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         Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion is an internationally known spiritual psychic, medium, astrologer, channeler, teacher & author.  Gifted with the “second sight” from her Grandmother on her father’s side, Cynthia was initiated into the Mystery School religions at age 13.  From that point on, she began to live her lifelong calling as a mystic, seer, and spiritual teacher.  Cynthia began doing readings as a very young girl in 1989, and hasn't stopped since! 

            Cynthia is the former star of the award winning television program “Psychic Live!” and the author of Cynthia's Cosmic Almanac for 2012, Cynthia's Cosmic Almanac for 2013, A Little Book of Prosperity Magic, along with several other books & pamphlets on mediumship, spirit guide communication, soul mates, yoga, and astrology.  She is a channel for the Atlantean Teachers, an advanced group of beings who want to help humanity experience greater abundance and joy in their lives.  She also holds a bachelor’s degree in both social work and metaphysics, as Master's degree in metaphysics, and a doctorate of Divinity with a speciality in metaphysical counseling.  She appears monthly on the "Power Morning" radio show on 93.9.  Cynthia was featured & profiled in the book "Four Eternal Women" by Molten & Sikes.

           Cynthia's articles on spirituality, psychic phenomenon, and astrology have been published in many publications, including American Astrology.  In 2005, she was a featured speaker on Prosperity at the Universal Lightworkers Conference.  Cynthia is also a regular teacher & worker at Sunset Spiritualist Camp, one of the oldest organizations of mediums in the United States.

          Cynthia specializes in helping you to connect with your soul and communicate with the spirit world.  As your spiritual psychic, she is here to provide you with deep but gentle and loving guidance.  Cynthia particularly enjoys working with people who are at a *crossroads* in their lives and need to make major change and important decisions.  She excels at providing clients the answers, comfort, and inspiration that they need.  When appropriate, Cynthia will help you connect with specific passed on loved ones whom you are needing to have resolution with.  She also connects you with your spirit guides, for much of the information she provides you with in your reading comes directly from your own spirit guides.

            Cynthia's standard service that she offers to help you is her Spiritual Psychic Reading.  This is a very unique kind of reading that originated with Cynthia's work with her main Spirit Guides, the Atlantean Teachers.


            A Spiritual Psychic Reading  can provide you with the answers, inspiration, and clarity that you need concerning any area of life, including the "practical" areas of life (such as finances, career, education, family, health, or relationships) as well as the more "esoteric" aspects of life (life purpose, karma, past lives, communication with deceased loved ones...).   This reading serves you in getting more illumination regarding "the hear & now" aspects of your life.  When appropriate, Cynthia will also help you make contact with passed on loved ones in you reading, as Cynthia is a medium & channeler, as well as a psychic.           

Although Cynthia is extremely competent in reading ALL areas of life, she is particularly skilled at helping you get the information that you need to turn your life around for the positive, or get the guidance concerning your life purpose or to help you understand difficult situations in your life.  Cynthia has an extraordinary ability to communicate with others' Spirit Guides & Higher Self, and she uses this gift in her Spiritual Psychic Readings to help bring you comfort, inspiration, and clarity.

In addition the Spiritual Psychic readings, Cynthia also offer Guiding Star Psychic Astrology readings to help you understand yourself more deeply as well as your life path & blue print for this life.   Cynthia also offers for you the special "Heart Map" guiding star reading to help you better understand your relationships.  For lightworkers & those who are called to the higher spiritual path, she offers the "Galactic Shift" Guiding Star reading, to help you delve more deeply into your mission in this lifetime as a server of the light.  For info on ANY of these three kinds of Guiding Star readings, please click HERE.

To schedule a Spiritual Psychic Reading, or to learn more about how you can be helped by a Spiritual Psychic Reading, please click HERE.       

To read more about Cynthia and her unique spiritual psychic gifts, please click HERE.


In addition to Spiritual Psychic readings, Cynthia also offers Psychic Astrology Readings.  The Psychic Astrology Reading is a special kind of guidance that Cynthia can provide you with if you are interested in the language of astrology and want to know more about your basic personality, your true essence, and life purpose.  Psychic Astrology can also be useful for cultivating understanding between two people in a relationship (any kind of relationship) or understanding crisis or a challenging time in your life.  First time Psychic Astrology sessions usually focus on helping you to get to know your true self.  Follow up sessions focus more on identifying the current cosmic shifts happening in your life, including changes in the areas of relationships, finances, health, career, job, family, spiritual awareness, creativity, and self.

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