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BLOG: Part 3 The Veil is Thinning!

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(Ground, Enlist the Help of a Supportive Friend, & Set Boundaries!)    

By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion http://www.cynthiakillion.com/  

May 29th, 2014  (c) 2014 All Rights Reserved.

           Regardless of what you basic orientation is (rock or airy-fairy), during times of rapid, accelerated veil-thinning, it is best to be a bit more like a well-grounded rock, or at least as close to that as you can come.  GROUNDING is the key to surviving—and thriving—during times of intense energy shift & accelerated veil-thinning! 

           Grounding is the essential key to thriving during times of intense energetic blasts & veil-thinning, as with so much excess psychic energy in the atmosphere right now, the energy naturally seeks an outlet of expression.  This is what fuels the increased psychic & emotional unrest in the airy-fairy, super-senser types.  However, if you give the energy a conscious outlet for expression, then it will “take the edge” off (energetically speaking) and you won't be as afflicted by emotional spikes or unsettling psychic phenomenon.

          Understand that as I am using the word here, grounding is not just a “technique”, but it is a way to approach life.  Whenever the veil thins this rapidly & significantly, we need to temporarily integrate in a much more grounded, down-to-earth approach to life, so that we can receive the positive benefits of the extreme energy downloads without frying our nervous systems or straining our physical bodies.    

        Now, if you are naturally a well-grounded rock type, you've probably already got this part covered.  All you need to do is to just keep doing a little of what you usually do anyway, which is tend to your physical world matters in an attentive, responsible, and low-key way.  The only difference for you right now (or during any other time of accelerated, intense veil-thinning) is that you are likely to feel much more relaxed, open, positive or inspired than normal.  You might even find that it is easy for you to mend relationships, start new projects, or take inspiring action right now.

         The only exception to this is usually if you are a well-grounded rock-type who is married to or dating a sensitive, airy-fairy, super-senser type, or you otherwise are in close relationship with or have to deal closely with super-sensers at work.  If this is the case, then you might be experiencing what I call “second-hand distress”.  This simply means that it's not as easy for the super-sensers in your life to handle these intense energy spikes, and when they start freaking out, it can take a strain on you. 

          Calming & soothing an upset super-sensor is a fine art, and we would need a lot more time and space than what I have here to adequately cover that.  For now, let me just say that if you are a well-grounded rock type who is being “plagued” by the distress of your airy-fairy super-senser partner, child, friend, or co-worker, it helps if you get some food & water into them (smile) and encourage them to rest. 

           Also, if the energies are making them overly-tired, prodding them to join you in a bit of extra gentle exercising (thin walking, stretching, swimming) can help. If they are overly tired or low energy, coffee or tea (in moderation) will also assist in kicking back in their physical life force energy.  A cup of warm black tea in particular (any variety) with a splash of crème seems to be extremely helpful & soothing for a sensitive, airy-fairy person who is experiencing energetic overwhelm.

          Now, if you are the airy-fairy, super-senser, super-feeler type yourself, then this getting-more-grounded approach might take a little bit more thought, planning, and conscious effort on our part.  You probably think that you are already grounded enough (smile...most airy-fairy types do really think that).  And who knows?  Maybe you are. 

            But just in case you aren't actually grounded enough to get through this time gracefully & easily, let me give you one quick, important & very helpful tip:  Find a supportive friend,mentor, or counselor, and allow him or her to guide & support you through this time.  Ideally, this would be someone whom you connect with live and in-person, or at least through personal telephone calls, e-mail or facebook chats. 

            It is best if it is a friend whom you already have a relationship with, or a paid professional whom you know that you can trust.  Either way, make sure it is someone whom you can count on to be stable & grounded when you're feeling weaker in these areas.  Also make sure it is someone who will call you on your bullshit when you are acting out.  Whether it is a friend or a paid professional, you need someone who is real & authentic to help support you through this time, not someone who will just tell you what you want to hear. If you're hiring a professional (psychic, counselor, healer, therapist, etc), make sure that is is someone whom you know will not back down when you are about to do something really stupid that will create havoc in your life.  (Seriously!)

