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BLOG: Meaning of 11:11....Part 1

The Meaning of 11:11
PART 1.....What does it mean for us as a planet?
Also:  What does it mean for you personally?

Dear Friends, hope you are having a fabulous week.  I am writing this “newsletter” for you as a follow-up to the recent story I did about master numbers.  With so many people noticing the number 11:11 more and more each day, and also with us being on the eve of 11/11, I thought that it might be helpful to explain to you more about the significance of this magical number.  Also, I wanted to show you how you can figure out what the *personal* significance of 11:11 is for you.


O.K.  Before we get into the “personal” stuff, let’s first look briefly at the collective meaning of 11:11.  In other words, from the higher cosmic perspective, why is the number 11:11 (and its variations) appearing more frequently now?  And what does it mean for us as a planet?

            In a nutshell, 11:11 seems to be appearing more frequently now because enough of us have tuned into the level of consciousness where we are more ready to receive its energies & understand its significance.  I say that this number “seems” to be appearing more frequently, because in all likelihood, it was probably always there, calling out to us.  The difference is now that more of us are paying attention and noticing the number.  In other words, we are WAKING UP.

            To answer the second question about what 11:11 means for us a planet & a species….This is difficult to put into words.  I am fairly certain that we (as a species) are not fully capable of understanding that at this time.  What I do know is that 11:11 represents a kind of gateway or crossroads.  1 is the number of choice.  1 is the number of free will.  Four ones means four times the choices, and four times the strength of free will.  However, free will must be merged with Divine Will to create anything of meaning.

            Humanity needs to rise further out of victim consciousness.  We need to see that our thoughts are creative and do have power.  The number 11:11 represents a divine & angelic energy that is helping us achieve this realization.  Each time a single one of us merely notices the number 11:11 (or any of its multiples or forms), we are helping humanity break free from the ancient cycles of helplessness & victimhood.

            Although we need to recognize our own inner power, we must also come to understand that we are NOT “all powerful”.  Humankind is NOT at the “top” of the spiritual hierarchy, but rather we are mere children when it comes to spiritual discernment and understanding. 

We must strengthen our relationship with God, with our angels, with our guides, with our own inner spirits, and with our spiritual teachers.  We must recognize that we do NOT already know it all, and we must come from a place of openness and receptivity.  Jesus said you must become like a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven.  That is because, cosmically speaking, we are ALL children!

The vibration of the number 11:11 calls humanity to seek the higher will, and to submit personal will to Divine will.  When personal will is aligned with higher will, MIRACLES happen.  It’s not enough anymore to just want something for ourselves or our own families.  If we are to dig ourselves up from the many pits of misery we have created on this planet, then we must start caring about our entire HUMAN family.

Therefore, 11:11 is a call to align free will with Divine will, and to begin acting from a space of higher love and courage in all our interactions.

I can tell you this….no matter who you are, or what your system of numerology is (or lack thereof), the number “1” is universally recognized as a number of change.  Therefore, four ones put together, then recurring over and over again (as many of us have noticed this number doing), means that we are all in for MASSIVE CHANGE.

We can make it easier for ourselves (and for all of humanity) by making it a priority to daily & hourly tune into our inner selves and the presence of God within.

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            OK.  Now let’s get into the “juicy” stuff…the way that 11:11 is affecting you personally. 

As a professional psychic & oracle, helping you to see the personal significance of this kind of phenomenon is my favorite part.  Why?  Because the personal affects the collective, just as surely as the collective affects the personal.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that the personal IS the collective.  And as more and more of us “wake up”, the collective energies of the planet shift towards a more peaceful, healthy, and loving vibe.   Isn’t that we all want, deep down inside? (smile).

So here’s how I suggest that you begin to discover the PERSONAL significance of 11:11 for you.

First of all, you must understand that 11:11 isn’t just one number.  Yes, it can be read as “1111”, but it also can be read in other ways too.  In fact, I begin making a list of the different numbers I could form using these digits and their “offspring” by combining them in the numerological cycle through addition or multiplication.  My head started to swim and get “fuzzy” with too many numbers, so I had to stop (smile).   

            What 11:11 means to you personally depends on what you see when you look at the number, and how its digits combine or separate in your mind. 

When I was meditating on this number & making my “magic numerological” list, I came up with at least 14 different ways of viewing this number, depending on how you group the digits together, and how you “reduce” them down using addition, or “expand” them out using multiplication.  However, 14 is a LOT of different ways of looking at this number, and unless you are seriously meditating on this number combo for a long period of time, you are probably more likely to see it in one of FOUR different ways.

             From the numerological perspective, there are four ways that you are most likely to read and interpret the number 11:11. 

First, you can read it as one whole “unit” (a series of 4 ones adding up to four, OR, four ones multiplied times each other).  You can also read it as two sets of 11, adding together to equal twenty-two.  Along this same line, you might read it as two sets of 11 being multiplied times each other.  Finally, you could view 11:11 as two sets of two ones, each adding up to two, and then combining together to make four (or two sets of two being multiplied times each other to equal four).

            How you think about and view the number 11:11 determines what it means for you.  In other words, your perception of the number changes the vibration and frequency that you receive from it.  If you want to determine the personal meaning of 11:11 for you, then you first need to figure out which way of looking at this number that you most strongly resonate with in this moment.

            I have listed these four main different ways of expressing 11:11 below.  Look at this list, and notice which form of this number immediately resonates with you the strongest.…

            HINT:  Notice which form of 11:11 resonates the strongest with you right NOW, in this moment.  Notice which one you are drawn to.  Do NOT think about this.  This is NOT a mental process, it is a feeling or sensing.  There is no wrong answer.  If you’re not sure about which number you are more drawn to, then just “randomly” pick one.


Number Forms & Interpretations of 11:11


1111 ……………………….(four ones)

11 + 11…………………… (two elevens equals twenty two)

11 x 11……………………(eleven times eleven equals one hundred twenty one)

(1 + 1)  + (1 + 1)……………(two sets of two equals four)

 Whatever way of seeing this number that you feel yourself most drawn to and curious about at this time is the message for you.

            Now you can look up the form of the number 11:11 you have chosen below and learn more about its personal meaning & significance for you.  Click on the number you most resonate with, and the link will take you to the personal meaning of 11:11 for you.

CLICK HERE if you resonate strongest with either 1111 (1 + 1 + 1 + 1), OR 11 + 11

CLICK HERE if you resonate strongest with either 11 x 11, OR (1 + 1) + (1 + 1)

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