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          Although there are some similiarities, Chinese astrology is quite a bit different than Western astrology.  Instead of using celestial archetypes correlating with the constellations, Chinese astrology is more totemic and earthly is based upon the 5 elements of Chinese mysticism as well as the Yin-Yang and the 12 animal signs (and their 60 different variations).  Keep reading for more info on what to expect in a Four Pillars Chinese astrology Reading. 

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           In the West, we have many tools for understanding ourselves and analyzing our personalities. Some of these tools are metaphysical and spiritual based; others are more psychological in nature. The ancient metaphysical system of Western astrology with its twelve sign solar-based zodiac is one of the most widely used systems for self-discovery & personality analysis in our modern Western society. However, in Asia and in many other parts of the world, there is a different tool that is used to help understand one’s personality temperament and characteristics. This tool is both spiritual and psychological in nature, and is a bit like what you would get if you crossed Western astrology with the Myers-Brigg Personality Inventory….this remarkable tool for self-understanding and insight is the ancient art of Chinese fortune-telling astrology. It is also sometimes called "Four Pillar" astrology, due to the fact that the chart that it produces is based on 4 columns or pillars.

Although no one knows for certain when Chinese astrology began, it is likely to be quite ancient indeed. Many modern scholars believe that Chinese astrology traces its roots back to Taoist and Vedic astrology, which goes back at least as far as 4000 B.C. According to traditional texts, the Chinese calendar upon which Chinese astrology is based has been in use for almost five thousand years. However, some evidence suggests that this calendar may have “only” been in use for about three thousand five hundred years ( In any case, the 60 year cycle that modern Chinese astrology is based on began around either 2,637 BC or 2, 697 BC. Either way, it is a very ancient system of metaphysical understanding indeed! 

           In addition to your Western astrology chart & signs (for example, sun in Aries) you also have an Eastern astrology or Chinese chart.  This chart includes the animal signs for your year, month, day and hour of birth, as well as the unique elements that were in operation for each of these signs at the time of your birth.  Your Chinese astrology chart can tell you specifically which is your lucky element, as well as which elements are your "unlucky" or not so lucky elements. It also reveals the Yin-Yang balance within your energy signature, suggesting what you need to do in order to become more happy, peaceful, prosperous and successful in various aspects of life.  Once the initial birth chart has been constructed, it can also be used to determine lucky (and unlucky) times and dates of the year for you, as well as what arenas of life you would be most wise to focus on at this time.

           Since Chinese astrology is based on animals and elements (and not just ancient myths) many people find it easier to immediately understand their Chinese astrology chart reading.



 SIMILIARITIES TO WESTERN ASTROLOGY:  Chinese astrology also has 12 signs.  Some of the signs get along well with other signs, and are not as compatible with others. 

HOW CHINESE ASTROLOGY IS DIFFERENT FROM WESTERN ASTROLOGY:  It is lunar-based and totemic based, and not based on the actual movements of the planets or the sun. 

The signs are ANIMAL signs (and not the traditional 12 zodiac signs we are familiar with in the West). 


Also, Chinese astrology puts a lot of emphasis on your YEAR sign, whereas Western astrology doesn't really have a year sign. 


The Chinese astrology chart as it has come down to us is not circular (like the Western charts) but instead is a table of 4 columns.

Therefore, it looks nothing like a Western astrology chart (which is a wheel).


 Furthermore, Chinese astrology has FIVE elements, and not just four.  

These include Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. 


 As you can see from looking at this list, a few of the elements are the same as in Western astrology, but a couple of them are definitely different!  (Plus, they don't have an "air" element in Chinese astrology.)  In addition to all this, Chinese astrology also differs from Western astrology in that it is tied into Feng Shui and Chinese mysticism, and can suggest energetic "cures" for places where the energies in your chart are imbalanced. 



Are you wondering what a Chinese astrology chart looks like?  For those who are unfamiliar with this system, here is an example of a basic Chinese Astrology "Four Pillars" chart that Cynthia created to do a reading for one of her clients.....

Sample Chart 1

Hour Signs

Day Signs

Month Signs

Year Signs 

Stem #









Stem Gender & Element

Yang Fire

Yang Water

Yang Fire

Yang Earth  

Branch Gender & Element

Yang Fire

Yang Water

Yang Earth

Yang Metal

Year Sign:  Earth Monkey    Month Sign:  Fire Dragon

Day Sign:  Water Rat          

Hour Sign:  Fire Horse                                                                                                                     

Strongest Element:  FIRE             Weak or Missing:  Wood, Metal   

Yin-Yang Balance:   Yin: 0   Yang: 8  Needs Yin!       

        This gives you an idea of the kind of chart & info that you & Psychic Cynthia will be working with in your reading.  Although this is the basic fundamental chart of Chinese astrology (equivalent to your "natal chart" in Western astrology), it is just a starting point, as there are other charts involved in the reading too, including the "Ming Shu" or (life fate chart) and the "Luck Pillars" or "Life Cycle" chart.  

        As you can see from looking at the above chart, Chinese astrology uses an entirely different system than Western astrology.  It may look a little bit unfamiliar to you.  Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia will explain it all to you in your reading in terms that you can understand.  The benefit of Chinese astrology is that it is very accessible to even someone who is completely unfamiliar with any astrological system at all....Chinese astrology is very shamanic & totemic based, and as such, it is easier for most people to relate to with just a little bit of explanation. 

Chinese astrology is also extremely practical.  The whole point of having this kind of reading is so that you can learn to understand yourself better, as well as how your own innate energies are interacting with the Universal energies of the current month/year, and how you can better harmonize with these energies in order to increase your good fortune, and to minimize your bad fortune.  Chinese astrology is not as "soft & fluffy" as its modern day Western acknowledges that we all have good periods & bad periods, and it helps you to make the most of your good/lucky periods, while advising how you can best minimize the damage during your un-lucky periods.


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