           If you're not fortunate to already have a relationship with such a person in your life, then at least take some time to listen back to recordings or read books that were written/created by those teachers or authors whom you have found to be helpful & instrumental in keeping you grounded & uplifted.  Don't say that you don't have time to do these things! Truly, if you are a sensitive soul right now, then you don't have time to NOT do these things during this period of accelerated veil-thinning & energy spike.



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HOW GROUNDED ARE YOU?  (Is it enough?)

           Here's how you can you tell if you're grounded enough to endure this veil-thinning safely & optimally: 

            If you are currently feeling more relaxed, positive, upbeat, and calm than usual, and your physical health is well, and you have no new sudden aches or pains, and aren't experiencing a sudden spike in “drama” or unusual psychic activity, then you are probably sufficiently grounded to withstand this current time of accelerated & intense veil-thinning.  In fact, you'll not only withstand it, but you will be able to harness the increased energetic charge in the atmosphere to spiritually grow, launch new projects, improve relationships, and take inspired action.

           Now, that being said, here is how you can tell that you are NOT sufficiently grounded enough to experience this time of veil-thinning in a more relaxed, positive way: 

          You are currently experiencing (or have recently experienced) strong feelings of emotional overwhelm, you suddenly feel more discouraged, depressed, or hopeless than usually, it is as if you are in a “dark spell” where you look at the world around you in a more negative or cynical light.  You are more critical of others than usual, or you become more easily angered or annoyed right now, or lose your temper & snap much more quickly than you usually do.  (These are some of the common EMOTIONAL symptoms of not being well-grounded enough during a time of energetic shift or veil-thinning). 

          Also, if you're not grounded enough to safely withstand these current energy spikes, you might be experiencing some kind of unexpected or sudden earthly drama or crisis (severe financial shortage, getting evicted, messy relationships break-up, health scare, etc.)

          On a physical level, you can tell that you aren't adequately grounded during a time of veil-thinning if you become suddenly ill with allergies, headaches, constipation, diarrhea, or other kind of physical malady.  You may also experience muscle spasms, joint pains, stiffness or other kinds of skeletal or muscle issues as a result of the energetic strain.  All of these are signs that your nervous system & physical body are being strained by the intense influx of psychic energies to the physical pain.  Getting rest, drinking plenty of fluids, and moving gently will help you to heal by grounding the energy that is coming in.  An herbal purification bath will also help release psychic toxins as well.

          On the psychic level, the signs that you aren't adequately grounded enough for the time of current veil-thinning are obvious. 

         If you start to have lots of strange & whacky “phenomenon” occurring with much greater frequency (such as doors or windows suddenly flying open, objects disappearing, moving on their own, or suddenly appearing out of nowhere), then you need to get more grounded.  Furthermore, if you find that you can't turn down your awareness or communication with the spirit world, and that the insights or communications are flowing at such an intense level that it is impacting your ability to sleep, eat, or function well in the physical world right now, then you also need to take a break & get grounded.

         In case you need them, some additional ideas about how you can take a more grounded approach to life right now include spending time out in nature, exercising, breathing deeply, and doing slow moving meditations that take you more deeply into your body.  Some other good immediate grounders are doing simple housework (dishes, cleaning the bathroom, laundry), gardening, cooking, caring for animals or tending to paperwork or getting organized.  Doing these simple little “down-to-earth” things will literally help to bring you back down-to-earth and into your body.  Also, don't forget to use crystals & rocks to help you ground.  The stones that work best for grounding are the rich, dark-colored ones, such as hematite, tiger's eye, or obsidian.

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 Setting boundaries with the spirit world is also important for surviving--and thriving--during times of veil-thinning.  So is setting boundaries with people too!  You can also use certain specific flowers and herbs to help "clear the air" and take the edge off (psychically & energetically speaking).  All of this is contained in the last page of this article. 

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