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BLOG: Retrograde Venus & Your Inner Bitch....Part 1

Venus it time to unleash (or tame) your inner bitch?
PART 1.....October 27, 2010

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Dear Friends, hope you have been having a wonderful week.  I’ve been enjoying “hibernating” a little bit today, doing some meditation and working on my “lesson plans” for my new upcoming Telechat Club unit, “Healing Heart”.  I also watched an interesting You-Tube video about a possible time-traveler in a 1928 Charlie Chapman movie (courtesy of my friend Laura Walthers, of

It just seems like that kind of day…the kind of day where it feels good to “hang low” in the background and focus on introspective kinds of things.

Another “introspective type” activity I did today was reading over some free astrology reports for my own chart at  This reminded me of how one of my subscribers wrote me last Saturday night to ask me if I had any information on the full moon.

Yes, we did have a full moon last Friday night at 9:37 Eastern daylight time.  I actually did write a little blurb about it on my facebook page, so if you are a facebook friend of mine, you can read it on my profile page.  (And if you are not already my facebook friend, feel free to “friend” me…..just look for Cynthia Killion in Wichita, Kansas, or Psychic Cynthia.).

I haven’t written an “astro-update” in a little while, because, quite frankly, I am not that enthused about the current astrological energies.  Way back when I was in kindergarten, I was taught that if you don’t have something good to say, then you shouldn’t say anything.  (smile)

Of course, like most people, I sometimes find this hard to practice.  This time, however, I have to say, that even my perfectionistic mother (god rest her soul) would be proud of the restraint I have shown in NOT speaking about what I can only quite frankly say is a currently unpleasant astrological environment.

However, I know that whenever my clients and newsletters readers start hounding me for astrological updates, it is probably time to break my “code of silence”….even if what I have to say isn’t particularly pleasant. 

The bad news is that Venus is retrograde in Scorpio (one of the worst possible positions for Venus, in my opinion) and the Sun is moving through the “via combusta” phase.  If none of this means anything to you, I’ll explain more briefly.  However, suffice it to say that it doesn’t make for a very pleasant time, especially in regards to relationships and money matters. 

The good news is that I can probably give you some insight into when this period of scratchiness & dissonance will be over. The best news of all is that “this too shall pass”.

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VENUS RETROGRADE…Bad News for Relationships

            Venus has been retrograde since October 8th.   It went retrograde at 13 degrees Scorpio.  It will remain retrograde until November 18th.  Venus only goes retrograde about once every eighteen months, (compare that to Mercury, which retrogrades 3 times every year.)  So it’s a pretty significant event when it does happen. 

I didn’t write much about this Venus retrograde at the time that it started, because quite frankly, I didn’t have much positive to say about it, especially with it spending most of its time in the infamously dark & moody sign of Scorpio.  In fact, not only was Venus in Scorpio when she went retrograde, she was also within the phase of Scorpio known as “via combusta”, a time known by the ancient astrologers as “sinister”.  (We’ll talk more about Via combusta in just a moment).

What does Venus retrograde in Scorpio mean for you?  In a nutshell, this is a very intense time of pressure in regards to relationships, pleasure, creativity, and money.  Venus is associated with the social niceties, how we relate to each other, and what we attract…on the spiritual, emotional, physical, and material levels.  When Venus goes retrograde, most of us will question at least one significant relationship in our lives, and very often, money issues or core values might be at the center of our “questioning” (usually both). 

Venus retrograde tends to fill us with questions and confusion about how to properly relate to each other, dealing with money issues, or how to attract what it is we really desire.  It also tends to trigger our inner Mars (the opposite of Venus), so that our suppressed aggressions & frustrations come burbling up to the surface.  Hence, the tendency to be rude, lash out at each other, cut other people off, or ignore their needs altogether. If you are really angry at a person, or have been carrying resentment towards him or her for a long time, it is likely to come burbling to the surface during this time of Venus retrograde.

 During Venus Retrograde, for many people, it becomes “all about me” (especially for those people who don’t feel very spiritually connected to start with). People in general are a little bit more “scratchy” and “insensitive” than normal (myself included…being an astrologer does NOT make you immune to cosmic energies!  However, it does help you to cope in a more sane, centered way…sometimes…smile.)

To make matters worst, Venus moves through the “via combusta” zone during the entire period of this retrograde period.  The “via combusta” zone is the area of the zodiac that spans from 15 degrees Libra to 15 degrees Scorpio, with the worst, most intense aspect of it being from 25 degrees Libra to 6 degrees Scorpio.  When the moon (or sun) passes through this phase, it is considered to be a particularly dark & unfortunate time.  At least, that’s what the ancient astrologers thought. 

At first, I thought that they (the ancient astrologers) were a bunch of superstitious old fogeys for going on and on about this via combusta period.  But then, I started to watch & observe what happened when the sun and moon moved through the “via combusta” zone, and sure enough things certainly do get a little scratchy, dissonant, and at times, downright unnerving. 

To put it bluntly, when the sun (or moon) move through the via combusta, the energies are quite destructive.  In fact, the via combusta was (and probably still is) a favorite time among so-called “dark magicians” to cast dark magic (it is also an excellent time to perform exorcisms, banishings, and psychic cleansings…a more positive use of this energy)....

CLICK HERE to read PART 2 of this story and learn more about what's REALLY "up" during this Venus retrograde time

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