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BLOG: It is a GIFT to be here, Part 2

PART 2 of the story where Cynthia shares her visions relating to life before birth, life after death, and the sacredness of life NOW....

            Since I am part of a spiritual team, some day it will be my turn to assist others who are in a physical body while I remain in a non-physical form.  But for now, it is my turn to be the one in the physical body, which is why the Guides are fighting so valiantly to help keep me here.  How lucky I am to finally have my “turn” here!

I have often been told by other readers & clairvoyants that this will be my last lifetime upon this physical earth as a human.  I have gone “around the wheel” hundreds & thousands of times, and for centuries now I have come back time and time again whenever I was needed to bring a reminder of spiritual truth & comfort.

            I’m not sure if this is true or not, if it truly is my last lifetime here as a physical being, but if so, I want to make every moment count.  I want to savor the entire experience, breathe it in and swallow it whole like a succulent fruit.  Even the grief and the painful aspects of physical life are “delicious” in their own way, or at least interesting.  For although I am sure that spirits can feel grief, I know for a fact that they do not feel it in the same visceral, physical way as we do while we are in these dense bodies.

            And what about you?  You too were chosen in this lifetime to be a representative of your particular soul group.  You too were given the privilege to come into this world and experience all of its beauties and pains.  You were called & chosen to be one of the few among many who would have the right to physically incarnate at this time.    

Is it perhaps your last lifetime here on this plane?  If so, then don’t you just want to throw your arms around the whole experience & draw it all in? 

Even if it’s not your last lifetime here, who knows how long it will be until the next one for you….souls can spend hundreds or even thousands of years between physical incarnations.  Doesn’t that fact alone make the time that you are here so very sacred?  Doesn’t it just make you want to shout out with joy from the depths of your heart?

            For no matter what the sorrow or grief, no matter what a “pain in the neck” it can be to deal with some of the physical world “hassles” like gathering food, paying your bills and just surviving, it is still such a gift to be here!

            Today, I hope you enjoy this gift, and choose to savor the wonder of who you are!

 Many Blessings,
Cynthia Killion, Spiritual Guide

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