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         Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion is an internationally known spiritual psychic medium, astrologer, channeler, teacher & author.  Gifted with the “second sight” from her Grandmother on her father’s side, Cynthia was initiated into the Mystery School religions at age 13.  From that point on, she began to live her lifelong calling as a mystic, seer, and spiritual teacher.

            Rev. Dr. Cynthia is also known as "Psychic Cynthia".  She is the former star of the seven-season, award winning television program “Psychic Live!”.  Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia is quite the writer too, and is author of The Cosmic Almanac (four years in a row), A Little Book of Prosperity Magic, and several other books & pamphlets.  She writes & publishes the popular on-line "Cosmic Newsletter", a free on-line publication that provides psychic, energetic & astrological tips & guidance for its readers.  She is a channel for the Atlantean Teachers, an advanced group of beings who want to help humanity experience greater abundance and joy in their lives.  Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia also appears monthly on the Power Morning Radio show on Power 93.5 in Wichita, KS and does call-in, guest readings through this program.

She also holds bachelor’s degrees in both social work and metaphysics, a Master's degree in metaphysics, and a Doctorate in Divinity through the University of Metaphysical Sciences. (Her doctorate specialty is in Metaphysical Counseling.)  Cynthia is an ordained minister through both Sunset Spiritualist Church and Church of Wisdom of the Heart.  She is featured in the book "Four Eternal Women" by Molten & Sikes.

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"Oh My GOD!
Without a doubt, you are really something else...I wanted to write to you about this subject..and there you answered without me asking  : )  of course I did ask you in spirit.  I did not want to bother you and BOOM!
you came to the rescue."   Anna Avila, Mulvane, KS

"Wow is all I can say to your newsletter!  OMG (oh my god!), it explains so MUCH that's been going on, now that enough time has passed for me to see the pattern. I'm so impressed everytime I read your newsletter with your precision and grasp of metaphors...I have now sit aside time to schedule a reading."  Phyllis Bernstein, Elgin, IL

"Boy are you right on the money for me and my family!  I can't wait until the 24th!  I hope this all clears up soon.  I am sending you a positive ray too.  Thanks for your messages."  Katy England, Salina, KS

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