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BLOG: Part 4 The Veil is Thinning!

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By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion  

May 29th, 2014  (c) 2014 All Rights Reserved.

           If you are the type of person who tends to experience lots of uninvited or disturbing psychic phenomenon during times of veil-thinning, then it is essential that you set healthy & firm boundaries in this area, and communicate your preferences clearly & consistently to the spirit world.  Don't just leave yourself open to just any kind of psychic-spirit communication at all during any time of the day.  To do so would be to invite a mental break-down for yourself (or at least a serious headache from time to time when you have to deal with spirits invading your space whom you're really not all that compatible with).

           Only YOU can know for sure what your boundaries with the spirit world should be, just as only you know what you are comfortable and not comfortable with.  You may need to meditate on this for a day or two and come up with your “terms” for interacting with the spirit world. Once you have created your terms, do a special ceremony or meditation to “broadcast” these terms out into the psychic atmosphere, making it very clear to all on the spirit world what your new “house-rules” are.  Then stick to your terms, and don't let any spirits or energetic activity bully you around or submit you to something you don't want to be submitted to.

           If you're looking for a recommendation to help you get started with this, I would recommend that you let the spirits around you know that they are welcome to enter your space at non-intrusive, appropriate times if they are there to help, bless, aid, greet, or need help. And you also let them know that they are NOT welcome to invade your energy field, intrude upon your piece of mind, or use your energy to create phenomenon just for the sake of creating phenomenon.  (That should pretty much cover it). 

          If a spirit breaks or pushes at these boundaries, gently, but firmly, remind him or her of the “house rules”.  If he or she continues to push at or break the house rules, you can either evict him or her from your space (by calling upon Archangel Michael or any other higher level spirit guide to take care of this for you) OR you could just try ignoring him or her for a little while and not giving any particular attention to her spirit outbursts.  (You'd be surprised at how effective this last strategy can be for educating spirits about your boundaries.)  Most important of all is to let them know that you are SERIOUS about your boundaries, and that boundary invasions will NOT be tolerated.

          If you're experiencing emotional disruptions or outbursts as a result of veil-thinning, you may also need to look at setting firmer boundaries with the PEOPLE in your life.  Sometimes this means simply saying “no” to unreasonable requests.  Other times it might actually mean doing some form of psychic protection or energetic clearing to help protect & buffer yourself from people in your environment who are intentionally sending out negative energy. 

        During these times of energetic spike & veil-thinning, look around at the people who are surrounding there anyone who is mentally imbalanced, psychically or emotionally “dark” or negative, or just spewing hostile or bleak energies out into the environment?  If so, I recommend taking measures on the psychic plane to protect yourself and bind their negativity from hurting you.  After all, when the veil is this thin, there is MUCH more energy available on the psychic plane to help power & fuel their negativity, and you don't want to be the recipient of a blast of jarring, hostile, and negative energy, I'm sure.

         So take a quick look around at your family members, neighbors, co-workers, and other people whom you regularly associate with or are in your daily environment.  Do any of them strike you as being a bit “unbalanced” in a negative or harmful way, or openly hostile or aggressive?  Don't think about this too hard or become paranoid.  If there is someone who is giving off this kind of energy it will probably be obvious.  Is there any one in your life right now who is acting as a “psychic agitator” or attacker?
 If so, it's best if you can minimize or even avoid contact with this person from here on out, at least until the energies settle back down and the veil is not as thin anymore.  Often, this is not as hard to do as you initially think it is, once you make the decision to no longer engage.  Of course, if the person happens to be your spouse, family member, or business partner, this probably won't be an option (we'll discuss what to do in that scenario in just a moment).

          Even if this person isn't someone who is emotionally close to you, you might be feeling the urge to reach out to him or her and try to help her “reform” energetically speaking.  Please resist that urge.  Any attempts to try to reform or re-direct a psychic agitator are NOT likely to be effective at this time due to the strong currents of uncontrolled psychic energy in the atmosphere, especially if you are not already close to this person and he or she has no reason to listen to or respect your ideas.  Therefore the best approach right now when dealing with these kinds of psychic agitators or attackers is just to lay low for the time being, avoid contact with them if you can, and give them plenty of breathing room & space. 

          Now if the psychic agitator is your spouse, child, family member, or business partner, or if for some other reason you just can't avoid interacting with him or her, the important thing is to concentrate on being as LOVING as possible when dealing with them. 

