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SACRED DESIRE...or Knowing that You Are Already Whole

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You live in a world of desire.  Indeed, the physical world was created into being by the One’s desire to experience itself.  There is nothing wrong or bad or unhealthy about desire.  What is unhealthy is desire unbalanced with love and a sense of wholeness. 

Desire without love and a sense of innate wholeness leads to need, which is a way of saying or thinking you cannot be complete without a certain thing.  Sacred desire on the other hand, comes from a place of unconditional love and the total knowing that you are already complete within yourself.

Desire is healthy when it is coupled with joy and playfulness.   Desire becomes unhealthy when it moves into the realm of desperation and destituteness.  Healthy desire comes when you know that you are already whole within yourself, and are not striving to reach a certain thing in order to fill a void. 

When desire moves into the realm of desperation and scarcity, it becomes a need.  To say that you need something implies that you are lacking and incomplete in yourself.  To say that you need something (rather than you would like to have that certain thing) says that you feel you will not be OK without that certain thing. 

Instead of thinking to yourself, “I really need this certain thing or I am going to be in trouble”, try saying, “It would be fun to have this thing” or “I would really enjoying having this experience.”  Joy is a magnet for abundance, whereas “need” is a magnet for further desperation and devastation.

            Need is based on attachment to certain results.  Desire is non-attached and focuses more on the process.  When you allow yourself to feel a “need” for something, you are most certainly setting yourself up for pain, for there is no object or experience on earth that can fill what is essentially a spiritual void.

However, when you choose to experience a desire, you are also choosing to acknowledge and experience your own completeness.  And when you acknowledge the completeness within, it will come forward to the world without.

WHAT YOU WANT....or Your Power to Decide
(#2 of 2 channelings on this page) 

                   You are not sure how to proceed.  Therefore, you do not proceed.  When you are not sure, you have not yet made up your mind…you haven’t committed to a path, you haven’t DECIDED.  You haven’t EN-VISIONED what you want.

            Until you envision what you want, and until you commit to wanting it, the doorways to manifestation cannot open!

            But alas, we understand how difficult this is for you to see in the physical world.  We understand that you are constrained by your physical bodies and senses, at least until you more fully awaken.

            Perhaps in the beginning of this process of desire, it is useful to first figure out what it is you DON’T want, what it is you stand against, and then go from there.

            Find what it is that you are NOT willing to accept, then use it to discover and commit to what you WILL accept.  Do not just accept what happens to come your way!  Be a CREATOR and participate in this divine process of creating your life!  Find what you WANT to accept and focus on drawing it into your life!

          And remember…we have no preference for you, except that you become conscious of the light that you are in this world!  Everything else is for you to decide! 

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