir, I say some kind of chant, mantra, or affirmation to set the intention for what I am hoping to receive from working with the herbs.  For example, I might say, “By the powers of earth, sun, moon, and sky, help me purify!”

I continue stirring and softly chanting until I feel that the herbs have been sufficiently “charged” with energy, and that their innate power has been awakened.  Then, I stop stirring, and place my hands upon the mixture for a moment or two.  What I am doing here is attuning myself with the energies of the combined plants.  In other words, I am psychically & physically connecting with the plants.  I am also adding some of my own energy into the mixture.  I complete the “charging” by running my fingers through the combined herbs several times.  This process I have just described is an ACTIVATION of the latent magical energies of the herbs.




After I have created the magical mixture, I put about 1 cup of water in a pot on the stove to boil.  (Magical tradition holds that your pot should not be made of metal, however, if that’s all you have, it will do….just set the intention beforehand that the metal will *not* interfere with the energies of the herbs.)

Once the water begins to boil, I add about 1 ½ to 2 teaspoons of the herbal mixture to the pan.  To make this step easier, I usually place them inside a cheesecloth, tea bag, or tea ball.  (However, if you don’t have a tea ball, you can also tie the herbs up in a double-layered coffee filter with some string.  Or you can add the herbs can be added directly to the water, and strained out later, or just left in the infusion).  Then, I let the herbs boil in the water until it turns into an infusion or tea, usually about 3-5 minutes, or less.

Once the infusion has been created, I pour it into a glass jar or bowl and cover it.  If I am using it right away, then I will take it immediately to my bathroom, where it will soon be added to my bathwater.  However, if I’m not using it right away, I will simply put the infusion in the refrigerator for several hours, or even up to a day or two.




When I’m ready to take the purification bath, I begin by “setting the stage”.  First, I make sure that the bathroom is at least relatively clean (what’s the purpose in trying to cleanse in a dirty bathroom?).  Then, I create the most relaxing, ambient environment possible for my purification by placing candles, incense, crystals, or seashells in the bathroom.  I like to do the bath when every one else is sleeping or not around.  This allows me to cleanse & purify without anyone else interfering in the experience.

After I have set the bathroom up how I want it, I run the bath, and pour the herbal purification infusion into the bathwater.  It is always a cool water bath, or if it is cold outside, warm water, but never hot.  This is because cool water has a naturally cleansing & psychically invigorating effect.  However, hot water does the opposite and creates a “sluggish” effect upon the aura.




Finally, I get into the bathtub and submerge myself in the water.  I say a little prayer to Spirit & to my spirit teachers, angels, guides and helpers, asking for their protection and to ensure that the cleansing process is as gentle & yet effective as possible.  Then, I set the intention that I am willing to *release* whatever no longer serves me or my highest good.  Finally, I mentally communicate to the herbs and the water that I am now ready to cleanse.

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