            Notice I didn't say that you should try to be as “positive” as possible.  Of course being positive is always nice, but what is even MORE important when you are dealing with psychic agitators or attackers is to be LOVING and patient.  If you are loving & patient, then the positive part will come more naturally as well.  However, if you try to be too positive with a person who is stuck giving off a negative energy, you can actually incite them to be even more negative.  So don't try to beat them over the head with your positivity...just be loving, patient, and kind, but also firm with your boundaries. 

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 PART 5: 

By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion  

May 29th, 2014  (c) 2014 All Rights Reserved.


           One last quick tip I will share with you can be of GREAT assistance for psychically purifying, clearing the energies, and calming down the emotions & energies in your household (or place of work) and within the people, pets, and spirit world entities that live there.  Even if you are more of the well-grounded rock type, this little idea can be quite beneficial to you right now, especially if you live with or have to deal with others who are of the super-senser, airy-fairy orientation.

            To clear the air and take the edge off (energetically speaking), sprinkle rose petals around the outer perimeter of your home, business, or car.  It doesn't matter what color the rose petals are and any variety will work.  However, if you do have a choice between different colors, then I would recommend going with a light pink, yellow, or white rose, as these colors are slightly more calming & soothing.  But any color of rose petal will work just fine for this operation.  A mixture of different colors of petals is OK too.  Fresh rose petals will result in the strongest energy “sweep”, but dried will also work as well.

          Another last quick tip I will share with you....To help calm & soothe both yourself AND the spirit entities whom are active right now in your environment, put fresh flowers in your home.  Roses are probably my #1 choice for this kind of energy clearing, but daisies, carnations, lilies, daffodils, and sunflowers work well too.  Truly, any kind of cut flower or flower bouquet that says “beauty & grace” with its appearance will help to soothe, calm, and stabilize the energies in a home or office.

            In the herbal realm, fresh or dried lavender is probably best for calming the energies.  (For the record, I usually prefer to use the whole herb when working energetically & magically with plants, although the essential oil or flower remedy of the plant can also be very powerful.)  Lavender is also good for attracting angelic beings and other kinds of beneficial spirit beings....that can be very useful during times of veil-thinning.  The beneficial spirit beings can act as “spirit-bouncers” for you, dispelling any negative spirits or vibrations for you before you even notice that they are there. 

         To harness the power of lavender in this way, sprinkle the fresh or dried herb around a room or outside the house, or place it in your bath.  You can also make an infusion by boiling a tablespoon or two of the dried herb in about a half a cup of water.  (If you'd like, add some rose petals too.)  This infusion can then be placed in the bath to help calm & purify your energy field, or you can put it into a spray bottle and spray a little in the areas that you visit most frequently to help you stay calm, clear, grounded, and undisturbed by psychic or emotional intrusions.

         Lemon-balm is another herb that I use for cleansing, clearing, soothing and calming a space.  Lemon-balm also has the added side-effect of slightly energizing and stimulating the mind, while adding positive energies into the environment.  It is a very healing herb too, and is great for turning your luck around if you've been having lots of challenges or unfortunate things happening lately.  Lemon balm is traditionally known as “the heart's delight” and is known to calm the nervous system, ease depression, and dispel negative energies.  It has a very uplifting effect upon the emotions, as well as expanding & uplifting the energies of the general  environment.

          You can use lemon balm in much the same way as I've just suggested you use lavender above.  It also makes a tasty herbal tea as well.  To make lemon balm herbal tea, bring 1 cup of water to a boil and remove from heat.  Then stir in 1-2 teaspoons of dried lemon balm, and let sit & steep for about 10 minutes or so before drinking.  (I recommend sipping warm with honey, although it also makes a nice, delicate iced-tea, sweetened or un-sweetened.) If you don't feel like bathing in these herbs, making them into an infusion or spray, or drinking them as a tea (in the case of lemon balm), you do have other options.  You can also just simply carry a little of the dried herb in pouch or a medicine bag, sprinkle it around your home or work space, or burn it as an incense over incense coals in a fire-proof container. Happy cleansing, clearing, and re-centering! 


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Note:  This is part 4 & 5 of a 5-part article.  To read parts 1 & 2 of this article, please CLICK HERE.   To read part 3, please CLICK HERE. (If you are citing this article for research purposes, please cite the main article name, and not just the title of this part.)

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