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BLOG: It is a GIFT to be here!

Cynthia shares her visions that she "downloaded" from her guides about life BEFORE physical birth, life after death, and the sacredness of physical life.


Dear Friends, “It is a gift to be here”.

            These are the words that fell from my lips as I was awakening this morning.  Only, it wasn’t just “me” speaking, but rather my spirit guides speaking through me.  In those quiet moments before dawn, I could feel all of them literally swirling around me, bringing me comfort, love, and peace. 

A few minutes previous to this, the grief had momentarily returned, this time while I slept.  It was only just a small, sharp, quick “pang”, but enough that my guides took notice and intervened.  I felt myself almost “slipping” down into the strange, dark pool of dream-time sorrow, but then it was as if my guides caught me by the hand and pulled me back up. 

I was suddenly engulfed in a shower of calm emanations, and the conscious awareness of my angel-teacher-guides within my field produced instant bliss. Accompanying this bliss, there was an image of myself dancing and filled with absolute joy, rhythm, and harmony, as if I was a melody myself.  And then there were pictures, images, knowings, and spoken messages that came into my mind from Them….

I was taken back into the past…first into the “recent” past, and then even further back, and shown all the times in my life when I had momentarily gone done into the “pool of sorrow”, and when They had pulled me back up from that pit.  Then I felt Them swirling all around me, and knew that that I was somehow One with them, my very existence & being inextricably woven together with theirs. 

I saw that they had gathered together into some kind of “Council” or “team” to intervene on my behalf, and also to relay these very important messages to me.  I saw too that I was part of this “team”, that even though I am in a physical body, and they are currently not, we are all part of the same “soul family” or group. It’s just that I am one of the physical manifestations of this soul family, while they are the non-physical aspect of our family or group.

They showed me how LUCKY I am to be in this world.  They took me back to the time before birth, and showed me how I was selected from among Them (our group of souls) to be a representative of this group on Earth.  They gave me visions and “downloads” about just how difficult it is to receive “approval” to incarnate on the physical plane, and just how many souls are waiting and wanting desperately to have their turn (or re-turn, as the case may be) to live life in a physical body on Earth.

All of this was “downloaded” to me in a single second, and yet, it seemed like an eternity.  I was also shown how at other times in history, it was someone else’s turn to be physically incarnate from among my group, while I played the role of non-physical support from the spiritual plane.  Each part of this “team” takes turns being in the physical world, and getting to experience all the ups and downs of life in the material world.

I was shown just what a great privilege it is to be here, what a high honor it is to be selected from among your group of “soul family” to represent their spiritual essence on Earth.  I saw how each one of us here have our own distinct “soul families” consisting of ourselves, spirit-teacher-angel guides, and our other spiritual brothers & sisters who are currently in physical form, on this planet, or others.  As I saw this, I was in awe, and completely overtaken with gratitude.  Again, my soul was filled with bliss. 

            The visions continued on, and I saw how in my moments of deepest despair, in the times when my conscious, human mind felt that I really did not want to be here anymore, my angels & guides fought valiantly to keep me in this plane, so that my spirit could continue the work that it so anxiously longed to do since before I was born. 

I could feel just how much They loved me, and how when my spirit was weak, Their spirit was strong for me.  Again I was struck by the knowing that at the deepest level, They and I are One, a unified spirit expressing in different ways.  At the core, We are a singularity with many different faucets of expression, but still One.

            And then, I could feel it, really feel it…The Great Mystery… how sacred it is to be alive, what a tremendous gift this physical experience is, with all its beauty, all its ugliness, all its pleasure, and all  its pain. 

I could hear the cardinals and robins twittering in the trees outside, and their song filled my entire physical body with a rhythm of gratitude.  I could feel the softness of the fuzzy blanket against my skin, and the warm of my husband’s body beside me.  And for just one moment, I felt so at peace with it all, and so grateful for it all, even for the pain and the heartache and grief, and for the visceral, tangible experience of life in a physical body…what a magnificent opportunity!

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