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BLOG: May-June 2014 The Veil is Thinning!


In this article, Cynthia shares her perspective on how the veil is currently thinning at an accelerated rate, what it means when the veil between the world things, the 2 kinds of energy experiencers, how to tell if you are grounded enough to get through a veil-thinning time gracefully & without being disturbed, what to do to help yourself ground & release the intense energy (if you are the super-senser type), setting boundaries with the spirit world, and flowers and herbs that you can use to clear the air & take the energetic edge off.    Note:  This is a 5 part article series. Part 1 & 2 are located here.  To read part 3, CLICK HERE.  For Parts 4 & 5, Click Here.

 *  The Veil is Thinning!  Grounding Yourself and Calming & Stablizing Your Energies so You Can Thrive. *  


By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion  May 29th, 2014

            I have definitely felt & sensed psychically that the veil between our world & the spirit world has been very *THIN* lately, especially for the last two weeks or so.  This thinning-of-the-veil happens periodically from time-to-time and is frequently triggered by lunar, astrological, or metereological events (yes! The weather truly can influence the psychic energies).  For the past several years, I have noticed that the veil between the worlds tends to become extremely thin during the time period of mid-May up until mid-June. (I have a couple of theories about why this might best guess, currently, is that it has something to do with rapid acceleration of daylight & plant growth that happens during this time-period.)  Of course, the veil thins at many different times throughout the year.  But this particular time of the year it seems to thin much more than at other times. In my opinion, this barrier between the spirit world & the physical world (also known as "the veil) is probably frequently thinnest at this time of year than at any other time of year, although of course this can vary somewhat from year-to-year.
          Some years, the veil feels much thinner at this time than at the same time in other years.  Nonetheless, I always notice a significant thinning of the veils during this fact, the veil usually seems even thinner & more "porous" to me personally during this time of year than at any other time of year (including the time around Halloween).  This year in particular the veil feels very thin right now, and I definitely have noticed an increase in psychic phenonomen, spirit manifestations, and high emotional energies. 
           Just so we are clear here, what I mean when I say that “the veil is thin” is that the natural barrier between our physical world and the various levels of the spirit world is exceptionally malleable & porous right now.  In other words, the boundaries between the physical & non-physical world have greatly dissolved, and these worlds are currently overlapping and blending together far more closely than usual.
              When this happens, it usually leads to increased visible psychic manifestations and phenomenon, as well as increased emotional-psychic hypersensitivity & overwhelm.  There can be all sorts of unusual things that happen as a result of this.  For me personally, I can say that I have had some very unusual & intense spirit manifestations lately, including alarm clocks going off when they weren't even turned on, a microwave door suddenly flying open, and objects disappearing before my very eyes.
             In case you're wondering, NO, these kinds of occurrences are not “usual” for me, even as a professional psychic.  Sure, they have happened before in the past, but generally these kinds of spirit phenomenon are few & far between for me.  I certainly don't usually have this many “episodes” over a 1 ½ week period.  The reason is that I learned early on in life to create healthy boundaries with the spirit world, so that they would respect my space and I would respect theirs. 
           Most of the spirits I deal with in my work know that they are not to unduly interfere with my life, nor are they to freak me out by moving things suddenly around in the room, making appliances go on or off, or otherwise using my human energies to create “phenomenon” just for the fun of it.  If they absolutely must demonstrate phenomenon to get my attention about an important message, I give them permission to do so. However, most of the time I am in close enough telepathic communication with the spirits who are trying to reach me that no special phenomenon is necessary on their part to get a message across to me.
           However, with the veil being as thin as it has been lately, there is a LOT more psychic energy in the atmosphere.  This makes it easier for wandering, mischievous, or desperate spirits to create physical phenomenon.  It also makes it easier for them to tap into the emotional energy of particularly sensitive or emotional human beings (like myself) and wreak emotional havoc.
        Sometimes the spirits who come out when the veil is thinning & create phenomenon just want to be “noticed” by someone in the physical world.  Or perhaps it is one of your guides trying to get your attention (they don't always use material manifestations, but they can).  That's why sometimes it can help to just say, “Oh, I see you” or “I can feel you there”.  If you're open to it, you might ask them if there is something you can help them with or if there is something they want to tell you.  However, if they keep disturbing your peace with annoying phenomenon, it is probably just best to ignore them for a little while until they “settle down” again. 
             By the way, this spirit phenomenon that is happening with increased frequency at this time isn't all being generated by so-called “earth-bound” spirits.  A spirit does not have to be “earth-bound” to reach out into the physical world when the veils are as thin as they are right now.  Under these current circumstances, he or she only has to be knowledgeable enough of how energy works in order to reach across the permeable veil (or barrier) and express in the physical world.  Sure, the so-called “earth-bounds” will be more active during this time as well, but even those who have already crossed-over and want to reach back to physical (for whatever purpose) can more easily do so now.  (And just because a spirit has already “crossed” doesn't mean it isn't capable of a little interfering mischief!)    




