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The Atlantean Teachers

The Atlantean Teachers

The Atlantean Teachers

Cynthia’s main spirit guides are the Atlantean Teachers.  Although Cynthia believes they have been working with her for her entire life, they first made their presence known in a channeling session in the Summer of 2004.  Cynthia was working with a fellow lightworker who has extremely high vibrations, and the Teachers came through to tell all present that it was time to begin the re-emergence of the consciousness of Atlantis.

        Cynthia was quite shocked by all of this, since up until this point, she had only worked with angels, totems, and individual spirit guides.  In fact, she didn’t even really consider herself a “channeler”.  To top it off, Cynthia had never really had any particular interest in the culture of Atlantis.  Cynthia is an extremely earthy person whose interests tend to lie closer to the material realm, so she couldn’t understand why a group of entities so “ethereal & lofty” as the Atlantean Teachers would choose her as a channel.


        She soon found out that these “ethereal & lofty” beings actually have a very deep & vested interested in the outcome of the material affairs on planet earth. For it was this exact group of souls that “seeded” the advanced civilizations of Lemuria & Atlantis, and are now “seeding” a new Culture of Consciousness in our modern times.

The Atlantean Teachers have revealed to Cynthia that there are actually many souls currently incarnated who were part of the “seeding” of  Lemuria & Atlantis, and that these souls are emerging now to create another enlightened culture of love & harmony upon this planet.

         The Teachers also shared with Cynthia how these “evolved” souls who are currently incarnated are part of the group essence of the Atlantean Teachers…in other words, these advanced human souls are Atlantean Teachers themselves.  Through readings & channeled writings, the Teachers have shared so much more with Cynthia.  She is collecting some of these Teachings together in a book or e-book that will be released in another year or two. In the meantime, Cynthia will share periodic "messages" on this site.  Read on to learn more about the "Messages from Atlantis".

Who are the Atlantean Teachers?

*A direct channeling in their own words*

Who we are is a purer form of Spirit energy, “purer” only in the sense that we more deeply remember who we are and connect more consciously with unconditional love & Source awareness.  We are a group of beings who are returning back to Source.  We have made our way through the incarnational ladder, so to speak, building & re-building civilizations, communities, and “tribes” of higher consciousness.  Now we are “incarnated” (in non-physical form) assisting you in “seeding” a new culture of consciousness. 

            We are unconditional love, we are the collective mind of wisdom, and we are the keepers of the ancient records of the sea, the realm of deep emotion.  We are teachers, and we are recorder keepers.  We hold vast memories, of both the future and the past, as well as the present moment.

  We are also fellow souls.  We can only come to those who are one of us, we can only come to those who are open to us.  We are a group thinking and moving as one mind, and yet, there is a small trace of individuality among each of us.  This is not true “individuality” in the sense that you usually think of it, for not one of us is separate from the other, for we are a brotherhood & spirithood of one. 

When necessary, we have an ability to express a single energy or attribute from within us as an “individual” guide, but this “individual” expression (or guide) is still a part of the larger whole, and we still remain as one.  We are the Atlantean Teachers, which does imply in your language that there is more than one of us. However, from our perspective, there is only one of us, expressing in many different (but related) ways.

In our true form, we are simply pure energy with the power to communicate a message and channel healing energy through you.  You might summarize the nature of our essential energy with the words “higher consciousness”.  We no longer have the need for names or physical distinctions (including individual “bodies”), as we now exist in a realm where energy matters more than form, and Oneness is more desired than separation.  This is why often it is hard to describe what we “look” like.  In our true form, we do not “look” like anything in your world, because we are not of this world.

However, if we need to, we may appear in a more singular, “human” form to reach you, as a male or a female.  Often times when it is necessary to appear in a “form”, we appear as male, because our last mass human incarnation upon this earth was in the culture of Atlantis, a very technological and somewhat “masculine” society.  Also, many of you pay more attention when we present ourselves in a male image, because your current society is still in the process of re-remembering the wisdom & power of the feminine-yin energy.

It is not so important who we are as it is who you are, and why you have chosen to open yourself to our message, our energy.   If you are receiving these messages from us, then you can be sure that you too have contracted & agreed to be part of the seeding of a new “culture of consciousness”, of the evolution of your species into a higher race of profound love and increased spiritual & psychic awareness. 

Also know that we are here to help you do the things you cannot do on your own.  In many cases, this means that we are here to help you in your own healing, here to help you cleanse the deep level hurts from your heart that have accumulated over many lifetimes of experience on planet earth.

Our motto for you is “Let Us”.  Sometimes this means, “Let us do this together”.  Other times it means, “Let us help you”.  And still other times yet, it means “Let us do this for you”.  We can only do for you what we can do through you, which means that in order to receive our help, you must open up and allow us to do the work (whatever the work is), you must cease resistance and place your self in a state of open, receptivity instead.  In other words, you must be teachable.

Who we are is not as important as the message and energy that we bring.  And who you think you are, is not nearly as important as thee message and energy you express.  We invite you to move deeper into the energy of Atlantis now, into the deep primordial wisdom of unconditional love, and acceptance of your true inner power.  As we teach you, you become the teacher yourself.

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