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(The Well-Grounded Rock & the Airy-Fairy Super-Senser) 

By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion  May 29th, 2014  (c) 2014 All Rights Reserved.

              Of course, different people experience these kinds of energies differently.  Some of you A lot of it depends on whether your primary inner orientation is more like a “well-grounded rock” or the sensitive airy-fairy type (smile).
                 For example, if you're the kind of person who is naturally quite grounded, practical, and down to earth, and you aren't normally disturbed by too much psychic sensitivity, weird unexplainable phenomenon, or strong emotional outbursts, then you should get along well during this time.  In fact, you might even find that this rapid, intense, and accelerated thinning of the veil leaves you feeling more relaxed, low-key, and open in your heart. 
            The reason for this is because you are the kind of person that is like a “rock” energetically speaking.  Meaning that you are spiritually tuned-in in a way that is much more low key, non-reactive, self-protective, and well-connected to the physical reality.  Therefore, when the veil thins in a rapid, intense, accelerated way (such as it is doing right now), you experience a lightening & an acceleration of your energies, and it usually feels pretty good. 
            Since you're not as emotionally reactive or sensitive as your “airy-fairy” friends, your energy can't be as easily harnessed by the spiritual world to create phenomenon.  Therefore you are a lot less likely to experience annoying spirit phenomenon or emotional spikes, or even to notice these when they do occur around you.  In essence, you are extremely grounded (perhaps even too grounded at time).  This keeps you from being as obviously affected when the veil thins as rapidly & as intensely as it is now doing.  If this describes you, then you're probably wondering what the heck is going on right now with your more “airy-fairy” type friends.

 ON THE OTHER HAND....(Airy-Fairy, Super-sensers & Super-feelers)
            You might be a very different type of energy experiencer indeed.  Perhaps you are the “super-senser” type who is naturally more sensitive (emotional, psychically, or both).
           Are you the kind of person who just can't stay in a room very long if something about the vibe feels “off”?  Are you prone to emotional outbursts, sickness, or periods of melancholy or low energy around the time of the full moon, new moon, or other times of the year?  Do you find that the change of seasons tends to affect you more than others, or that fluctuations in the weather often produce strong fluctuations in your own inner emotional or psychic state? 
           Perhaps it is difficult for you to adjust to people or environments where the vibrations feel “harsh” or just incompatible with yours.  Or maybe you notice that when you get upset, strange psychic phenomenon sometimes happens around you (such as plates flying off the table, lights flickering, or appliances turning themselves off and on).  Perhaps you experience mysterious psychic phenomenon like this on a fairly regular basis (regardless of what you are feeling at the time).  In fact, you might feel more connected to the invisible, non-physical psychic world than you do to the visible, material world.
           If the above description fits you, then you are what I would call a sensitive, airy-fairy type (smile), or in a more serious sense, a super-senser or super-feeler.  You're definitely wired differently than your well-grounded rock friends.  In fact, grounding is not your forte at all.  Instead, you're much better at opening, feeling, sensing, and FLYING OFF out into the non-physical spiritual & emotional realms (which is why the term “airy-fairy” really does work here, because it describes the quality of an inspired soul that prefers to take flight, rather than staying down to earth).
           If this is your type, then you might be having a more difficult time right now with this extreme, rapid, and accelerated thinning of the veil.  This is due to the fact that you probably already struggle a bit to stay grounded in the physical reality.  And when the doors to the spirit world are suddenly blasted opened wide (like they are now), it's just all that more difficult for you to stay grounded.  You are a beautifully sensitive soul who lives more in the non-physical dimensions than in this physical world.
           Since you are naturally MUCH more emotionally reactive or psychically sensitive than your well-grounded “rock” friends, your energy can very easily be harnessed by wandering spirits to create physical phenomenon, especially during times of veil-thinning like this.  Furthermore, more spirits will be drawn to you, since they can sense intuitively that you are easier to reach and influence.  Also, even if no spirits in particular are trying to reach you right now, you are likely to be feeling much more *emotional*, tender, or sensitive right now, because the flooding of increased psychic energy puts a strain on your nervous system.  (For some super-senser, super-feeler, airy-fairy types, this could also result in illness or physical discomfort.)
           As you can see, times of rapid & accelerated veil-thinning are no easy “walk in the park” for those of us who orientate more towards the super-senser type. 
         The good news is that if you are a super-senser, you can learn to be more like your well-grounded rock friends so that you can deal with these kinds of veil thinnings more gracefully & easily (just as your well-grounded rock friends can learn to be a bit more “airy-fairy” so that they can more easily express their inner joy & spirit).  This doesn't mean giving up or changing who you are.  It only means taking some simple steps to help ensure that you can continue to enjoy life during times of accelerated veil-thinning, and also to help keep yourself from becoming psychically or emotionally damaged, strained, or hurt during these times.
CLICK HERE to learn the answers to these questions and read part 3 of this article. 


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